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Welcome to week 12 of second grade!

Here are some friendly reminders for the week ahead:


Monday - Day E - Please remind your child to wear appropriate attire for P.E.

Tuesday - Day F

Wednesday - Day A - We will be taking our /dge/ letterland test (Finally!) We will also be having a meteorologist come in for a presentation in our classroom. We are so excited! Have your child brainstorm some questions they may want to ask!

Thursday - Day B - students will need to swap out their library books this day.

Friday - Day C - FALL FESTIVAL FROM 5:30 TO 7:30. See you there! I am actually in the dunk booth this year so make sure your child comes to see me and gets a fair chance of dunking me in! I am actually terrified! I was nominated against my own will!!! :)


Learning Targets This Week:


Reading - we will continue to use nonfiction text features as we explore nonfiction text based on sharks. We are also doing animal research in writing so hopefully these features pop up in their animal books!


Writer's Workshop - We are currently making our animal research booklets :) We have completed the research stage and we are going to be writing and doing some illustrations.


Letterland - /dge/ we assess on Wednesday!


Grammar - Possessive and plural nouns


Science - matter - we will be exploring properties of gasses, solids, and liquids. We will have some pretty cool experiments during this unit!


Math - subtraction with regrouping


Have a great week! Hope to see you all on Friday!




Daylight savings! Fall back an hour! :)


Here are a few friendly reminders for the short week ahead:


Monday - Day B - afternoon WAVE - Students may return old books and receive new ones. We will also be taking our double digit addition regrouping test in the morning.

Tuesday - Report cards go home! Please keep these but sign and return the envelope.

Wednesday - We will be making summary sundaes while completing a sequencing activity. Yum!

Thursday - ERPD - students dismiss at 12:20. We will be having Veteran's Day activities this day instead of our normal club rotation.

Friday - No school for students or staff

* New Scholastic orders went home last week! You can send in money or pay online. Our class code is QNYKQ



Learning Targets This Week:


Reading - we are still exploring nonfiction text features and analyzing how they can help us understand the text we read. We will be doing a shark study! We have studied emus, spiders, and bats in the previous weeks!


Math - triple digit addition and subtraction with regrouping will be next. Extra practice will be coming home as subtraction with regrouping is a tough skill to grasp in second grade.


Science - matter!


Grammar - possessive nouns


Writing - expository writing - we are currently doing research on an animal, placing facts into a brainstorming map, and we will be writing research papers on these! We are loving it!


Letterland - continue /dge/


If you need me at all this week, please do not hesitate!



Announcement Image for 11/6


Happy Halloween!




A few friendly reminders for the week ahead:


Monday - Day C - Your child will be bringing home a November scholastic catalog, a new letterland list (we assess on list A), and their latest letterland test. You can keep this test at home. We will also be going to the Patriot store. We did not have the opportunity to go last week. We are wearing red, white, and blue this day for Red Ribbon Week.


Tuesday - Day D - We are wrapping up Red Ribbon Week by wearing our Halloween costumes to school. Students can wear costumes by donating $1.00. Proceeds go to NEHS. This day also marks the end of the first nine weeks.


Wednesday - Day E - morning WAVE - please wear appropriate attire for P.E. Students will be bringing home a new homework/behavior calendar and reading log for November.


Thursday - Day F -


Friday - Day A - We will be taking our double digit addition with regrouping assessment.


Learning Targets This Week:


Reading - We will be studying non-fiction characteristics and using text features to allow us to dig deeper into non-fiction text. We will be doing a spider unit, but we we also be learning tons of cool animal facts throughout the next few weeks.

Math - double digit addition with regrouping

Letterland - We are finally moving on to unit 6. We will not asses until the following week. Unit six is tricky with a focus of /dge/ words - ex. fudge, badge, bridge

Science - wrapping up severe storms! I hope many of you were able to expand our tornado projects with an extra bottle from home! (I sent a picture last week)

Grammar - review of adverbs, moving on to possessive nouns

Writing - expository writing. We we be publishing our second round of final drafts based on a small moment in our lives. Please let me know if you would like a copy to come home! We are saving them in a writing portfolio to show off later!


Have a wonderful week! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need me for anything!







Welcome to Week 8 of Second Grade

A few friendly reminders for the week ahead:


Monday: F Day - New spelling lists will come home. Published "favorite place" stories will also be coming home.

Tuesday: A Day

Wednesday: B Day (return library books)

Thursday: No Day (1/2 day for students. We dismiss at 12:20) We have clubs on ERPD days! Please let me know if there are any transportation changes!

Friday: C Day. Electronics from home are permitted for zone time use on Friday mornings. 


