Alec Aguiar Staff Photo

BA in Science from East Carolina University and Associates in Arts from Pitt Community


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2 years at Chinquapin Elementary School teaching Health and PE.

2 years of coaching soccer and football.



Dear Patriot Families,


I am proud to be a Patriot and am looking forward to a great school year!

As a physical education teacher I will provide a positive, safe learning environment for

every student. I will teach a variety of physical activities and skills that make PE 

fun and enjoyable. I will create opportunities for all students to be successful

regardless of abilities. Having students set personal goals and take the steps to reach

them is paramount In PE and throughout life.



  • Be safe
  • Have fun
  • Try your best
  • Wear gym shoes!
  • Be respectful
  • Help one another
  • Be engaged



My main goal is to provide a safe learning environment where students will learn how to 

practice a healthy life style throughout their life by staying active and eating healthy.


Kindergarten and 1st grade students

  • Locomotor skills
  • Rolling a ball, overhand throwing, underhand throwing
  • Catching

2nd and 3rd grade students

  • Review correct techniques for catching and throwing a ball
  • Learning how to play defense and offense

4th and 5th grade students

  • Use game like scenarios and promote critical thinking to acheive common goals
  • Strategies to be successful during game play


Helpful Tips and guidelines


  •     (Dietary guidelines by the government)
  • Children and adolescents should receive about 60 minutes a day using some type of aerobic activities such as running, dancing or cycling. Also including some muscular strengthening like lifting weights or utilizing playground equipment. Jump roping is a great exercise to check off all components like aerobic, muscular and bone strengthening. 


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