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What’s happening this week:

We have started end of the year reading assessments. Please keep reviewing and practicing with your student all math and reading skills covered through the school year.

Important Dates:

May 8- Interim reports go home.

May 26- Field Day and Global Fair 

Global Fair: Our class will be representing China. For the parade the students will be part of a Chinese dragon.  We will be purchasing a box for each student to decorate as part of the dragon’s body. Please mark the date and join us.

The Book Fair is here! The Book Fair is going to be open all week from 8-4! Come and check it out. Students will be able to shop throughout the day as well. The book fair will not be open after school. If you cannot make it to the book fair we will still be ordering online.

Yearbooks are still available. They are $20 and are available from Mrs. Merritt in the front office! Come and get them while they last. 

Snack Friday:  We will have Goldfish this week. All money collected will benefit the amazing things we do in our classroom. Each treat is $0.50 and money will be collected until Thursday. The kids and I appreciate your support. 

 Wave Day:  It will be on Tuesday May 9th.  Please make sure your student wears appropriate footwear and clothes for PE class.  

If you have any questions please contact me on the

Remind app or at  Thanks




4/24/17   What we are learning:

Reading: Fables: What is the moral in the story?

Math: Measurement

Writing:  "How to" writing

Science: Plants

Letterland: "ed" Part 2   The “ed” ending that sound like a “t” or “d”.


 4/27 Field Trip for our class to Mike's Farm. Parents can meet us at Mike’s farm. There will be a $7.00 parent fee to be paid at Mike’s Farm. We will be loading up on the busses @ 8:30 a.m. and leaving Mike’s Farm to return to the school @ 1:00.


Up-date:  Yearbooks are in and will be distributed the first week in May. Extras will be sold the second week in May.


Welcome Back from Spring Break- I hope you had a wonderful time with your family!  

Learning this week:

​​Reading: Fables: What is the moral in the story?

Math: Data Graphs that use tally marks, bar graphs, and picture graphs

Writing: Beginning "How to" writing

Science: Soil

Letterland: "ed" Part 1

 4/17  Purple Up Week, in honor of the Military Child 

​Monday: Monday Morning Meeting, No day

Tuesday: Maker Space/Art (wear red, white and blue for Purple Up Week)

Wednesday: STEM Lab (wear any type of camouflage for Purple Up Week)

Thursday: Reading FLEX (support any branch of the military for Purple Up Week)

Friday: WAVE (wear purple for Purple Up Week)

Yearbooks are Coming!

​ ​Don't forget to order your yearbook. There are 400 copies so first come first serve! They are $20 each.  You can also order online by using the link on the Scoop.

 4/25 K-2 Dance 3:30-4:30 Permission slips will be coming home on 4/17, permission slips and $ are due on 4/21

 4/27 Field Trip for our class to Mike's Farm

 5/1  K-2nd grade benchmark testing begins

Please call if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email at or contact me through the school. 


Yankee Candle Fundraiser: The fundraiser will end on Friday, March 31st. Orders can be made via the catalog or online. All orders that are turned in by the deadline are guaranteed delivery in time for Mother's Day and they make a great gift! Please make all checks payable to Stateside. This is the last official fund raiser for the school this year and we greatly appreciate your participation.

Yearbook pre-sales are underway: Pre-orders going on now- no deadline to order, but we have 400 pre-ordered, so first come first serve! $20. Cash, check (made out to strawbridge) or online orders as well!

The online order code is 1120241

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3-8-17 Newsletter   



What We're Learning This Week

 Reading: We will be beginning to learn about the author's purpose. We will learn that there are three main reasons an author writes a text: to persuade the reader, to inform the reader, or to entertain the reader.

Writing: Opinion writing with details.

Word Study: Long "-a" vowel patterns = ai, and silent igh sounds.

Math: Telling time to the hour and half hour.

Science: Rocks and minerals. We have had lots of fun exploring rocks. Thanks for allowing your children to share their “special rocks” with the class.

Social Studies: Goods and services. Have you read the information that was sent home about our economics project?  Our class is going to become a store, and each student will create and sell goods or services to another class!

 Yearbook Sales

  Yearbooks can be purchased for $20.00 by order form or online. Get yours before they are all gone! 

