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11-1-17 Swinging into First- Grade  

Dear Parents:


We are learning about story elements, beginning, middle and end, and practice writing complete sentences in response to story questions.

•Phonics: S Blends

•Math: Addition, Subtraction, & Missing Addends

•Writing: Writing a small part of a longer story called a Small Moment.

•Social Studies: Rules in school, home and Community.

•Science: Force and Motion 

Patriot Path expectations for behavior:

Purple: I am a Patriot Leader!

Blue: I am a steadfast Patriot and a role model!

Green: I am ready to be kind, safe, and responsible as an active leader!

Yellow: I need to adjust my actions and make better choices.

Red: I need to stop and reflect on my actions.

Scholastic book flyers were sent home. This is a reading program made for you and your child to shop for books your child will love to read. Each month, the flyers are filled with trusted, excellent quality, age-appropriate books with prices as low as one dollar. Plus, you will be helping our class when you order: Scholastic matches each order you place with FREE BOOKS for our classroom to share. To order online go to our class code is GQ9L3.  Thank you for helping your child become a successful reader.

Yeah – A Field Trip to the Airport!  

If you are planning to pack lunch (for the field trip), please don’t pack any item that needs to be refrigerated. I will be bringing a small cooler for drinks/water.

 I will have your child’s class T-shirt at school on Monday. If you did not purchase a classroom shirt, please be sure your child wears orange on Monday.

 Every child is required to have a coat on the trip. The runway at the airport is much colder than it seems.

 Parents are welcomed to meet us at the OAJ airport here in Jacksonville. There will be a fee to use the airport parking.

Important Dates

10/31: End of Grading Period

11/6: Field Trip to OAJ Airport

11/7: Make-Up Picture day

11/7: Report Cards

11/9: Veterans Day Activities & Early Release @ 12:20  

11/10: No School

11/17: Fall Festival @ 5:30-7:30

11/22-11/24: Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 7th- Report Cards will go home

Nov. 9th- Early Release

Nov.10th- No School

Nov. 17th- Fall Festival 

Saving items for Stateside  

Please keep saving a few items for Stateside:  (PLEASE LABEL THE ITEMS IN INDIVIDUAL BAGS WHEN DONATING THEM)

  • soda tabs from any cans
  • Labels for Education (i.e. Campbell's Soup Labels) (this program is coming to an end this upcoming year, but we will take them until that time)
  • Box Tops (the papers that you can tape / glue then to can be found on the front table)
  • Tyson Food labels (each one is worth $.24 WOW)


What will your student be learning this year?   


Welcome to First Grade!

What Will Your Student Be Learning This Year?


     North Carolina Public Schools have adopted the Common Core Standards. They provide a consistent understanding of what students should know. To get a better understanding of these standards you can go to the website: There is also an app in the iTunes app store you can download to learn more about the Common Core. This year your student will be learning all of the first grade standards. In order to not overwhelm you, I have listed below the things your student will be learning during the first quarter of first grade. At the beginning of each of the 9 week quarters, I will send home what students will be learning.


1st Quarter Math


1.      Count to 120 and write the number


2.      Place Value – Tens and Ones


3.      Solving addition and subtraction word problems


4.      Solving word problems with 3 addends


5.      Adding and subtracting by counting on


6.      Time – Hour and half hour


7.      2 and 3 dimensional shapes and putting them together to make other shapes


1st Quarter English Language Arts


1.      Ask and answer comprehension questions about text, read aloud, or information  presented orally or through other media


2.      Retell stories (main idea and key details)


3.      Describe characters, setting, and events


4.      Use pictures and details to describe the main idea


5.      Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds


6.      Decode one-syllable words


7.      Read on-level text (should be reading a level D by the end of 1st quarter) with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension


8.      Participate in discussions about grade-level topics


9.      Produce drawings to clarify ideas, thoughts, and feelings


10.   Write complete sentences


11.   Demonstrate knowledge of English grammar when writing and speaking


12.   Write all upper and lowercase letters


13.   Demonstrate knowledge of English conventions – capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing (use end punctuation for sentences)


14.   Use context clues to clarify the meaning of unknown words


15.   With guidance and support of adults understand and be able to sort words into categories based upon word relationships


1st Quarter Social Studies


1.      Authority figures, rules, and conflict resolution in home, school, and community


1st Quarter Science


1.     Recognize differences in the features of the day and night sky and apparent movement

of objects across the sky as observed from Earth