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What Are We Learning??  

What Will Your Student Be Learning This Year?

     This year your student will be taught the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for first grade. In order to not overwhelm you, I have listed the objectives your student will be learning during the first quarter.  They will also have a data binder that you will be able to look thru to see how your student is doing on each objective! I am very excited about this school year and what your child will accomplish!

1st Quarter Math

1.      Count to 120 and write the number

2.      Place Value – Tens and Ones

3.      Solving addition and subtraction word problems

4.      Solving word problems with 3 addends

5.      Adding and subtracting by counting on

6.      Time – Hour and half hour

7.      2 and 3 dimensional shapes and putting them together to make other shapes

1st Quarter English Language Arts

1.      Ask and answer questions about the text. Read aloud information orally                                    

2.      Retell stories (main idea and key details)

3.      Describe characters, setting, and events

4.      Use pictures and details to describe the main idea

5.      Demonstrate understanding of spoken words

6.      Decode one-syllable words

7.      Read on-level text with sufficient accuracy 

8.      Participate in discussions about grade-level topics

9.      Produce drawings to clarify ideas

10.   Write complete sentences

11.   Demonstrate knowledge of English grammar when writing and speaking

12.   Write all upper and lowercase letters

13.   Demonstrate knowledge of English conventions 

14.   Use context clues to clarify the meaning of unknown words

15.   With guidance and support of adults understand and be able to sort words into categories based upon word relationships

1st Quarter Social Studies

1.      Authority figures, rules, and conflict resolution in home, school, and community

1st Quarter Science

1.      Recycling (Reduce, Reuse, recycle)

2.      Seasons