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Mrs.  Liceth  Aguado
2nd grade teacher - Dual Language
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Important information week of Nov 13th to 17th  

Queridos padres, 



I hope you had a great Veterans Day. The kids did a wonderful work in their math test. Please keep up the hard work at home. If you would like to purchase punch cards in advance for Fall Festival, please fill out the form that went home last week and and send money in baggy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 


Spanish: nonfiction text features (captions, index, table of contest, glossary. diagrams, maps, etc)

Reading: nonfiction text features using the book called Spiders 

Writing: 1st 9 weeks writing assessment, Expository Writing (animal research)

Math: starting chapter 4- double digit subtraction 

Science/ SS: matter- solids, liquids, and gases


What we will learn this week:
Spanish: Summarizing / Nonfiction text features 
Spanish Grammar: adverbs / nouns and adjective agreement / possessive nouns
Reading in English:  Starting Non- fiction using the book called Spiders
Math: three digit addition 
Science: Severe weather project
Important Upcoming dates:
Monday: E Day (A.M. WAVE/Library)
Thursday: B Day (P.M. WAVE/PE wear tennis shoes)
Nov. 17: Fall Festival- 5:30- 7:30
Nov. 22-24: Thanksgiving break
Spelling test and math test: they will go home today. Please review the question marked incorrect at home with your child. 
Meteorologist:We will be having a meteorologist come in for a presentation in our classroom Wednesday morning. We are so excited!!
 Report card envelopes: they went home last week. Please review it with your child, sign the envelope, and return the signed envelope to school. You may keep the report card. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you to those that have already returned theirs. 
Reading EGGS: Please make sure they take the placement test prior to restarting. The placement test is used to see where exactly each student is at. Please encourage your child to take the placement test seriously. If they just click through the questions, it will not give them an accurate level and they will not be doing activities on their level. This week, I will work on making sure all students have their placement test completed and an accurate level is being used. 
Nonfiction questions: we have started to work on nonfiction books, please encourage your child these type of books at home. A list of nonfiction questions is in your child's folder. These questions are great to use while your child is reading. You may ask them the questions orally and then have them write their response. Our middle of the year reading assessments for Mclass will be using nonfiction books.

Spelling test in English: We will have spelling test on Friday. Besides our spelling test will  have four different sections: sounds/sentences/diagnostic words/sight words.
sight words: who-words-ever-quiet
Snack time: please send a snack every day. You can also send a box of cereal, pretzels, or any snack that you would like to keep in the classroom, for students that don't bring snack, or if one day they forget it.