Stateside Token Economy System
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stateside Token Economy System

Stateside Elementary has been designated as Onslow County's first themed school.  In May of 2009, an elementary developmental themed model, based on research, was presented to the Board of Education.  This proposal included many of the driving forces you will see in effect at Stateside:  IMPACT, curriculum mapping, service learning, Big 6/Super 3 integration, and AVID strategies.  Part of the research suggested a school-wide token economy. 

The purpose of a token economy system is to increase appropriate behavior and minimize/decrease inappropriate behavior.  Teachers or a supervising adult(s) choose what behavior is to be focused on.  It may change from day to day, i.e. raise your hand, turn to the right page promptly when asked, take out pencil promptly, participate/be actively engaged, refrain from drumming on desk, etc.  The overall goal is to increase appropriate skills, student time on-task and engagement.

Teachers may reward any on task behavior.  Students are initially introduced to the premise behind token economy, Patriot Pay, at a Monday Morning Meeting as well as by individual classroom teachers.  The behavior may vary, and may not be rewarded every time. Students need to recognize that a teacher has the discretion to reward any appropriate behavior he/she chooses. For example, Mrs. Smith may be working on rewarding students working cooperatively on a project while Mrs. Jones may be working on sitting correctly at circle time and the next day walking in line correctly.

Students will have the opportunity, once a week, to trade the Patriot Pay for something he/she feels is valuable.  We will have items available in a school store, i.e. colorful pencils, pencil boxes, stickers, markers, hats, t-shirts, books, games, etc.  The classroom teacher may also have items for sale within the classroom, i.e. pencils, homework pass, sit by a friend at lunch, sit near teacher, etc.  The items may vary from week to week.

Some homerooms will also integrate economics into this system, instituting a checking/savings account and focusing on "wants and needs."  Older grades, through a classroom consensus, may agree that students may be "fined" for behaviors that impede a child's learning or the learning of others.  Students may not reproduce, give away, take, loan or "create" their own economy with Patriot Pay.

It is our desire to see all students make appropriate choices, be actively engaged in their own learning and model responsibility.



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