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Parent Communication

newsletter 2/24  


I hope you have been enjoying all the summer-like weather! Taste of what is to come! 

This week here at STES we are celebrating "Read Across America Week" with many activities and dress up days:

Monday (today)-dress up as a favorite book character

Tuesday-stripes: wear as many stripes as you can!

Wednesday- I can read with my eyes shut: wear a shirt with words!

Thursday-Crazy Hair: Bring you favorite Dr.Seuss book to read wearing crazy hair!

Friday- Oh! The Places You'll Go!!: dress up as what you will be when you grow up!


​Interim Reports: were sent home Friday. Please sign and return ASAP.  Also, if you do not have parent login for powerschool (the online gradebook) please let me know and I will send home the application for you!


Early Release Day: Thursday, March 15th dismissal at 12:15


Assignments and Reminders team please remember that all assignments and reminders are posted here daily!



We are finishing up our standard algorithms with fractions this week (division), so there will be a quiz on division with fractions.  Next we will spend about 1 week with just word problems with all operations with fractions.Then  there will be a unit test on all fraction concepts!  (not sure of the date yet, but it will be posted with the assignments.

Then we have just 3 units left: geometry, algebra and measurement.



We are finishing up our unit on Chemical and Physical changes. There will be a unit test this Friday. 

Next we will move into our unit on the Human Body, looking at genetics/DNA/heredity, classifying organisms as unicellular verses multicellular, then learning about 6 of the major systems of the human body-a fun unit!



update 2/9  


So the ground hog saw his shadow! Who would have guessed-8 more weeks of winter!  I know I am ready for spring- seems like the children are also!  

Well, your child should have brought home the newly re-imaged laptop on Friday, unfortunately without chargers! Apparently there are several charger issues, and the media staff is working with the IT department to resolve this. Ugh, just so frustrating! Hopefully everything will be running smoothly again soon! Until then, we will persevere!  Having said that, some of the changes I have had to make are giving the students paper copies of notes and assignments instead of them viewing them on their laptops in office 365.  It seems like this will continue for another week.


Report Cards: If you have questions/concerns and want to conference, please let me know.


Math:  We are well into our unit on multiplication of fractions (fraction by fraction, fraction by whole number, and mixed numbers).  This coming week we will learn about estimation with fraction multiplication, using benchmark fractions, and numberlines with fractions as well as apply all this knowledge when solving word problems. Whew! These kiddos are rocking out some mathematics!


Science: Our new unit-Chemical and Physical Changes- is one of my favorites (I think I say that with every new unit!).  This unit is very short, but leads into our unit on the human body.  (another of my favorites-genetics, unicellular/multi-cellular organisms, and 6 major systems of the human body). 

The children really do need to study their notes nightly.  We have discussed how to study and how to use their notebooks as a study tool.  I know that studying content is a new endeavor for most 5th graders.  Please encourage them!  Thank you for all you do!


Communication Folders: were sent home on Thursday which was our wave day.  Our wave day is every C day.  This is the day we send home the communication folder each wave-with graded work, any other information from the classroom.  We have also started to staple the "missing work reports" into the communication, as it seems these have not been getting home.  We share that information with you so you can see if your child is keeping up with their school work.  

Some students have not been returning their communication folders to us. If you have not seen a communication folder, please let me know.  We can start a new one for your child.

Please sign and return this weekly.


Parent Portal:  If you have not signed up, and would like to be able to log in and view your child's grades 24/7, let me know.  I will send home the form with your child.  I do encourage you to sign up if you have not.  

Valentine Exchange: I did email our class list to you last week.  If you did not receive it, please let me know and I will resend it to you.

​Class supply needs: If you are wanting to donate anything to the classroom, we could use kleenex, clorox wipes, pencils, and dry erase markers!  Thank you in advance and thank you to all of you that have so graciously donated already! 


​As always, I am here to serve you and your child in education.  Please let me know any questions/concerns. 


update 1/26  


Well, I think we will officially complete our first full week of school since before Christmas!  It has been a rough adjustment for the children with the break, then all of the days off due to snow, but we are finally settling back into a routine!


Report cards will be sent home next week, on Tuesday.  Please sign the report card envelope and return the envelope only.  The report card is yours to keep for your records.  If you decide you would like a conference, just let me know and I will schedule this.  I am available most days before and after school.



The children will be taking their unit test on addition and subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers next week.  Our usual schedule is altered due to the MOY benchmark assessments, but my plan is to begin this on Tuesday-but we will see how the day goes.  We may wait until Wednesday.  Just know that this is happening next week- then we will begin our unit of multiplication and division of fractions.



