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Global Parade  


The class has learned so much about Tanzania this year in cultural awarenss! The culmination of this year-long learning was celebrated today with the global parade. They created a banner and bulletin board together, made brochures about Tanzania using facts they learned over the course of the year, added their handprints to the safari jeep, and partied like they were on safari for the parade! 



Week of May 22  

Upcoming Important Dates:

  • May 23: Kona Ice Day
  • May 26: Odyssey Projects due. All research has been sent home with students. GLOBAL FAIR: email sent regarding our costumes. FIELD DAY: please bring a change of clothes if needed.
  • May 29: Memorial Day-No school
  • May 31: Math EOG
  • June 1: Reading EOG
  • June 6: Third Grade Grow 'N Throw celebration
  • June 8: Principal's List/Honor Roll ceremony at 2pm.
  • June 9: LAST DAY!


Week of April 24th  

This week we will be taking the county benchmark in Math! In addition to benchmarking, we have WAVE day Thursday, and our field trip on Friday. It's going to be a busy week.

Monday: Homework goes home. Students will begin taking the county Math benchmark.

Thursday: WAVE Day

Friday: Field trip to the CAPE FEAR MUSEUM!!!

Upcoming Important Dates:

  • Monday, May 1st: mClass assessment window opens
  • May 29th: No School
  • May 31: Math EOG
  • June 1: Reading EOG

Week of April 17th  

Welcome back from Spring Break!! We have a busy week in our class! Our CLASS BOOK will be mailed off the the publisher on Friday, April 21. We have been busy bees researching and writing our travel guide papers!


Important Dates to Remember

  • Monday: New homework packet goes home.
  • Wednesday: WAVE Day & Money due for Class Book.
  • Thursday: Honor Roll and Principal's List Ceremony
  • Friday: Homework due

April 28th: Field Trip to the Cape Fear Museum

This week is PURPLE UP WEEK in honor of the military child. We will have a 4 day spirit week to celebrate!

  • Tuesday: wear red, white, and blue
  • Wednesday: wear camouflage
  • Thursday: support any branch of service
  • Friday: wear purple

Week of April 10-14  

Week of April 3rd  

We had a great time learning about patriots for the Wax Museum! All the students did a wonderful job on their research and putting their tri boards and speeches together. Please check the "albums" tab for pictures of your patriots!


We are excited to begin working on our own CLASS BOOK!! Each student will be writing a travel page for their assigned country to be compiled together to make our very own travel guide! They are all very excited to learn about their country and invite other people to explore it through their book! I have sent home order forms so you can purchase a copy of the book. Please return these forms by April 19. We will be shipping the pages and order forms off to the publisher on the 20th so we can get our books back before the EOGs! 

*Please return the form and check "no" and sign if you choose not to purchase so our book can be published!


Important Dates

  • April 5th: Field Trip permission slips and money due.
  • April 10-14: Spring Break
  • April 19: Order Forms/money for our class book are due.
  • April 28th: Field Trip to the Cape Fear Museum



Week of March 27  

Upcoming Important Dates

  • Monday: Homework packets go home
  • Tuesday: Wax Museum tri board due
  • Wednesday: MakerSpace Day
  • Thursday: Wax Museum 6:30-7:30
  • Friday: Homework Due

Weekly Learning Targets

ELA: RTA review/flex grouping and extension projects

Math: Division

Writing: Class Book: Global Tour

Social Studies: Cultures


Week of March 20  

Hello Patriot Families!

We are wrapping up our Wax Museum Projects this week. As your patriot completes all pieces of the assignment they will be sent home to put on the tri boards. ALL work will be sent home by FRIDAY, March 24th. If your child is going to be absent that day please email me if you haven't already so it can go home on THURSDAY. There will be NO extensions on the tri board. 

Upcoming Dates:

Monday: K Day- students will be working on their portraits of their patriots. Homework and new spelling lists sent home. Study Guide for math sent home.

Tuesday: 5 Day

Wednesday: Test on Area and Perimeter

Thursday: Multiplication Movie Celebration! Early Release Day- let me know any transportation changes. 

Friday: WAVE Day. Homework and Spelling Test.

Tuesday, March 28: Tri Boards for Wax Museum Project are due.

Thursday, March 30: Wax Museum at 6:30pm

Weekly Focus

  • Writing: Research papers on the planets.
  • Math: Finishing up our unit on Area and Perimeter, before beginning division and properties.
  • Reading: Review of standards and small group interventions.
  • Social Studies: We will be celebrating differences with World Down Sydrome Day on Tuesday, 3/21
  • Science: Planet research papers.