3.1.17 Newsletter  
What We are Learning:

 Reading: Author’s Purpose = PIE  Persuade, Inform, Entertain                                                          Writing: Opinion writing                                                                                                                            Word Study: Long vowel patterns ea, ee, ai, ay                                                                                    Math: Adding and subtracting two digit numbers                                                                                  Social Studies: Goods and services                                                                                                Science: Rocks and minerals

Read Across America Week- We Love Dr. Seuss  

 Feb 27th to March 3rd  

We are very excited about the Read Across America week.  All students will be the Thing 1 and 2 characters from Dr. Seuss book. They will need to wear a red shirt on Monday and I will provide all other parts of this costume.   
Read Across America Week is coming up!! Let's get excited!!! - Feb. 27-March 3

Monday- I LOVE READING- Dress like your favorite book character.

Tuesday- I CAN READ WITH MY EYES SHUT- Wear a shirt with words.

Wednesday- STRIPES DAY- Wear as many stripes as you can.

Thursday-I LOVE DR. SEUSS-Bring your favorite Dr. Seuss book to school to read.

Friday- OH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO- Dress up as what you will be when you grow up.

Important upcoming dates
2/28 - Interims go home
3/2 - 1st grade Play at Northside HS fieldtrip                                                          3/10- Boys and Girls Club is closed
Announcement Image for Read Across America Week- We Love Dr. Seuss

Field Trip Coming Up  

The First Grade will be attending a field trip on March 2nd to Northside High School for a MADCAP Productions performance "Jumping Over the Moon."  Permission slips went home today in your student's binder. Please return permission slip and $7.00 fee by Friday, February 24th.

Jan. 2-6 Field Trip to the Airport  

Bregel’s Newsletter

Happy New Year!


Reading:  Nonfiction Text Features and Main Idea

Letterland: Final Blends ng, nk

Writing: Informative Writing- We are creating our own animal book. 

Social Studies: Respect

Science: Force and motion- A trip to the Airport

Math: Understanding Place Value (tens and ones)

Tuesday – 1st grade WAVE Day

Wednesday Jan.  4th - Field trip to the Jacksonville Airport.  The first graders at Stateside Elementary have been learning about Force and Motion. On January 4th, students will be going on a field trip to the Albert Ellis Airport. Buses will depart from Stateside at 9:00 am. From 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. students will explore different aspects of a working airport. We should also be able to see some of the airport employees training exercises. After this students will enjoy a picnic lunch at the Onslow Pines Park. They will be back to school around 1:00 pm. Please remember to pack a lunch if you chose that option on the permission slip. Parents are welcome to follow the bus to the Jacksonville airport or meet us there. Reminder: You will need to plan on paying a parking fee at the airport.   

Homework: Along with the letterland and the math worksheets you will notice that there are 2 comprehension questions pasted into your child's writing  journal.  Please have your child use the Nonfiction paper book, in their baggy, to answer these questions. Your child needs to read the questions on their own and use their book to find the answers. After giving them the opportunity to practice this skill you might be able to give them some small hints if needed. Being able to complete the writing response is essential to them passing their next reading assessment.  Please return the plastic bag, reading book, and the writing journal every Friday. Benchmark testing will begin next week, January 9th.

Thank you for your continuing support and as always if you have any questions or concerns please email me at  or on the Remind phone app.






As we enter into this Christmas season, my family and I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I look forward to working with you and your wonderful children in 2017!

Announcement Image for Christmas

The week before Christmas  

This week we are having fun rotations learning about different countries and how they celebrate Christmas and other holidays celebrated at this time of year. We have our wonderful First Grade Concert Thursday @ 6:30 

 Monday we will continue the rotations of three more countries. This goes along with our theme of Respect.  We are learning how to respect other people including their cultures.   

 Thursday is our Christmas party @ 1:30.  We will be stuffing our stockings so please make sure you have your 20 items turned in by then. Thank you to all those that have signed up to send/bring in items for the party.  

 Friday afternoon will be the annual sing along in the multipurpose room. Please join us. Jan. 4th - Fieldtrip to the Airport.   Thank you to everyone for turning in their permission slips. 

