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Mrs.  Emily  McKavitt
5th grade teacher / Math and Science / Team teach with Ms. Dawson
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WAVE beginning 11/15  

Math: We will continue with long division using 1-digit divisors. We’ll focus on problems that include a zero in the quotient, & how to interpret remainders in division word problems. We’ll have a quiz on dividing with a 1-digit divisor on Monday, November 21After Thanksgiving we’ll begin dividing with a 2-digit divisor.


Science: This WAVE we will finish up the digestive system & investigate the circulatory system. The Human Body Unit test will be Thursday, December 8.


Missing assignments: I do not use the Edmodo gradebook…so if you or your child wants to know if they’re missing any math/science assignments they must check the gradebook through Powerschool.


Redo math work policy: still stands for second quarter! All math assignments (except quizzes/tests) can be redone for full credit back. The redo work must be done on separate paper & stapled to the original assignment.

WAVE beginning 11/3  
Math: We are moving into division. We'll begin with reviewing the varioius ways to write division, patterns in division (zeros on the ends of numbers), & dividing by a 1-digit divisor. The Friday fact quizzes still continue this WAVE, & for the majority of the students, they still cover multiplication facts. 
Science: This WAVE we will begin learning about our first major body system: the digestive system.
Other Announcements
DC Trip: The initial deposit of $125 is due December 1! Keep selling that candy!
STEM Fair: STES is hosting its first every Science & Engineering Fair on Thursday, November 17 from 5:30-7 PM. There is a Parent Info session this Thursday, November 3 at 6PM. A flyer about this came home the other week. Participation in the STEM fair will be count as extra credit for Science for second quarter. It will be added on as a 20 point assignment. 

WAVE beginning 10/17  

Math: This week we will multiply multi-digit decimal numbers, & solve word problems involving multi-digit multiplication (whole numbers & decimals). I encourage you to watch your child while they multiply to make sure they are showing each step of their work & solving problems correctly! We will have a quiz on Thursday, October 21.

Study Island: Two more math standards will be assigned tomorrow & due next Monday, October 24. Any & all work shown must be brought to school & turned in! Study Island is now for a grade (not just completing it to get the blue ribbon)! Each standard will be worth 10 points.

Science: This week we will begin our second unit-the Human Body! We'll be covering cells this week, including the difference between unicellular/multi-cellular organisms, and the important cell organelles & their functions. There will be a quiz on Wednesday, October 26.

*All math make up/redo work is due to me on Friday, October 28!