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Important information week of May 22nd to 26th  
Queridos padres,

We completed our end of the year reading assessment. The kids did a wonderful work!!! We will start our end of the year Math assessment this week. After having the results of the Math assessments I will start scheduling parents and teacher conferences. Please keep reviewing and practicing with your student all math skills covered through the school year (Please check homework copies and notebook in order to revise skills). Any question I will  be happy to help you. 

MAKERSPACE: The last great MAKE for the year in Makerspace will be “Upcycled Race Cars”.   The students will create cars to race downhill (similar to pinewood derby) in class.   We have all the parts necessary for this project in the Makerspace except for the car’s body.   We will need each student to bring to school one 20 oz. coke bottle, pringles can, or similarly sized container to use as their race car body.   Please do not send in 2-liters, full sized coffee cans, or jugs of any kind.     They are just too big.  Thank you for your support and for assisting your students in this maker endeavor. Mr. Marriot

Important upcoming dates: 
May 23 - Kona Ice day - cards with details were sent home with all students (prices vary from $2 to $6).
May 26- Field Day and Global Fair 
May 29 - No school-Memorial Day

Global Fair: Our class will be representing Thailand. For the parade,  the girls will need to wear a white shirt and the boys will need to wear blue navy or red shirt. I will make the hats for all the students in the classroom. All ideas for the parade and the costumes are welcome, please contact me!

Yearbooks are still available. They are $20 and are available from Mrs. Merritt in the front office! Come and get them while they last.

New online resource to read in English: We will start using This is a fantastic resource that will help your student with decoding and reading comprehension skills in English. I strongly recommend to log in daily to improve reading skills in English. Log in information was sent in your student's folder. 
HFW Power Point Presentation for First grade: HFW presentation was emailed. Please ask your student to go through it every day for 5 minutes. 
End of the week quizzes: We will  not have  reading and math quizzes because we are completing end of the year reading and math assessments.  
Snack Friday:  We will have popcorn this week. All money collected will benefit the amazing things we do in our classroom. Each treat is $0.50 and money will be collected until Thursday. The kids and I appreciate your support. 
Wave Day:  It will be on Thursday May 25th.  Please make sure your student wears appropriate footwear and clothes for PE class.  
Library books:  Please return library book next wave day. Then, your student can take home a new book. 
Money log: please register all money you send to school inside your student's money log (in folder). Please make sure to put money in the Ziploc bag in the folder. You can also use this little bag to keep patriot dollars. 
This week we will be learning:
Spanish Literacy: 
words with gue/gui/diphthongs and silabas trabadas
contractions (del/al)
Accent and use of comma. 
Interrogative and affirmative sentences 
Synonyms and antonyms 
The noun
The verb
The adjective
Character's feelings 
Author's purpose
Books connections: Book to book, book and yourself, book and the world. 
Explain major differences between books that tell stories and books that give information, drawing on a wide reading of a range of text types. 
Know and use various text features (e.g., headings, tables of contents, glossaries, captions, index, labels, tables, graphs, types of fonts) to locate key facts or information in a text.
Main idea and facts
Predicting and inferences           
How do pictures help a reader decode text? 
What are the three ways to read a book?
What is the lesson or message in the book? 
Writing conventions and details
Math review:
Use of Graphs
Telling the time 
Add and subtract within 100
Place Value
Solving word problems with a missing addend. 
Solve word problems that call for addition of three whole numbers whose sum is less than or equal to 20.