- Reading EGGs accounts have been reset. Taking a placement test will provide  more accurate activities geared toward your child's reading level.

- Please have your child utilize both Raz-kids and Reading Eggs at home!

- We are still working hard on writing in complete sentences. Please encourage your child to be practicing this at home when they are completing their homework. They should be answering the reading questions in complete sentences with capital letters and punctuation. 

- Another skill we have been working on is adding details to our reading answers. It is a stronger response if you back up your answer using details. Please encourage your child to be practicing this at home as well when they are completing their homework. 


Learning Targets This Week:


Reading: We have finished studying all of our fictional story elements! We celebrated on Friday by making story element stew! We will review main idea this week and begin sequencing and summarizing using the book Stellaluna. We will also begin looking at non-fiction through a bat study!


Writing: writer's workshop- personal narratives. Our last setting story will come home tomorrow! We published them!!


Grammar: adjectives and adverbs!


Letterland: Unit 5 lists will come home on Monday. We assess on list A. Reminder: With the different WAVE schedule, our unit tests will not be on a specific day every week. They will get their new words whenever it falls and the test will be given 5 days after. 


Math: continue subtraction mental strategies and two step word problems.  Subtraction assessment will be given on Friday. 


Science: weather- severe weather - making weather tools.



Mark your calendar:

Nov. 7: Report cards go home

Nov. 9: 1/2 day for students. Students will be dismissed at 12:20.

Nov. 10: No school 


Have a great week! If you need me, please do not hesitate!


Welcome to another wonderful (but short) week of second grade!


Friendly reminders for the week ahead:

Monday: No school for students - Teacher workday

Tuesday: Picture day and P.M. WAVE- wear tennis shoes and bring library books)  All students will be photographed this day (regardless of purchasing) as this will be the picture used for the yearbook.


Wednesday: C Day

Thursday: D Day - fire safety presentations

Friday: E Day (A.M. WAVE) - We are also making "story element stew" in class :)



- Home connect letters went home on Friday. Please review your child's information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


-  Please encourage your child to be practicing writing answers in complete sentences at home when they are completing their homework. They should be answering the reading questions in full thoughts with capital letters and punctuation.


- Please continue to work with your child on mental math. We are slowly leaning away from using our fingers to add and subtract. With all the strategies we have been learning, both for addition and now subtraction, they should be well on their way to not using fingers.


- Conferences are in full swing!  If you have not signed up, please use this link:


Learning Targets This Week:


Reading: We will be using the Angry Birds to help us determine the main idea of a text.


Writing:  We are wrapping up publishing on our first written piece. We will move on to personal narratives.


Grammar: exploring adjectives


Letterland: Unit 4 (Spelling list has already gone home) The test will be next Tuesday- 10/17) With the WAVE schedule, our unit tests will not be on a specific day every week. They will get their new words whenever it falls and the test will be given 5 days after. 


Math: continue subtraction mental strategies


Science: Weather!




Looking ahead:


Oct. 19: 1/2 day for students. Students will be dismissed at 12:20


Have a great week! If you need me, please do not hesitate!




October is here! My favorite month of the year!

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weekend so far.


A few friendly reminders for the week ahead:

Thank you to those who came to open house last week to fill out federal cards and catch up on some things your child has been working on in class! I enjoyed seeing lots of smiling faces :)


If you have not already done so, please sign up for a conference using this link:


Monday = You will see a new homework calendar and reading log for the month of October. Please make sure to record and sign off that your child is completing their nightly reading. They earn $10 extra Patriot dollars for turning in a filled log at the end of the month.

Tuesday = Mental math strategies test will be coming home. Please sign and return! We will be taking our unit 3 letterland test on Tuesday as well.

Wednesday = Day E - students have P.E. during their morning WAVE. Please make sure they are wearing appropriate attire.

Friday = weekly homework is due

Reading EGGS is working! Letters on how to gain access at home will be in your child's folder this week. I will also be emailing out a list of helpful websites the children like to use as extra enrichment at home!

* Library books. Have your child's selections gotten any better? We are working something out that will correspond with their reading level.

*MCLASS letters with your child's reading level information will be coming home soon.

*No school for students 10/9


Learning Targets:


Reading = We will be analyzing how characters respond to major events through conflict within stories. We will be using a book called Each Kindess.


Grammar = It's a word, it's a verb, it's an action word!


Writer's Workshop= We will be working on our final drafts of our favorite place writing. We will be publishing them over the next two weeks!


Math = subtraction strategies!


Letterland = we will be begin unit 4 on Wednesday. Keep an eye out for new word lists.


Science = weather! We will also be tying in literature by reading Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.


