What we are learning...   

Hello Patriot Families!

  This week our theme is friendship and feelings. We are really going to focus on how we affect other people and discuss how we can identify those feelings. Benchmarking is now over for reading and math. Their hard work has paid off! Please continue to practice those sight words. J Thank you for all your love and support! I cannot express how thankful I am. Hope you have a wonderful week! As always, feel free to contact me with any questions on concerns.


Math: In math we discussing and learning about measurement!



We will be discussing blends and I will be having a mini lesson on contractions!



Making inferences with our writing. 


Feb. 14th WAVE DAY: Bring Valentines Card for our Exchange. Please just send with your child’s name on it!




FEB 16th: EARLY RELEASE (12:20 dismissal)


Feb. 17th: NO SCHOOL!

FYI: Any money that is sent in for the snacks on Friday it comes right back to our class. This money is used for me to buy supplies and other materials for the classroom! Thank you for your support! :J


Hi Parents,


Just a couple things that I want to touch base with you on! :) First, the sick bug has been flying around Stateside so please read below about the precautions that need to be taken. We have been sanitizing and wiping down like crazy in the classroom trying to keep the nasty sick bug away. Also, asking for donations for help feeding America! :) 



A message from our data manager and nurse about illnesses/excuse notes

If your student is out sick and has a fever, they cannot return to school until they are fever free for 24 hours without medication. If you child falls ill at school and is sent home from school with a fever, they will need to be out of school for 24 hours fever free.


In addition if you student needs to be out for 5 or more consecutive days, please send in a note from the doctor stating the reason for the days away. In the case of a funeral / death in the family, a copy of the obituary needs to brought in to the data manager.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either the School nurse or Shannon Whaley, our data manager.







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Jan30th-Feb 3

Hello Patriot Families!



Wow! What a crazy short week we had! This week our theme is Penguins. We will be focusing on this throughout the week. Also, assessments are still taking place at this time. I will be sending home an update when the window closes. Last, report cards do come home this week. If you have any questions about your child’s progress please contact me and we can schedule a conference! J As, always feel free to contact me and hope you have a fabulous week. J



We will continue with subtraction this week.



We will learning about S blends this week!



We will still be working on sentence structure and writing more than one sentence. Our writing this week will be based around Penguins.


Sight Words:

Mother, father


Week of 1/10


Hello Patriot Families!

  This week is a big week! We are starting our reading assessments for the middle of the year. It is so important that your child is here during this time. We will be learning about polar bears and hibernation. This is such a fun topic to learn about so I know the students will enjoy it! If you have any questions or concerns please let me know! J

 Math: We will be continuing with addition. The students are doing great!

Phonics:The students will continue next week on learning about their vowel stealing r’s. Ask your child who they are!

Writing: In writing we will be writing about Polar Bears and hibernation. Continuing with making sure we have proper sentence structure. 

 Sight Words: all, are


Week Of 1/2


Hi Patriot Parents,


Welcome back! I cannot believe that we are almost half way through your childs kindergarten year. The time is flying. With that said, please continue to have your child read their baggie books that are sent home every Thursday and returned on Monday. This week we are learning about the season of winter. We will be learning this through observations outside, wiritng, and research on the internet while interacting and discussing it with their classmates. In math the students are learning about addition. We will discuss how our numbers get bigger when we add. With our reading comprehension we have been discussing summarizing, inferences and visulaizing. The students are doing so wonderful and working so hard! I am so proud of them all. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 




Hello Parents,


This week we only have two days! Wow! For the most part it will be a review week given that Monday is a WAVE day and our feast is on Tuesday. The theme for this week will be remain the same with Native Americans and Pilgrims. We will continue our study in this area. Next, if you have not had a conference with me as of  yet, I will be sending home more conference requests. If need be we can have a phone conference. I know we all have busy lives but I would really love to discuss your child’s progress! They all have been working so hard.  Last, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! J 


We will continue to review in phonics this weeks.


In math, I plan on reviewing some 2D shapes just to give the teen numbers a little rest!


In writing we are still focusing on sentence  structure and letter formation! The students are getting so good at writing those 5 star sentences! I am super impressed! 

Nov. 21st WAVE DAY!


Nov. 22nd: Kinder Feast @ 1:45. Volunteers please arrive at 1:15 to helpJ Thank you for your support.


NOV 23rd-27th Thanksgiving Break

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your breakJ


**For the feast we will be dressing up as Pilgrims and with this I need a little help from you at home. If you can, please dress your child in all black with white tube socks so I can pull over their pants. I will be sending a picture for reference. Thank you! 