 What we are learning:

 Reading:  Nonfiction text features and Main Idea

 Letterland: Final Blends "nd", "nt", "sk", "st"

 Writing: informative writing

 Social Studies: Cultures around the world

 Math: Understanding Place Value


11-14-16 Newsletter  

Dear Stateside Parents,

What We Are Learning in Ffirst Grade

Reading: We will be moving to Non-Fiction Text this week. We will be focusing on the difference between Fiction and Non-Fiction, and  then learning about the different Text Features. The text features we are discussing this week are photographs, labels, comparisons, and  captions.                                               Math: Learning to use groups of tens to add and subtract. Using doubles to  add and  subtract.                                                                                            Letterland S Blends: sk, sl, sm, sn, st, sp, sw                                                            Writing: Informational                                                                                                     Science: The Moon’s Phases                 

 2nd 9 Weeks Stateside Theme:  RESPECT

Turkey Feather: A construction paper turkey feather went home in your child's folder today. Please decorate it as a tribute to your child. You can add anything you would like to the feather including pictures, decorations and mementos. Please return it as soon as possible. We will add it to our hallway turkeys that are patiently waiting for feathers.   

Please send a jacket with your child to school. The weather has a habit of changing and it may be a bit chilly outside during recess.

Is your family in need this holiday season?

Applications for being added to the tree will be going home this week. We will be able to accept the first 25 applicants and will be blessing the children in the families (aged 18 and under). We request if a family has been approved through a different charitable organization to please not apply for our Angel Tree so we can assist as many families as possible in the community. Thank you.

Are you interested in helping out with the 2016 Stateside Angel Tree?

The Patriot community is one that prides itself in giving back in any way that we can especially in times of need. We will once again be having the Holiday Angel Tree for this upcoming Holiday season. Here are the details about the Angel Tree if you would like to help out.The tree will be completed and ready for other families/organizations to adopt names by November 20th. If you are an organization and would like to adopt a child / family, please contact Melissa Whaley.All unwrapped gifts or monetary donations are due to the front office (attn: Melissa Whaley) by Friday Dec 9th. This allows us time to ensure all Angel Tree items are sorted corrected and able to be delivered in a timely manner.Monetary donations are accepted as well. Stateside elves can use these funds to purchase items for a child on the Angel tree. We appreciate your help with this special event!

Parents Night Out     Parent's Night Out flyers went home to all Patriots this past week. It will be on December 2nd from 5-8. Proceeds from the event will benefit Relay for Life. More information is available on the STES website.

Please contact me with any questions by REMIND messaging or email at  Thank you

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Here’s What’s Happening This Week

Reading:  We will be beginning to learn about Non-Fiction text features.           Letterland: We will not be learning new Letterland words due to our   shortened week.                                                                                                        Math: We will be learning  about ways to subtract from 10 and relating   addition to subtraction.                                                                                                      Writing: Informational writing.                                                                                Science: We are learning about the Moon. 

 Veterans Day Flag: The first grade classes at Stateside Elementary would like to honor all Veterans by creating our own Flag of Honor. We have created a large U.S. flag in the first grade hallway to honor all service members. We are asking that you write the name and rank of any parent, sibling, or grandparent of any Veteran related to your student. These names will be displayed on a flag. If you would like to include a picture of your Veteran, please make sure that it is no larger than 3 inches by 5 inches. If you would like this picture returned please write your student’s name and teacher on the back. Names and photos must be turned in no later than Thursday, November 10th! Thank you again for all of your help with this project.

 Operation Christmas Child:  Please help pay it forward this holiday season by helping STES NEHS collect items for Operation Christmas Child.  The last day to donate items will be Monday, November 14.  K and 5th Grade – toys, games, stuffed animals. 1st and 4th Grades – school, art, and craft supplies2nd and 3rd Grades – personal care items and accessories.

 Report Cards: Report cards were sent home today. Please sign and return the envelope, and let me know if you have any questions! 

Upcoming Dates:   Thursday, November 10th: Early release at 12:20 PM. 

Friday, November 11th: No school, Veteran's Day. 

11-2-16 Newsletter  


Dear Patriot Parents:  

What We're Learning This Week 

 Reading: This week we are learning about the reading strategy called VISUALIZING. The children are practicing making a mental picture for better recall and understanding of the text.

Reading Eggs website: All students have been given a password and log in information to a new reading website provided by the OCS called Reading Eggs. Please try out this exciting, interactive site, as part of your child’s reading homework/computer time. Please let me know if you need another log in card.

Writing: Personal Narrative writing. 

Word Study: Double consonants at the end of words (-ff, -ss, -ll). 