If you need me, please do not hesitate! Have a fantastic week!



Welcome to another wonderful week of second grade!

Here are a few friendly reminders for the week ahead:


* The book fair is here and open all week! Please send in some spending money with your Patriot so they can shop around!


* We will also be spending the Patriot dollars we have earned during class when the Patriot store cart comes around this week! If your child brought home any Patriot money by accident, make sure they bring it back to school!


Monday- Open House night 5:30 - 7:00. PLEASE come in and visit me! Your child will be so excited to show you some things we have been working on in our interactive journals. You will also be able to sign up for conferences, fill in your federal card, and take home an activity! I cannot wait to see you there!


Tuesday- E day - Morning WAVE - Students will have P.E. Please make sure they are wearing appropriate attire :)


Thursday - Interim reports will be coming home with your child! Please sign and return!


Friday- B day. Students have afternoon WAVE, but they do not have P.E. this day.


* Due to losing an instructional day last week during our half day, we had to push our unit 2 letterland test to Monday. These will be coming home on Tuesday. You do not need to sign and return these.

* Did your child come home last week talking about clubs? This year on our half days, we have a monthly morning meeting (full school) and then we break off into some fun clubs. We will have these clubs every half day. The following are the clubs for second grade: Makerspace, Art, Cooking, Movement and Music, and Jewelry. I know I had such a great time, and I am pretty sure the kiddos kid as well! If your child was a part of cooking club, I will be sending home a short letter this week with some additional information :)  


* This will be the last week to place a T-shirt order.


* An additional 10 Patriot dollars will be given to those who turn in a completed reading log on the back of their September homework calendar :) I know I have collected some already. Thank you so much for supporting nightly reading!


Learning Targets This Week:


Reading - We are back at setting again! Except this time, we are focusing on how the characters can IMPACT the setting through a book called Salamander Room. The students and I are loving digging into these fiction story elements!

Writing - Writer's Workshop - we will continue to write our "small moments" writing pieces. We are focusing on details that are all centered around a specific place and time.

Letterland - Unit 3 - New word lists will come home on Monday!

Science/ SS - we will still work on our 7 habits this week. Our weather unit is coming up next!

Grammar - pronouns/ verbs

Math - wrapping up addition strategies and moving on to subtraction with our subtraction super hero!


If you need me at all this week, please do not hesitate! See you tomorrow at open house! Come right to our classroom :)





A few friendly reminders for the week ahead:


MonYAY - your child will be bringing home their letterland test from unit one. It is graded a bit differently than other spelling tests you may have seen. Decoding words is a skill of ours in second grade. It is a way to "attack words so they don't attack us" ... The top of the spelling test is where students decode the different sounds they hear. So if you see strange marks, it is just what we do for the sound portion! You do not have to return letterland tests to school, they can stay at home. A new word list will be coming home on Monday for unit 2.
Wednesday: WAVE B (afternoon specials) Students will be visiting the library. We will be having a talk about the types of books they can choose. I do not go with them to pick out their books, but if you see that they are bringing home books that are too hard, too easy, etc ... please let me know!
Thursday - Half day - Students dismiss at 12:20
We do not have P.E. this week.
Your child brought home a scholastic catalog to order books. We can earn free books for our classroom library! If you order online, put in this code: QNYKQ
Beginning of year reading assessments are in full swing!
Please remember to pack a snack for your child each day. We are a peanut free classroom.
Zone time: Feel free to pack playdough and legos for zone time Fridays if you do not feel comfortable with your child bringing their electronics/ toys. A week of purple and blue behavior earns this incentive as a morning work replacement 😊



Important dates: 

9/19: Fundraiser ends - make sure items are turned in by the 19th

9/21: Early Release 12:20

9/25: Back to School Night 5:30-7

9/25-9/29: Book Fair

9/28: Interim reports

9/29: Box Tops due

9/29: Benchmark window ends

10/9: Teacher Workday. No School for students


Learning Targets This Week:



Grammar: We are continuing our discussion of nouns, focusing on replacing nouns with pronouns.


Reading: This week we are working with the book Rosie Revere, Engineer and discussing character traits and how the characters impact the story.


Math: We are continuing with addition strategies, helping move away from counting on their fingers to do more mental math. We will focus on counting on and fact families this week. Homework will be all doubles facts and tens facts. Please check to see if they can solve them quickly, as this is what we have been working on!



Letterland:  Unit 2 word list will be in their homework folder for the week. They will have their test on Friday. 


Social Studies: Communities and citizenship / 7 habits 


Writing: We are beginning our first writing. We will be writing about a small moment in our lives. We will be working through the entire writing process in writer's workshop.





If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Have a great week!