Hello Parents,
This week we will be focusing on Veteran’s Day! Here at Stateside we really love to honor our Veteran’s , so for that this whole week we will be discussing, exploring and learning about who a Veteran is, what they do etc. On Thursday we will be having a parade and the whole day will be dedicated to our Veterans. Please feel free to come and join us on this day. We love all the support.The parade will start in the morning at 8:45 am!

Word Study/Letterland:
In Letterlandwe are focusing on blending sounds, building words and sounding them out! Also, we will be discussing and learning about our long and short vowels. 


For math this week we will continue to explore our teen numbers. We are doing a lot of representation of these numbers in class!
We are still focusing on sentence structure and building sentences using our graphic organizers.


Sight Words:

Nov. 7th: Monday Morning Meeting. Our chorus will be singing some songs for our Veterans that day. If you would like to attend please feel free too!

Nov. 7th: Report Cards
Nov. 9th: WAVE

Nov. 10th: Veterans Day festivities. Veterans please feel free to come join the parade with us! We would love to have you, along with any others that would love to watch.

Nov. 10th: EARLY RELEASE 12:20



Hello Patriot Families!

                    This is our first newsletter to start off the year! Every week on Friday I will send it, so you know what your child will be learning about the following week. Our theme this week is all about me. There will be a project in your child’s folder. Please check! J  This week we will also be continuing to focus on rules and procedures. This is vital to our classroom environment. The first week of school I wanted to give the students the chance to understand the rules and procedures. With that said, this next week I will focus on my behavior system in regards to reflection. If your child moves into reflection they may go to our “chill zone” reflect, and come back and fix their choices. If it is a rule that they are struggling with all day and they stay in reflection, a sheet will be sent home showing the rule that they struggled with that day. This will give you the time to discuss with your child what happened and why. Please sign this sheet and return. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Literacy/Word Study:

I will be introducing our first Letterland Characters. (Annie Apple, Bouncy Ben,  Clever Cat, Dippy Duck, Eddy Elephant and Firefighter Fred.) The first part of Letterland will be fast. This part is to just introduce the characters. Once we have done that we will go back through and really learn about their sound and story.


In writing we will be illustrating pictures and labeling with their beginning sounds.

Math: The students will be focusing on their numbers in math. We will learn how to properly form them along with a poem that helps us remember. 

-Please make sure your child has an extra set of clothes in their book bag at all times.

-         We do have snack time. (2:30 right now until we have become a bit more independent in packing up.) Try to pack your child's snack separately from their lunch so there is no confusion. I hate when I have a little Patriot upset because they ate their snack at lunch. L

-Please make sure to read over the paperwork I sent home with your child their first day. J

-Please place any money in your child’s folder inside the zip pocket provided. This is the only place that Mr.Patton and I look for money. 

Homework will start this week. It is due every Friday on the paper provided. It is to be done however you see fits best for your child. You can do one assignment each night or do a couple or wait till the end to do them all. I know we all lead busy lives but please take the time with your child to sit down and complete their homework. I promise it does make a difference. J They love to show you what they have learned, so let them shine!

September 5th – NO SCHOOL

September 8th-WAVE Day

-Please make sure your child wears the appropriate footwear for P.E. J (WAVE Day is where the students participate in all their special classes in one day. The classes being Music, PE, Guidance, Cultural Awareness, Spanish and Library. )






Hello Patriot Families,

I am so excited to start this journey with you and your child! Let me first start off by telling you how thankful I am to be your childs teacher. Thank you for entrusting me with them on a daily basis. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at any point in time. I am here for you and your child. <3

Open house is Thursday from 3-7. Please feel free to bring school supplies at this time. I can not wait to meet all of you! 


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This is your child's first week of homework. There will be a monthly calendar in their folder that comes home WEEKLY. Homework needs to be turned in on Fridays or the last day of the week. There is paper provided in your child's folder that your child will use to complete homework. 


If you have not registered yet please do so! This is a great way for you to get information right to your phone. Please let me know if you need any help doing this. Follow instructions below:

New Bloomz Parent 1. Download the “Bloomz" app from the AppStore/PlayStore and click "Create Account". If browser, go to and click on "Join Bloomz" 2. In the text box, enter WYF4BZ 3. Create your account Existing Bloomz Parent 1. Log into your Bloomz account 2. Click “Add/Join Class” on the left navigation. 3. In the text box, enter WYF4BZ 4. Click next ... or join using text messaging instead Text @WYF4BZ to 1-858-BLOOMZ1 (1-858-256-6691) to receive 1-way text messages from your teacher