Math: Subtraction strategies and related facts.                                                              Science: The students will recognize the differences in the features of the day and night sky and the movement of objects across the sky as observed from Earth. 

Veterans Day Events: On Thursday, November 10th Stateside will be observing Veterans Day on our early release day. There will be various school-wide activities and presentations to thank our Veterans for their service. The first grade team is looking for volunteers that have military experience that are interested in giving a grade-level presentation. If you would be interested in giving a Veterans Day presentation to the first grade students, between 11:00 and 12:00 on Thursday, November 10th, please contact me for more information.

Veterans Day Flag: The first grade classes at Stateside would like to honor all Veterans by creating our own Flag of Honor. We have created a large U.S. flag in the first grade hallway to honor all service members. We are asking that you write the name and rank of any parent, sibling, or grandparent of any Veteran related to your student. These names will be displayed on a flag. If you would like to include a picture of your Veteran, please make sure that it is no larger than 3 inches by 5 inches. If you would like this picture returned please write your student’s name and teacher on the back. Names and photos must be turned in no later than Wednesday, November 9th! Thank you again for all of your help with this project.


 Smencil Sales for Relay for Life: Our Relay for Life team is selling Smencils (scented pencils)! Each smencil costs $1.00 and proceeds benefit Relay for Life. To order, place your cash in the money envelope in your child’s binder, add the amount and the word Smencils on the outside of the envelope.

Teacher Conferences: I just wanted to thank all of you who came in to meet with me. I always enjoy meeting with you to learn more about your child’s needs and the goals you have for them. Not surprisingly, research shows that the more parents and teachers share relevant information. with each other about a child, the better equipped both will be to help that child achieve academically.

Upcoming Dates:

 Monday, November 7th: Report cards go home. 

 Thursday, November 10th: Early release day at 12:20 p.m. and Veterans Day events. 

 Friday, November 11th: Veterans Day. No school. 


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Dear Parents,

Happy fall!   What We're Learning This Week

Reading: The children are doing a great job identifying story elements: characters, settings, problems, and solutions. We are learning how to effectively retell a story with a beginning, middle and end. I will be assessing your child’s ability to write a complete sentence and reference the page number when answering comprehension questions.

Writing: Writing Narratives while thinking about sentence structure, capitalization and punctuation. 

Math: Addition and Subtraction Strategies: We are practicing using a number line, counting on from the largest number, drawing a picture, counting on our fingers, counting backwards, mental math, & writing a number sentence. This week we are practicing vertical addition and exploring different ways to make the same number. 

 Letterland Word Study: Long vowel Letterland characters: A, E, I, O, U, & Y

 Social Studies: We are continuing a Project-Based Learning assignment about the U.S. Symbols and what they represent. 

 Fire Safety Week: Fire trucks and Firemen presentations on Wednesday

 Friday, October 14th: Stateside Fall Festival, 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM. Pre order your punch cards! We always have a great time!

 Monday, October 17th: Stateside Literacy Night, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM. Dress like a Pirate if you dare! Come and find reading treasures! 


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9-20-16 Newsletter  

Dear Parents,  

We are already in our 4th week of school and the children are doing a great job settling into class routines. Here are the events happening in class this week. 

Remember:  Early Release This Thursday, September 22, 2016. Dismissal is at 12:20.

Classroom Learning and Homework:

  Reading Homework:  

First grade is challenging year. Your student will need to grow at least six reading levels by the end the school year.  We will make every effort to help them to reach this goal successfully. You can join us in this goal by helping your child reads every day, at home, for at least for 15 minutes.  Please sign the reading log so we can reward your student with a Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza at the end of the month.

 Reading in the Classroom:

We are continuing to give the beginning of the year assessments. Students are also working on identifying characters, setting, story problems, and story solutions as well as practice writing complete sentences in response to story questions.

 Phonics: Word families ell, et, en

Math: Strategies to help us add and subtract.

Writing: Writing a small part of a longer story called a Small Moment and practicing starting our sentences with capital letters and ending punctuation.

Social Studies: Our theme for the first 9 weeks @ STES is American Patriotism.  We will be learning about American symbols and their meanings. Over the next month you child will be working in groups to research American symbols, making an informational video to present to the K-2 students @ Monday Morning Meeting, and creating a symbols project in school.

