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Week of Nov. 13   


Learning Targets:

Math: Teen Numbers

Reading: Story Elements ( Beg. Mid. And end)

Sight words: Is, the

Social Studies/ Science: Turkeys


Important Dates:

Nov. 14- Disguise a Turkey projects are due!

Nov. 17- Fall Festival 5:30- 7:00

Nov. 21- Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast – our class is responsible for napkins and paper plates

Nov. 22-24 Thanksgiving Break


* Please be sure to return any picture order forms or packets. 

Week of Nov. 6   

Hello Patriots !


I hope you all had a great weekend. Please see this week's outline below. Please let me know if you have any questions. 


Learning Targets:

Reading: Story Retelling (beginning, middle, and end)

Math: Teen Numbers

Social Studies- Veterans 

Letters of the Week: Ss and Ii 



Important Dates !

November 7th – School Pics: MAKE-UP only  and Report Cards go home. 

  November 9th – Veterans Day festivities- Half Day of School  

November 10th – Holiday, no school o November 17th – Fall Festival 

November 22nd -24th – Thanksgiving Holiday Break 


Have a great week! :) 

Week 9 Oct. 23-27   

Week 9

Learning Targets

Math- Finishing 2D shapes

Science- Bats – Features and lifestyle habits

Writing: Detailed illustrations, handwriting

Social Studies: 7 Habits

Color of the week: white

Focus Words: are, has



Classroom News!

•      If you are planning to pack lunch ( for the field trip), please do not pack any item that needs to be refrigerated. I will be bringing a small cooler for drinks/water.

•      Please bring your class T-shirt to school on Monday. If you did not purchase a classroom shirt, please be sure your child wears red on the day of the trip.

•      This week is Red Ribbon Week. Please return to the newsletter that went home Thursday of last week.



Important Dates

Oct. 27d- Field Trip

Nov. 7th- Report Cards will go home

Nov. 9th- Early Release

Nov.10th- No School

Nov. 17th- Fall Festival 

Week of Oct 16-20  

What are we Learning this Week?



This week’s theme is pumpkins! We will be writing sentences, describing pumpkins, counting seeds and many other fun learning activities!

Essential Questions: “How can you describe the life cycle of a pumpkin?”



Learning Targets


Writing: Letters M and T

Science: Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

 Reading:  Story Elements, Retelling, Text Features

Color: White

Math: Positions/ 2D Shapes


Focus Words:

I, see, like, a



Upcoming Events


10/27- Mike’s Farm Field Trip

10/19- Early Release

10/23- 11/1- Conferences

11/17- Fall Festival 5:30- 7:30 

Week 6   


Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. Here is what's in store this week! If you have any questions, please let me know.

 Learning Targets!

* Math – Number Concepts 1-10

* Reading – Blending our sounds into words, isolating sounds

* Writing – Labeling with beginning sounds

* Word Study – Letters C and D

* Science – 5 senses

Week 5: Sept. 25-29  



This week is an exciting week as we begin fall in Kindergarten! We have many exciting activities planned that will ensure students will explore their learning. Please see this week’s outline below.

Learning Targets:

Reading: Letter F

Word Study : Identifying letters of the alphabet, and writing out names

Math: Number Concepts

Social Studies/ Science: Exploring the season of fall

Writing: Labeling with beginning sounds

Color of the week: yellow 


Have a great week! 

Week 4: Sept. 18-22   

Dear Parents,

I hope you are ready for another fun week in Kindergarten! This week will begin our theme of apples. We will be doing many so many exciting activities and I think the kiddos will really enjoy! This week your patriot will begin to have homework each night. Please be sure to encourage your student to complete each activity. Homework is meant to be fun and be an extension of what we are learning in the classroom.  Lastly, this Thursday is an early release. Students will be dismissed at 12:20. If there are any transportation changes for Thursday, please be sure I am aware of them by Wednesday afternoon.  Please see this week’s outline below and let me know if you have any questions. We're ready for a great week :) 


Learning Targets:

Reading: We will introduce the letter P.