Week 2   

I am hopeful that the students in our class came home saying the same thing I have been saying after the first week of school - this is going to be such a great year! We had an amazing first week together. This group of kiddos sure do make coming to work each morning super easy!


A few reminders for the week ahead:


Monday: No school. Happy Labor Day!


Thursday: E Day (morning WAVE) Please make sure your child is wearing appropriate attire for P.E.


Friday: "Zone Time" ... As part of our behavior plan this year, I am allowing students to bring in an electronic from home to use for 15 minutes in the morning as a replacement for morning work on FRIDAYS ONLY :)  In order to be given this reward, students must earn a purple or blue color each day for the week (tracked on our homework calendars). If they will be bringing in an electronic - no worries - I keep them locked away and safe while they are at school. Legos and playdough are also great alternatives.


 * Homework will begin this week. Homework will go home each day and then weekly assignments will always be collected on a Friday. The homework calendar shows what is for home work each night. In summary, Mondays and Wednesdays will consist of reading/ writing assignments. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be math assignments. We encourage students to read for 15 minutes each night to an adult. Reading logs (on the back of the homework calendar) will be collected when they are filled for an additional $10 patriot dollars!



* We have an afternoon snack each day. Please be aware that we have a peanut allergy in our classroom this year. Peanut butter is fine to bring for lunch, but as far as classroom snacks- there may not be any peanut products in the classroom. For specific and safe snack options, please see the list in the attachment. Thanks so much!



* If you have not already paid your $6.00 school fees for the year, please send it in as soon as possible. Thank you :) I will send a receipt home with your child.


* Opt out forms went home on Wednesday. Please only sign and return if you do not want your child's picture to be taken in school this year.


* T-shirt order forms also went home on Wednesday. Money will be due at the end of the month. You may order multiple shirts.


Learning Targets This Week:


Reading: We will be reading a book called Grace For President and we will focus on making text to self, text to world, and text to text connections. We will also be practicing our Daily 5 expectations and routines this week.


Writing: We will begin writer's workshop this week!


Letterland: beginning Unit 1 Spelling words will be coming home this week. We use words from list A.


Social Studies: What is a community?


Math: We will spend some time taking a math pre- assessment and practicing our procedures and expectations for Math Daily 4 rotations



We will also be doing some fun lessons on the "7 habits of happy kids" this week :)




Have a great week! Please do not hesitate to contact me if questions arise. I am always here when you need me!

Peanut Allergy  

Dear parents,

We have a peanut allergy in our class. Please be mindful when sending in snacks or birthday party treats. The school policy is for all treats to be store bought. Please make sure to read the ingredients to ensure that they are peanut free and not manufactured in a factory that uses peanut products. Thank you in advance for ensuring the health and welfare of our Patriots.

Thank you.

Alyse Mesko


Below is a list of peanut free snacks:

Triscuits, Wheat Thins, Ritz (not Bitz or sandwiches), Townhouse or Club crackers, Cheeze-its, Cheese Nips, Better Cheddars, Saltines, Oyster Crackers, Wheatables, Keebler Crackers, Goldfish, Graham crackers, Teddy Grahams, Vanilla Wafers, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Kix, popcorn, pretzels, Nutrigrain bars, Fig Newtons, Rice Cakes, Hostess Cupcakes, Pringles, Fruit Snacks, PopTarts, Air Heads, Gummy Bears, Jolly Ranchers, Life Savers, Smarties, Skittles, Starburst, SweetTarts, Tootsie Rolls, Twizzlers.

Beginning Of The Year Announcements  

 Welcome back to the 2017-18 school year! I cannot wait to meet the upcoming 2nd grade Patriots!


Open house will be on August 24th from 3:30 pm- 6pm. Please feel free to bring school supplies with you.  The first day of school is August 28, 2017. Can't wait to see you there!



2017 - 18 Supply List  


•4 plastic folders with pockets and prongs


• 7 compositon notebooks ( no spiral bound)


• 1 pack of loose leaf wide-ruled paper


• 1 pencil box


•1 pair of child scissors


•16 glue sticks


•3 boxes of 24 crayons


•3 boxes of #2 yellow pencils (no mechanical)


2 boxes of pencil top erasers



Wish list


  • kleenex  
  • hand sanitizer
  • inch/centimeter ruler
  • quart sized Ziploc bags
  • gallon sized Ziploc bags
  • ream of computer paper
  • colored printer paper
  • extra glue sticks and pencils
  • small dry/erase markers
  • Clorox wipes


 Any extra donations of all listed supplies would be GREATLY appreciated!!

                                 Thank you for all that you do!







Announcement Image for Beginning Of The Year Announcements