 Charleston Wraps Fundraiser:

 Last week, the students were introduced to our newest fundraiser with Charleston Wraps. If you need more order forms or another packet please contact me. The fundraiser will run from 9/12 until 10/3. We greatly appreciate your support of school activities. 

 STES Patriots: Let's pay it forward for students in Louisiana.

 Let's show our Patriot Pride and live up to our Vision Statement of "IMPACTING OUR WORLD" by helping other schools and kids in need! STES is "adopting" the Livingston Parish (Louisiana) Public Schools, a system hit hard by recent flooding. Some of the schools were a total loss!

 Our own Ms. Bostic (3rd grade teacher) has friends in that area, and they have relayed stories of the devastation and the need for supplies to rebuild and get back to school!

Please bring items to Mrs. Craig in the Art Room. When we've accumulated a wide variety of supplies, we will send the items to the teachers and kids in need. Contact Mrs. W. Craig or Ms. Bostic at STES with any questions.


School supplies (paper, pencils, scissors, dry erase markers, construction paper, glue, staplers, folders, paper clips, etc.), Art Supplies (paint, paintbrushes, drawing paper, etc.), Books for the library 

 Health and Hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lotion, wash cloths, towels, feminine products, band-aids, etc

Cleaning Supplies (paper towels, window cleaner, all-purpose cleaner (no bleach), sponges, scrub brushes, kitchen gloves, disinfectant spray, etc.)

Money envelopes: Please send all money for snacks and lunch etc. in the brown envelope in your child’s folder. Money sent in a book bag is seldom turned in and often lost. I will sign the envelope so you know we received the cash or check. All snack monies are due on Thursday for the Friday treat. This week we will have lollipops for 50 cents.

Important dates:

Early Release this Thursday, 9- 22 - Dismissal at 12:20

9-29 Interim reports 

10-3 Charleston Wrap Fundraiser Ends

10-4 ….Fall Pictures K& 1st grades

Please contact me anytime at, or with a text message on REMIND.

Thank you,

Mrs. Bregel 

Class Newsletter September 12, 2016  


Dear Patriot Parents,

Hello! The past two weeks of first grade have flown by. The students are adjusting well to their new classmates, the rules, and the routines of first grade. Thank you for your support as we start another year. Without you, the transition would not be as smooth. I am excited about this new school year and all the exciting things your child will learn.

What are we learning?

This week’s homework: Homework is very important in order for students to continue practicing the skills we learn in school.  Math, reading response, and spelling homework will begin today. All homework goes home on Monday to be returned on Friday.  Two math review sheets, a Letterland spelling practice, a graphic organizer for character & setting, and a reading response sheet are included in the homework folder. For the graphic organizer sheet, your child will use a book he/she has read and draw a picture of the book’s characters and setting. Your student should label the picture with a short sentence. Your child has practiced this activity in class. If you have questions, please send me a text on REMIND. I am happy to help.

Word Study: Letterland Phonics: short o (Oscar Orange) ot, op, ock     In order to make sure our new Patriots are on the same level as our returning Patriots, and to refresh those who used Letterland in kindergarten, we will continue review the Letterland characters, letter names,and sounds. In class we have practiced the Look, Say, Write phonics homework skills in preparation for phonics homework beginning this week.  Please read over the Letterland Spelling explanation sheets in your child’s homework folder.

Homework: Nightly Reading: Students should be reading at least fifteen minutes, four nights a week. A Reading Log for the month is in the Homework folder in your child’s binder. In order for me to verify your student has completed the reading homework, please remember to sign your student’s reading log nightly. Free Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza certificates will be given out at the end of the month as a reward for completing reading homework

Reading: Right now we are learning Daily 5 routines to help build better independent readers. Students are practicing picking Good Fit Books so they can independently read and practice identifying common story elements. These elements include characters, settings, story problem, and solutions. Please refer to the informational letters on Good Fit Books, and the Daily 5 explanation letter.

Math: In class we are practicing counting to fifty and working with a 120’s chart. We spent last week reviewing addition strategies and will be introducing subtraction strategies this week. 

Writing: Basic writing conventions are very important to building strong writers. This week we will continue to review spacing and move on to capitalization and building complete sentences. We also have begun writing Small Moment Stories, which cover a single event.

Social Studies: We are learning about authority figures and their roles not only at school but also at home and within our community.