We are just about finished with our weather unit-we will spend a few days reviewing in the classroom, but I have told the students to begin to study for the unit test.  The current plan is for the students to take the unit test the end of next week-again the schedule needs to be flexible as we compete the MOY benchmarks...these are the priority next week.

After the unit test, we will begin a short unit on Chemical and Physical reactions/changes. It is a fun unit with many activities! This leads into our unit on the human body. (which is another of my favorites!)


Test Corrections:

These are optional but the students MUST follow the outline I provided (in one note), and they MUST be turned in no later than 1 week after the test. 


Assignments and Homework:

The children do have a math assignment just about every day- they are given time in class to begin this, and many do complete the work in class. Often students are also assigned notes to copy-again, some complete this in class, but if any assignment is not completed in class, it needs to be completed at home.

They also have their ongoing Aleks independent study math that must be completed each week.

In science, the students occasionally have assignments that need to be completed at home- but for most science assignments, they have plenty of time to complete them during the school day.  Again, if an assignment is not completed during the school day, then the student will need to complete it at home.


ALL ASSIGNMENTS are posted in office 365/one note. (under the "assignment" tab in the science notebook) I know that the computer virus has impacted how we do things with the laptops, but we have made adjustments until the computers are all cleaned/re-imaged.  All assignments are also posted on the board in the classroom (some students do copy these down into an agenda)


Missing work reports:

Mrs. Warden and I do send home missing work reports each C day in the communication folders.  Also, all graded work is sent home in the communication folder as well.  Please be sure to ask your child for the folder...the next C day will be Wednesday the 31st. You can locate the wave calendar on the school website (if you do not have one)


Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I am here to serve you and your child in education....and it is my honor and privilege to be on this journey with you!

update 1/7  


       WOW! What a start to 2018! This year has already had a lot to say and make its mark on our life!  I trust that you have stayed warm and safe through it all!  My husband and I have enjoyed our daily walks into town to observe the craziness...we have not braved taking our vehicles out on the roads yet. The roads in our neighborhood are still a bit treacherous, although it seems most of the main roads (not all) are clear.


So with such a long break from school, I know it will be a bumpy start to get the children back into "school mode"... but we will be diving right in whenever school starts again (not sure if it will be tomorrow or Tuesday yet).  The end of the second quarter is quickly approaching (it was the 19th but this may change with all the snow days)  and we also have MOY benchmarks beginning this week!  



The plan is for student laptops to be re-imaged by the end of January, then the wireless capability will be turned back on so that they can access their home wifi!  It has been a frustrating  year with this laptop issue, but I do think that we have adapted well.  


RECESS: Please as school begins be sure to send your child with a coat (hats, gloves, etc. as the temperatures necessitate)  as we will continue to have outdoor recess.  



We will pick up right where we left off in our operations with fraction unit.  We have finished the introduction to fraction unit (all the skills needs to perform the operations). We started with addition and subtraction of fractions with common/like denominators before Christmas break.  We will start with addition of fractions with unlike/different denominators, then subtraction of fractions with unlike/different denominators.  Next will be the same operations in word problems, then addition and subtraction of mixed numbers.  These objectives will take us a few weeks.  

Operations with fractions is, by far, the largest unit in 5th grade math.  These problems require the students to go through multiple steps to solve-this is probably the biggest challenge for them.  Please remember that I have the notes in their one note online notebook (office 365) as well as video examples.  

One of the questions I always get from parents is " I learned to do this in a different way, so can I teach my child this?"  YES!  There are many ways to solve mathematical equations, and I teach only one way (I have found that if I try to teach different ways, the students become confused).  But if you are helping your child with math and know another algorithm- go for it!  I just require that the students always show their work so that I can check their thinking.



We are still in our weather unit!  Perfect real life examples of what we are studying going on all around us this past week!  I can't wait to discuss this with the students-I am pumped!  The weather channel has been on my television almost nonstop since this deep freeze and storm rolled in! 

There will be a quiz at the end of the week- similar to the one they just took...I want them to study and refresh their knowledge of what we have been learning.  

We will be moving on to some new topics in weather as well, (these will not be on the quiz)... local verses global wind patterns, geographical influences on weather, global weather patterns.  I do hope to finish the weather unit by the end of January-there will be a few more quizzes then a unit test.  




Report cards were scheduled to be sent home on January 30th- this most likely will change with the snow days.  I will update you as I find out. 

