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Weekly Updates


I had every intention of sending home the newsletter today but it simply did not happen. 

Here is a quick run down of information/reminders:
PICTURE DAY is tomorrow. Come dressed and with your best smile! Money is due tomorrow as well. 

LUNCH SNACKS- the "secret" of purchasing snacks at lunch is out, the kids figured it out! There are snacks at lunch that are available for purchase. If the student has money on their account they are allowed to be purchase (the cafeterias ladies can not tell them NO). The snacks include brownies, ice cream (different kinds) cookies, rice krispies etc. They are ABOUT $1 a piece. I am a stickler on eating their actual lunch first before eating these snacks. I try to catch the kids before purchasing ice cream because they typically are very melted by the time they are able to eat them and obviously can not be saved. If time allows then they can go back and purchase them. 
THE KEY is...if you do NOT wish to have your child purchase a note can be turned in to me (and I will give it to the cafeteria) and a note will pop up on their account saying no snacks. Otherwise I can not stop the student from purchasing these items. These items can make a lunch account balance drain quick! Remember, if not money is on the account they are not allowed to purchase! 

Field Trip: If you have not turned in field trip money, please do so ASAP! 

Fundraiser Money was due today, if you still have it, please send it in tomorrow!! 

Wave day is WEDNESDAY!! 

Fall festival is Friday Oct 14 (5:30-8)

Literacy Night is Monday Oct 17 (I will let you know the time!)
I apologize for the information overload :) 
Have a great Monday evening!
Mrs. Netznik

Snack Friday and Wave Day  


Every Friday we will be having Popcorn Friday. This is a purchased snack! It cost $.50 every Friday. Here is the catch, we can NOT accept money on Friday.

Money is accepted Monday-Thursday, you can pay for as many weeks in advance if you wish.

*If there is no school on Friday we will not have snack that week.

*If your child is absent or goes home sick on Friday, they will miss out for the week and no refunds are issued.

*The snack for the week can change during the year but advance notice will be given.

Please place money in the folder money pouch and mark in on the money log.

*Part of the funds that are raised from my classroom sales go back into the classroom :)


It starts this week


Wave Day Reminder

Tomorrow is Wave Day. Students will travel to participate in all 6 specials (Spanish, guidance, cultural awareness, music, PE and library)

Please have your students wear TENNIS SHOES and shorts/pants. Skirts would not be appropriate for PE activities :)

This day is also referred to as K DAY!