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What Are We Learning??  

What Will Your Student Be Learning This Year?

     This year your student will be taught the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for first grade. In order to not overwhelm you, I have listed the objectives your student will be learning during the first quarter.  They will also have a data binder that you will be able to look thru to see how your student is doing on each objective! I am very excited about this school year and what your child will accomplish!

4th Quarter Math

  1. Solving addition and subtraction word problems

  2. Solving word problems with 3 addends

  3. Relating addition and subtraction

  4. Fluency of addition and subtraction facts

  5. Addition within 100 using two-digit and two-digit numbers

  6. Determining unknown numbers in addition and subtraction facts

  7. Comparing two digit numbers using >, <, or = signs

  8. Finding ten more/ten less than a number

  9. Organize, represent, and interpret data on a graph

  10. Ask and answer questions about a graph

  11. Divide circles and rectangles into halves and fourths

  12. Time – To the hour and half hour

  13. Compose 2D and 3D shapes

  14. Determine attributes of shapes

4th Quarter English Language Arts

  1. Ask and answer questions about text that is read

  2. Read information text appropriate for 1st Grade

  3. Inflectional Endings

  4. “How To” Books

  5. Using prepositions

  6. Writing Opinion pieces

  7. Writing narratives

  8. Publishing writing

4th Quarter Social Studies

  1. Natural resources and how people change the environment

4th Quarter Science

  1. Living Things (Plants and Animals)