If you want to schedule a parent-teacher conference to discuss your child's report card, please email me and we can set up a day/time.  I am available most days before school (I arrive around 6 am), and after school (at 3:40 after dismissal).  


If you have other questions/concerns, please let me know.  I am here to serve you and your child in this fabulous journey called education!

Stay warm and safe!


update 12/1  



Well, thanksgiving has passed-I hope it was a wonderful family time for each of you!  I had the opportunity to travel to Pittsburgh to spend time with my daddy (who is 91!), my sister, one of my sons and my daughter, as well as visit with other family! My heart is full!

Now that we are back in school- we will be working diligently for the next few weeks before our Christmas break!


Laptop/wireless update:

Teacher laptops at STES will be re-imaged next week.  It is our hope that student laptops will be completed in the next few months.  We know this is a long process- but our IT team at the county office is working long hours to get us up and running again as soon as the meantime:

Students can access their office 365 one note by syncing their onenote daily. I have showed them how to do this, and offer to show them again every day.  This is a temporary fix, but it is better than nothing!


Also, communication folders with graded work and missing work reports are sent home each C day.  Please look for these to come home regularly (yesterday was a C day!)  Students also know how to log into Powerschool to check their grades and how to look for any missing assignments.



We have started our fraction unit- this is by far our largest unit in math.  We will be learning and practicing skills with fractions for the next few months-probably into February!  We begin the fraction unit with review of the foundational fraction skills. This next week we will review greatest common factor, simplify/reduce fractions/ least common multiple, and order/compare fractions.  We do have our field trip next Friday, so one of these topics may be bumped to the next week.  



We are continuing with our weather unit. We are now studying air masses/fronts, types of precipitation, clouds, predicting weather, tools to measure weather components, and air pressure....the students have their costa's leveled questions on water cycle due Monday. 


Upcoming dates:

Look for information about the Santa shop to come home in the near future.

12/7: Thursday- Interim reports go home

12/8: Friday- Nutcracker ballet arts field trip

12/12: Tuesday- "Wonder" movie field trip

12/20: Wednesday- 5th grade Christmas party- look for more details to come home

            next week.


If you have any questions/concerns, please let me know.  Also, I know I have conference with most families, but I am always available to conference again-just let me know and we can set something up.

Serving you and your child in this journey called education!

links for websites  

I finally have the links which students can use to access DE streaming and Study Island from a home computer.

 Link for discovery education which you can use on a home computer:


Link for Study Island which you can use on a home computer:

update 11/7  


Thank you to those of you that have scheduled and attended parent teacher conferences.  If you have not  had one and would like to schedule one, please let me know.  Also, if you ever want another conference, please just let me know.  I am here to support your child in education!


REPORT CARDS: Today report cards are being sent home.  The report card is yours to keep, just please sign the envelope-that is how I know that you saw the report card.  I do not know yet when academic award ceremonies will be held, but will send that information out as soon as I get it.  We love for you to be able to attend to celebrate your child's achievements!


School Pictures:  The school picture packets were sent home last week.  If you do not intend to purchase any, please return the packet to school.  If you do purchase any, please put the money/check in the envelope provided and have your child give it to me.  



We are continuing in our study of division.  We have divided whole numbers by 1 and 2 digit divisors.  We will learn how to interpret remainders in word problems with division next, then move onto division with decimals.  After that, there will. of course, be a test.  Then we begin our very long unit on fractions, beginning with fractions as division.  Our fraction unit will last a few months! 



We have completed heat transfers and are learning about insulators/conductors.  Then we will move on to the water cycle, precipitation and clouds as we move forward in our weather unit. 

Students are working on their next 1-pager (heat transfers)! I love giving them this opportunity to show what they have learned in a very unique format.


Laptop Virus Update:Still no date for using wireless at home.  I do know how to have the students sync laptops to use the office 365 notebook without using internet.  Also, I will show the students how to access the 1:1 symbaloo page on a home computer, if you have one.  They IT department is working on re-imaging the teacher laptops-beginning with high schools.


Whew-so much going on....look for information about the fall festival to come today as well.

Any questions or concerns, please let me know-always here to help!  

Serving you and your child in education!

newsletter and update 10/30  


Whew- it is already the end of the first quarter of this school year! That time flew by as will the rest of the school year!


CONFERENCES: I appreciate the time that many of you have made to come in and conference with me.  If you have not conferenced, and still would like to do so, just please let me know and I will send you the sign up link.


TECHNOLOGY: You are seeing that we utilize the 1:1 device quite a bit in 5th grade.  I have been able to show many of you some of the tools and tricks during our conferences.  If you still have questions, please let me know and I will try my best to help.  Also, Mrs. Helt is in the process of scheduling a technology night.  I will let you know the date, once I find out.