Math: We will be comparing numbers 1-10.

Social Studies: We will be learning about Johnny Appleseed.

Science: We will be using our 5 senses to describe a variety of apples.

Writing: We are still practicing identifying beginning sounds and labeling with simple sentences.

Color of the week: green



Upcoming Dates:

9/19/17: Last Day for the Charleston Wrap Fundraiser

9/21/17: Early Release- Students will dismiss at 12:20 p.m. 

9/25/17: Open House 5:30-7:00

9/25/17: Beginning of Book Fair Week 

Week 3: Sept. 11-15   

Hello Patriots!

I hope you all enjoyed your week. I’m very excited to be returning to school and meeting the kiddos once again. I can't wait to hear about their first two weeks! Please see this week’s outline below. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Essential Question: “What makes people unique and special?”


Math: Review numbers 1-10; introduce numbers 11-20

Writing: Beginning Sounds/ Name writing

Reading: Review concepts of print

Science/Social Studies: Friendship/Differences

Color of the week: green; review colors blue and red. 


Upcoming Events:

September 11th – National Day

September 25th – Open House, 5:30-7 & Book Fair

September 25th - Impact Aid Cards

September 28th – Interim Reports go home

September 29th – Box Tops due


* Please remember to email or send in a note with any transportation changes. 

Week 2: Sept. 5-9   

Patriot Families, 

I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful Labor Day Weekend. This is week is Mrs. Harrison's last week as substitute. She has done a wonderful job with the students these past few weeks. I'm looking forward to joining the kiddos and getting back into a daily routine. Please see this week's outline below and let me know if you have any questions. 

Important Info and Reminders! 

  • Please continue to return all paperwork you received from Back to School Orientation. 
  • Daily folders will begin this week
  • The behavior calendar will begin next week. Please begin discussing daily behavior with your student to ensure they have having great days :) 
  • Don’t forget to pack a healthy snack 
  • If you haven't already, please send in a change of clothes for your student labeled in a gallon sized Ziploc bag. 
  • The kindergarten student fee is $6. 
  • 9/5/17- Charleston Wrap fundraiser begins! Students will bring home information. 


Learning Targets

Math: Number Sense Skills- counting, recognition, ordering etc. 

Writing: Identifying beginning sounds, letter formation

Reading: Print concepts- how to hold a book, locacating title page, front cover etc. 

Social Studies: Differences in people 

Colors of the Week: Blue and Red 



Have a great week!


Week 1: Aug 28- Sept 1   

Dear Patriot Families,

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and are ready for the first day of school! I know the students will have a great first week with Mrs. Harrison. Continue to bring in any paperwork that was not submitted during Orientation. Please remember that the first week we will be staggered. I’ve posted the schedule below. Just a reminder that students will have a daily snack, so be sure your student packs a healthy treat. As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always here to help :)

Mrs. Harshman  


Staggered Day Schedule

Monday Aug. 28 A-I

Tuesday Aug 29. J-R

Wednesday S-Z

* All students attend Aug. 30 & Sept. 1 


Hi Patriot Families!

Welcome to Kindergarten!

This year will be an exciting year of learning and growing! I’m thrilled to be your child’s teacher. Please take a moment to review the supply list posted below. I hope to see you all at Back to School Orientation August 24th from 3:30- 6:00. If you would like to bring your school supplies with you, please feel free to do so.

See you soon!

Mrs. Harshman :)




Kindergarten Supplies

Ø  2plastic folders w/ prongs

Ø  2 lined composition notebooks

Ø  4 packs of Crayola crayons

Ø  1 box of #2 pencils (no mechanical)

Ø  2 k-2 primary journals

Ø  4 glue sticks

Ø  Clorox wipes

Ø  Boys: gallon sized zip lock bags

Ø  Girls: quart sized zip lock bags 

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