Week of March 13  

This week students will be working to complete their Timelines, Graphic Organizers, and speeches for the Wax Museum Projects in class. These will be sent home once they are finished. They will also be working on a biography in class. These will not be sent home until after the Wax Museum, and will be displayed on the table in front of their triboard. Please be sure to buy your triboards. Wax Museum Projects are due March 28th, and will be presented on March 30 from 6:30-7:15. I will attach a copy of the rubric to an email so you can review it while they put the final touches on their projects.


Upcoming Dates 

  • Monday: MMM and new Homework goes home
  • Wednesday: WAVE Day
  • Thursday: Picture Day AND 3rd Grade Music performance from 6:30-7:15
  • Friday: homework due



Week of February 27  

This week is READ ACROSS AMERICA WEEK! We will be celebrating at school each day with a different theme. Please check out each day's theme so you can help your child figure out what that they will wear or bring each day! :) 

MondayI LOVE READING- Dress like your favorite book character. 

TuesdayI CAN READ WITH MY EYES SHUT- Wear a shirt with words.    

Wednesday- STRIPES DAY- Wear as many stripes as you can.    

 Thursday-I LOVE DR. SEUSS-Bring your favorite Dr. Seuss book to school to read.

 FridayOH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO- Dress up as what you will be when you grow up.         


Week of February 20  

Learning Targets 

  • Math: Mass and capacity- test on Friday
  • ELA: Main Idea
  • Grammar: adjectives
  • Science: Solar System

Important Dates 

  • March 16th:3rd Grade Music performance at Stateside- 6:00pm
  • March 24th: Items will be sent home to complete the Wax Museum display.
  • March 28th: Completed triboards sent in to school for the Wax Museum
  • March 30th: Wax Museum from 6:30-7:30

*Please be sure to purchase your triboard soon so you don't run the risk of the stores being sold out the weekend it is due! 


Next week(February 27-March 3rd) is READ ACROSS AMERICA WEEK! We will be celebrating at school each day with a different theme. Please check out each day's theme so you can help your child figure out what that they will wear or bring each day! :) 

Monday- I LOVE READING- Dress like your favorite book character. 

Tuesday- I CAN READ WITH MY EYES SHUT- Wear a shirt with words.    

Wednesday- STRIPES DAY- Wear as many stripes as you can.    

 Thursday-I LOVE DR. SEUSS-Bring your favorite Dr. Seuss book to school to read.

 Friday- OH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO- Dress up as what you will be when you grow up.         

Week of February 13  

Learning Targets:

Math: mass and capacity

ELA: main idea

Writing: research paper on the planets

STEM: Wax Museum Project

Grammar: cursive

Science: Solar System(Earth, Moon, Sun)- Test on Wednesday

Upcoming Dates 

  • Monday, Feb. 13: New Spelling words, Homework and Science Study Guide sent home
  • Tuesday, Feb. 14: Valentine exchange in class. Please be sure to send one to everyone if you choose to participate.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 15: Science Test on Earth, Moon, and Sun
  • Thursday, Feb. 16: Early Release 
  • Friday, Feb. 17: Teacher workday 

Week of February 6  

There are still available conference times this week if you have not signed up.

Monday: New homework packet goes home.

Tuesday: WAVE Day

Thursday: Elapsed Time Test

Friday: Spelling Test, homework due


Learning Targets

ELA: academic language

Writing: research papers on the solar system

Math: Elapsed Time

STEM: Wax Museum Project

Science: Solar System


Week of January 30  


Stateside Elementary 3rd Grade Student of the Week!

Braiden Knight

Tuesday: Report Cards go home.


Learning Targets

  • Grammar: Cursive
  • Math: Elapsed Time
  • ELA: Academic Vocabulary
  • Science: Solar System
  • STEM: Wax museum projects
  • Writing: Research paper

Week of January 25th  

We are half-way through the school year! This week and the beginning of next week we will be completing all of our mid-year benchmark assessments. Attendance is very important so we can make sure everyone is tested before next Wednesday. After all benchmarking is completed I will be setting up conferences to talk about their benchmarks scores, grades, and RTA. Please be on the lookout for conference requests by the end of next week.


Weekly Focus

  • Writing: We will begin research writing
  • Math: Elapsed time.
  • Reading: Cause and effect and completing all benchmarks.
  • Grammar: cursive
  • Social Studies: PBL Recycling Projects are due on Friday, the 27th

Week of January 16th  

Monday- No School- MLK Day

Wednesday: WAVE Day

Friday: Homework is due.(NO SPELLING THIS WEEK!)


Learning Targets:

  • Reading- informational texts looking to see the relationships between historical events, scientific facts, etc.
  • Math- Fractions Test on Friday
  • Social Studies- Famous people and events in history.
  • Writing- Informative Writing Assessment

Week of January 9th  

It's that time of year! Supplies are running low and may need to be replenished. Please ask your child if they still have colored pencils or crayons; we use these daily in our note-taking and some are in need of new! We are also running low on glue sticks, and would appreciate more being donated! 