GRADES AND MISSING WORK: It has come to my attention during the parent teacher conferences that students are not showing parents the "missing work reports" that have been handed out to them each week.  Therefore, I want to encourage ALL PARENTS/GUARDIANS to either log into power school or have your child show you on their laptop.  This online gradebook will identify which assignments your child has not completed. All assignments that are not completed and turned in will count as a zero-which greatly affects their grade, but also and more importantly their learning!


REPORT CARDS: Report cards are scheduled to be sent home on 11/7.  The report card is yours to keep, just sign and return the envelope.  If your child has had several incomplete/missing assignments, they will receive an "N" in conduct- conduct includes work habits.  I just wanted to clarify this for you.  This will also be clarified in the comment section of your child's report card, if they receive an "N" in conduct.



We have finished our multiplication unit and will begin long division tomorrow. Instruction will go for about 6 days, with a test at the end. (Looking at 11/13 for a test)  I know that adjustments will need to be made until the issue with internet access at homes is resolved.


SCIENCE: We are continuing with our study of heat transfers this wave.  There will be a quiz on Monday 11/6. 


PICTURE MAKE UP DAY: If your child was absent for the school pictures, they will have theirs taken on 11/7.


EARLY RELEASE: Thursday 11/9


No School for Students/Veteran's Day : Friday 11/10


And as always, if you ever want to conference, have questions or concerns, please let me know.  I am here to support you and your child in this journey of education!


newsletter and update 10/13  

HAPPY FALL!        Image result for image pumpkin

Thank you to those of you that have already signed up for a parent teacher conference, and those of you that have already conferenced!  I value our time together (although short) to establish clear communication between myself/the classroom happenings and you-the family/support system for your child.  Your support is a vital component of the success of your child!  I thank you for this!

If you have not signed up for a parent-teacher conference and would like to still do so, please click on the link.  Also, I know many of you are conferencing with Mrs. Warden-since we team teach-know that we sit and discuss all the information shared.
Please sign up for a conference to discuss your child's progress so far this year, and have an opportunity to get questions answered. We will also review the 1:1 device use.


Moving forward with academics....


We are finishing up our multi-digit multiplication strategies with multiplying decimals.  The students will have a quiz on all multiplication next week (probably Friday), then we will begin long division. 

      As we move forward in our math skills and concepts, I have informed the students that our math skills build on each other, and they will need to use all the skills learned with future units.  Therefore, on any given quiz/test, there may be questions from skills learned from day 1 of the school year.  

     ALEKS has arrived! The students have either started or completed their initial knowledge check.  I will utilize this resource heavily for their learning.  The students will also use this program to practice their math facts and their timed multiplication quizzes will now be through this program as well.



We have completed our Force and Motion unit (the test was yesterday).  I know that 5th grade science is a huge learning curve for most students.  We do have an EOG this year in science, and the content is new and deep for many of the students.  The main thing that students need to have help with at home in science is learning to study!  I do tell them to study EVERY DAY!  Review their notes, then ask questions in class.  I have no doubt that they will all be successful in science- but first quarter is often a learning experience for many.  

We will begin our second unit next week.



Assignments are posted in office 365 teams under the "assignment and reminder" tab. All assignments from myself and Mrs. Warden are posted here.  If no new assignments are posted, then nothing new was added.

Students should look back at previous posts to be sure they have completed all assignments.

Also students can look in powerschool for "missing" assignments- indicated by an orange square next to the assignment.  


 Important Dates:


  • Thursday 10/19: Early Release for students (12:20)
  • 10/23: Q1 benchmark exams begin
  • 10/23- 10/31: Red Ribbon Week!!!
  • 10/26: Ident-a-kid pictures
  • 10/31: end of Q1 (wow-already!)
Monday- wear RED
Tuesday-wear mismatched or crazy socks
Wednesday-wear bright colored clothing and accessories
Thursday-wear mismatched clothes
Friday-wear your class color (hhmmm...don't know what it is yet...)
Monday-wear Red, White & Blue-go patriotic! Show your patriot pride!
Tuesday- wear a costume for $1 donation to NEHS (remember no masks nor anything scary)

newsletter and update 9/29  


This has been an eventful year, and we are only at the first interim!  Everything is falling into place- but I still do not have an outside call phone in my please know that I may call you from my personal cell phone (I apologize in advance), and the area code is a 301 number.  

a  few things to note:

