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Ms.  Kenia  Elizabeth  Posadas
1st grade teacher - Dual Language
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Newsletter Week 4  

Important information week of Sept 18th to 22nd  

Queridos padres, 
We had a fantastic week! We are still working in the MClass reading assessments this week. Please remember all assessments will be given in Spanish so please have your child reading spanish books and signing in the Reading Log. After completing MClass assessments, I will be sending a SignUp Genius to set up conferences to discuss your student's results of the beginning of the year assessments in the upcoming weeks. 
What we will learn this week:
bReading: Story elements: character traits and setting/Sequence of a story
Writing: Narrative writing
Math: continue addition  strategies 
Science/ SS: Community helpers
Vocabulary of the week: I will send a presentation in class dojo so you can review with your child the Voc.
High Frequency Words: A copy with a list of High Frequency Words for first grade will be sent in your student's homework folder. You will have the list of words per week in a month we will be studying. I strongly encourage you to practice these words daily to improve your child's fluency when reading in Spanish.  
Eventually I will send a list of HFW in English for first grade for you to practice at home with your child, remember that in second grade they will be assess only in English, so you can start reading books in English as well.
- Tests: We are going to have a Reading, Math and Spelling test every Friday. In Reading they will read a passage and answer some questions. Math will be according to what we are learning the week and Spelling will be HFW to create sentences and also to Identify the vocabulary of the week. (ways they can practice the HFW: write the words using crayons or markers, give them a practice test, write the words in sentences). No tests this week, we will start next week.
Important dates:
Wednesday Sept 20th: B Day- 
Thursday September 21st –  Early Release - Dismissal is at 12:20 for students. 
Important Upcoming dates:
September 25th – Open House & Book Fair, 5:30-7:00
September 25th - Impact Aid Cards 
September 28th – Interim Reports go home 
September 29th – Box Tops due 
Homework: Homework will always go home on Monday and is due back on Friday. On your child's homework calendar in their folder, you will find the instructions that you may use to help you complete the homework. If your child completes the homework prior to Friday, please keep it in your child's folder. I will collect all homework on Friday to avoid any confusion.
Reading log: In addition to the homework, please remember to read with your child each night. On the back of their homework/ behavior calendar is a September reading log. The log should be completed by the end of the month. They will earn some Patriot bucks for a completed log. 

-Open House: We will be having an Open House on September 25th from 5:30- 7:00. I would LOVE to see everyone there! The book fair will be open that night to purchase books. 


-Box Tops: We are still collecting Box Tops. If you would like to send some in, please do so by Sept. 29th.

Money log: please register all money you send to school inside your student's money log (in folder). Please make sure to put money in the bag in the folder. 
ClassDojo: we will continue using ClassDojo. You can sign in with the same account you had last year. It is a great and easy way for me to communicate with all parents. The kids LOVE it already and are excited for their parents to see how they are doing during the day. If you have any trouble signing up, please let me know.
Snack time: please send a snack every day. You can also send a box of cereal, pretzels, or any snack that you would like to keep in the classroom, for students that don't bring snack, or if one day they forget it.
School fees: if you have not paid your $6.00 for your child's 1st grade fees, please send it in as soon as possible. Thank you to those that have already sent theirs in.

Behavior chart in home folder: you will notice that your child has been coloring in  behavior calendar. This color indicates what they landed on at the end of the day. Please initial on the line each day. 

If you have any question please let me know. Have a wonderful week!

Newsletter Week 3  

Swinging into First-grade


Hola queridos padres,

            I love being with my kids another year!

The children  begun learning reading strategies in our literacy centers. There are reading comprehension question in the homework this week. We have also jumped right into our  Math lessons. 

 Over the next 2 weeks, I will be conducting the Beginning of the Year Reading Assessment with each of the students. Through this process, I will be able to see their strengths as well as the areas that need more individualized instruction. I look forward to working with you and your child to make this a fantastic year of academic growth. 

To save paper, I will email you a copy and posting my weekly newsletter to my web page on the Stateside Website. 

 I prepared 2 folders for your child. A Homework Folder and a Daily Folder. There is a suggested daily homework calendar in your child’s homework folder that will help keep you and your child stay on track for the month. Homework is sent home each Monday so that you can conveniently fit it into your schedule during the week. You’ll assist them with their homework and ensure the folder is sent back to school each Friday.

1st Grade Homework

●     Homework folders are sent home weekly. Your child will bring a homework folder home each Monday. It will stay at home until it is returned on Friday.  

●     Math: Each week the students will need to complete the math worksheets that are sent home.  Usually there will be one page, front and back, with problems to practice the skills we have been learning in class.

  • Reading log: Please if you can acces to Raz Kids you can start reading books level f and sign it on the sheet that is in the HW folder. Please have your child reading every day this is very important for their fluency and comprehension. If you do not have acces to Raz kids is because they are going to give us a new account. You can have your child reading books that you have at home even if they are in English.


Honduras commemorates the 196th anniversary of Independence Day, which was proclaimed on September 15, 1821. On this date, the Hondurans go out to the streets that are adorned with patriotic symbols. The traditional parades accompanied by civic fervor are performed by hundreds of students, military, and official organizations.  So, my first graders are going to have a small parade in the school, It will be just walking around the hallways with Honduras flags and pretty dresses ( I have the dresses for my girls) Boys will dress same as in our last year dance, I will send a picture in class dojo. It will probably be in the afternoon if you would like to join us.

What are we learning this week?

Math: Additions and Subtractions, Number words.

Reading: Identify Character and Setting, Main idea and details.

Writing: Personal Narrative

Grammar: Subject and Predicate

Please do not hesitate to email, call, send in a note, or text me by Class Dojo if there is something that you have a question about. Thank you for your continued support as we work together this school year.


   Sincerely, Mrs. Bregel


Queridos padres:

We are finally done with our EOY Assesments, Kids did wonderfully! We are almost ending our school year, I am so sad and excited at the same time because my kids are ready to go to first grade! Here are some activities we will have in our last 9 days of school.

Counting dows the final days of school is a fun and exciting way to finish our year! We celebrate all we have accomplished. We will do a different  activity every day and we will pop a ballon revealing activity will be that day! (Please do not tell the student what activity will be).

Tuesday May 3oth: Wave day and after Watercolor painting!

Wednesday, May 31st : We will go outside to do Honduras games and then eat popsicles. (Popsicle donations needed)

Thursday, June 1st: Students will enjoy and extra recess decorating the sidewalk and blowing bubbles in the air. (If you can send one bubble for your child that would be great!)

Friday, June 2nd: Our morning will begin with a few fun stories and a writing craft about making Ice cream sundaes. In the afternoon, students will use their writing to build and enjoy their own ice cream sundaes.

Monday, June 5th: Game one& Soccer : Students are invited to bring age appropiate board games from home to play with their classmates. If you send a game or ball, please make sure that is has your student's name on it to ensure it returns home. We will be playing soccer!

Tuesday, June 6th: We will be doing different activities in our computers, If your child has a tablet or a game he&she uses at home they can bring it. I will use our classsroom computers as well.

Wednesday, June 7th: In the morning we will be writing about our favorites movies and doing crafts about it, In the afternoon we will be watching a movie and eating popcorns. ( Donations of popcorns and glasses are needed)

Thursday, June 8th:  END OF THE YEAR PARTY! @ 1:30 pm. Parents are welcome :) The food sign up list will be send to your email this week.

Friday, June 9th : GRADUATION! Starts at 9:30 in the morning in the multipurpose room. A formal invitation will follow.

I am so excited about this coming days! Please if you have any question let me know.