5th Grade Washington DC Capstone Event

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December 10, 2015




We are happy to report that all the deposits have been collected, accounted for and sent to Capitol Tours! You should hear from Capitol Tours in the next few weeks. If for some reason you do not hear from them by January please let Mr. Marriott know. Through our fundraising many of our students raised the entire $293 for their trip! It is going to be an exciting spring for our 5th graders!


This year Stateside is taking more patriots than ever before—74 students and 37 chaperones! Taking this many patriots presents a small wrinkle in our plan that we need to address, but it is a good wrinkle! The $293 student price and $323 chaperone price is based on 45 paying people on each bus, even though our buses hold 55 passengers. For the 1st time ever we need a 3rd bus! However, we only have 37 paying participants when our numbers are divided evenly.


At this point we have two options- Capitol Tours can either increase the price for every participant (student and parent) by $17 or we can raise the remaining amount of money as a group. The total amount we need to raise is around $2000 dollars.


After meeting with Mr. Strope and Mrs. Brady we have decided we will have a 2nd donut fundraiser in January. We will apply this money towards the cost of the 3rd bus. If we do not raise enough after the donut sale we will distribute the remaining cost amongst all participants.


In the chance that we raise more than the required amount we will apply the rest toward the cost for t-shirts. We have a car wash or two planned in the spring to cover the cost of t-shirts for students. Parents will have the opportunity to purchase t-shirts if they choose.


Thanks for your support,



Mr. Marriott and the 5th Grade Team