  • interim reports were sent home yesterday-please sign and return
  • federal cards were sent home this week- please return ASAP- we are required to have one for every student who attends our school
  • students MUST charge their laptops nightly
  • students should check their "assignment and reminder" tab (in office 365 teams) nightly to check on assignments.  (this is also written on the board in the classroom) There are assignments daily!
  • bring a cup or water bottle to class-stay hydrated! A well hydrated brain learns better than one that is not! (fun fact!)
  • No school Monday, October 9th- Columbus Day/teacher work day
  • Thursday, October 19th- early release at 12:15
Currently we are working with decimals- the students have learned to order and compare, round, add/subtract, and solve word problems using the CUBES strategy.  We will be testing on these topics Monday.  Then we move on to multi-digit multiplication and division, followed by multiplication and division with decimals.  
The students regularly have assignments to review their skills in Study Island.  Also, we will begin using "Aleks"-hopefully next week- many assignments will be in this online program as well as their independent study (which I will assign to them after they take their initial knowledge check)
We will be completing our Force and Motion unit in the next week or so- their will be a cumulative unit test.  The students have a quiz each week, and are encouraged to study their notes nightly so that they will be well prepared for the unit test.  
Our next unit is the Human Body unit- the students will learn about unicellular/multi-cellular organisms, heredity, and 6 of the major body systems
Look for the conference schedule link to be sent to you next week- I schedule using "sign-up genius".  Mrs. Warden and I hold conferences with the parents of the students in our homeroom.  However, if you prefer to meet with each of us- we do our best to schedule a conference together (sometimes it has to be 2 separate conferences).  Just be writing your list of questions and concerns to bring to the conference.
As always, I am here to serve you and your child in education!  Please contact me anytime with questions or concerns! 


Newsletter and update 9/14  
Dear Families,
Well Irma spared us and we are closely watching the path of Jose!  What wild and crazy weather-but we will use these events as connections when we study weather in science! They are building the schema and background knowledge for our students! (the silver lining in it all!)
So this is my weekly update- I will attempt to keep you informed of all our goings on in the classroom and here at STES!  If you ever have questions, please just ask. Also, please share your concerns.  I am here to support your student and you in this wonderful adventure we are on together!
GRADES: So I wanted to communicate with you how the grades are calculated for math and science (the 2 subjects that I teach to the students). For both subjects the grades are weighted by categories, as follows:
MATH: tests/projects 50%; quizzes 20 %; timed math facts 10%; independent study 10%; classwork/homework 10%
SCIENCE: (there are fewer categories) tests/projects 50%; quizzes 30%; classwork/homework 20% (this category also includes the labs/experiments we do in class).
PATRIOT PRIDE CARDS: Please read the attached document that outlines our positive behavior encouragement system in 5th grade.  We do attempt to focus more on positive behavior rewards (but, of course, there are consequences for poor choices). 
Currently we are in our NBT unit (number and operations in base ten).  We have learned the 3 forms of a number (including decimals) , identified place value to thousandths and are studying how to compare/order decimals, round decimals, then move to adding/subtracting decimals.  
We have weekly timed math fact quizzes-the emphasis is in multiplication facts, but I will add division facts in the second semester.  The standard is 50 facts in 3 minutes.  Currently the students are taking the quizzes on paper, but once ALEKS is up and running, these quizzes will be on their laptops.
We are in our first unit: Force and Motion.  The students are learning about the forces at work around us and  how they affect motion.  We have just learned about Newton's 3 Laws of motion (there will be a little quiz tomorrow).  Through the next wave, we will build on these concepts, taking a closer look at momentum and friction.  
Now that our 1:1 devices are distributed, and "TEAMS" have been created in office 365, I will heavily utilize the online notebooks.  My goal every year is for the notes to be available online, so that if a student misses notes for any reason, they can access them here.  Also, there will be handouts/worksheets uploaded into this notebook.  For math, I also try to include video examples.  I know that this is all new for them, so I guide them through the process of how to access everything.  Also, STES is planning a "TECH NIGHT" for parents-so once we have the date, you may want to plan to attend!
I have attached the link for the Stateside Scoop (just in case you are not receiving it!)
Save your BoxTops! Please send in your box tops with your Patriot each month. We collect and count them each month to earn money for the...

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me.  I am here to serve your child and you in education!

WELCOME TO THE 2017-18 SY!  


I look forward to meeting with each of you ( students and parents), as we schedule conferences beginning in early October.  

Look for the school supply list under that link....

Announcement Image for WELCOME TO THE 2017-18 SY!