Notes, Reminders, and School News                                                                                                         

Medication Reminder: Please remember that students cannot transport medication (prescribed or over the counter) to and from school. All medications will need to be brought to the nurse’s office and she will transfer them to the teacher.

Transportation Changes: If your student will be going home differently than their normal routine, we will need a note clarifying the change in their transportation. If the change needs to be made after the student is already at school, please call the front office to make the change preferably before 2:45 p.m. Transportation changes made after 2:45 p.m. hold up the busses and cause confusion for the students.

Popcorn Fridays: This year our school will be selling popcorn, lollipops, and Goldfish crackers on Fridays! Each snack is priced at .50. Students may bring their money in Monday through Thursday. Money will not be accepted on Friday. The purchased snack(s) will be delivered to the class after lunch on Fridays.  Friday snack sales benefit our class directly, helping to purchase new supplies for our room. When sending in money, please clearly mark the purpose on the money envelope so there is no confusion about the snack purchase. When I check your student’s folder I will sign my initials on the envelope so you know I received the money. Money just placed in a book bag is often not turned in or is lost.

Homework Calendar: The homework calendar suggests what homework needs to be completed for each individual day. If you jump ahead of the calendar’s suggested date of completion, please understand your child may not have covered that lesson in class yet.  Unless otherwise noted, all homework during each week of the year will go home on Monday and should be completed and turned in on Friday. If you have questions please send me a text on REMIND.   

Breakfast and Snack – Please be sure your student eats a substantial breakfast at home or in the school cafeteria every day! Many students have been complaining about hunger and asking how long until lunch by 9:30 a.m. Our class goes to lunch at 11:10, and we do not eat snack until 2:45 p.m. Please remember to include a healthy afternoon snack in your child’s lunchbox or book bag daily (labeled with their name). My stock of snacks is already diminishing quickly! If you would like to donate snacks, please contact me.  

Please feel free to contact me with any joys or concerns you would like to share.  Please check out the class webpage at   click on staff on the left side of the page and then find my name on the list of teachers.

My email is, or you may text me on REMIND.

Thank you,

Mrs. Bregel    


Patriot parents,

This year your First Graders will be interacting with technology in our classroom every day. We are excited to have more computers in our classroom this year! For hygiene purposes, we ask that you please send in one pair of earbud-style headphones for your child to use when he/she is on the computer. I will store each student's earbuds separately so that he/she is the only one using them. If your child prefers another type please let me know. Please let me know if you have any questions, thank you! 

Announcement Image for Earbuds

Open House 2016  

Welcome to Stateside!  

Thank you for coming to OPEN HOUSE

    I enjoyed meeting all of you and your children.

               Please fill out the remaining forms and send                 them to school with your child as soon as possible. 

 School fees, $6.00, can be sent in with your child this week. 

   If you need bus information please call the school office                 to ensure your child a safe ride home. 


Announcement Image for Open House 2016

What Will Your Student be learning This Year?  

What Will Your Student Be Learning This Year?

     This year your student will be taught the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for first grade. In order to not overwhelm you, I have listed the objectives your student will be learning during the first quarter. At the beginning of each quarter, I will send home an update. I am looking forward to a wonderful year. 

1st Quarter Math

1.      Count to 120 and write the number

2.      Place Value – Tens and Ones

3.      Solving addition and subtraction word problems

4.      Solving word problems with 3 addends

5.      Adding and subtracting by counting on

6.      Time – Hour and half hour

7.      2 and 3 dimensional shapes and putting them                       together to make other shapes

1st Quarter English Language Arts

1.      Ask and answer questions about the text. Read aloud         information orally                                    

2.      Retell stories (main idea and key details)

3.      Describe characters, setting, and events

4.      Use pictures and details to describe the main idea

5.      Demonstrate understanding of spoken words

6.      Decode one-syllable words

7.      Read on-level text with sufficient accuracy 

8.      Participate in discussions about grade-level topics

9.      Produce drawings to clarify ideas

10.   Write complete sentences

11.   Demonstrate knowledge of English grammar when               writing and speaking

12.   Write all upper and lowercase letters

13.   Demonstrate knowledge of English conventions 

14.   Use context clues to clarify the meaning of unknown             words

15.   With guidance and support of adults understand and             be able to sort words into categories based upon                word relationships

1st Quarter Social Studies

1.      Authority figures, rules, and conflict resolution in                   home, school, and community

1st Quarter Science

1.      Recycling

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