Upcoming Events

  • Monday: WAVE Day- 
  • Thursday: MakerSpace
  • Monday, January 16th- No School

Learning Targets

  • Math: Fractions- we will continue learning about equivalent fractions, fractions on a number line, and ordering fractions.
  • Reading- We will begin our Mid-year Benchmark Assessments this week.
  • Writing-Informative Writing
  • Social Studies- Historical Figures and their impact on the world today.

Week of January 2nd  

Welcome Back! I hope everyone enjoyed their break and is ready for a great New Year! Homework will resume this week. Please ensure your patriot completes the homework packet AND spelling homework to turn in on Friday. Remember, this is a grade! :)


Reminders of Upcoming Events!

Wednesday: MakerSpace

Thursday: STEM Lab

Weekly Learning Targets

Math: Continuing Fractions- Quiz this week.

Grammar: Contractions

Writing: Informative Writing

Reading: Informational reading. RI 3.3

Exploring and learning at the Tryon Palace on December 14th!

Week of Dec. 5th  

A few friendly reminders for the upcoming week:

  • Please send in envelopes and money if you would like your child to shop in the Santa Shop this week.
  • Our school is participating in a canned food drive. Please send in any canned food by Wednesday to help those in need.
  • Email went home regarding a class book exchange. Please send wrapped books by Dec. 15.


  • 3-5 Monday Morning Meeting.
  • Santa Shop 9-2
  • Canned food drive!


  • Progress Reports go home.
  • Santa Shop 9-2
  • Canned food drive!


  • WAVE Day. Please make sure your child wears the appropriate shoes.
  • Santa Shop 9-2
  • LAST DAY for the canned food drive!


  • Snack money due(popcorn)
  • Santa Shop 9-2


  • Last day for Santa Shop 9-2
  • Spelling Test
  • All Homework due(Spelling, Math, and Reading)

Upcoming Events!

  • Dec. 12- Full school Monday Morning Meeting
  • Dec. 13- Christmas Around the World rotations
  • Dec.14- Field trip to the Tryon Palace
  • Dec. 15- Wrapped books for classroom book exchange due
  • Dec. 16- Class celebration and book exchange. Annual Stateside Christmas Carol sing-a-long!
  • Dec 19- Jan. 1- Winter Break!

Week of November 28  


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We finished our first in class book report and are reading each other's and creating our own book list of the ones that interest us! We only have 3 weeks until Christmas/Winter Break, and we have a lot going on! Please read the updates!

Monday/4 Day

Science Olympiad Practice

Tuesday/3 Day


Wednesday/2 Day

Tryon Palace Field Trip Permission Slips and money DUE. If you would like to join us on the trip, the cost for adults is $15 and must be paid to the school.

Thursday/ 1 Day

Snack money due.

Friday/ K Day


Upcoming Events!

  • December 14th: Field Trip!
  • December 19th - January 1st: Christmas Break


Please check the file manager tab for our weekly newsletter! 



Week of November 21  

Hello Patriot Families!

We only have 2 days before Thanksgiving break! There will be no Spelling Words or homework this week! 

Monday: Makerspace

Tuesday: Thanksgiving activities. If you would like to send in treats for the class to enjoy please email me and let me know.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: No School!!


Gobble, Gobble!


Week of November 14  

Please check out the weekly newsletter under the files tab for details about our upcoming week!


I have created a photo album with pictures of the activities from Thursday honoring our veterans!

Weekly announcement!  

Week of Nov. 7th, 2016


Be sure to check the FILE MANAGER tab to see our weekly newsletter!!

Week of October 24  

Hello Patriot Families!

We have a busy week with Red Ribbon Week. Please see schedule below for each theme of the day!


Important Dates:

10/31; pay $1 to NEHS to wear your costume

11/2: field trip to see The Tortoise and the Hare

11/10: Early Release

11/11: Veteran's Day-No School

11/24-25: Thanksgiving Holiday


Learning Targets this week:

ELA: Using illustrations to answer questions in nonfiction texts. Answering questions using explicit details from the text.

Grammar: Types of Sentences

Math: Using arrays as a strategy in multiplication.

Writing: Narrative Writing Assessment

Science: The Human Body

Monday: Wear Red!

Tuesday: We're TOO Bright for Drugs(accessories, neon shirts, etc.)

Wednesday: Spirit Day(Wear red, white, and blue)

Thursday: College Jersey Day

Friday: Put a Sock on Drugs(wear silly socks)

Monday: Pay $1 to wear your Halloween costume to school



Week of September 12  

List 2 Spelling Words(test on Sept. 21)

1. between

2. own

3. base

4. country

5. plant

6. slip

7. lunch

8. pond

9. front

10. thump

11. inches

12. yard

13. stored

14. motion

15. expand

16. calculate


Week of September 6  

Welcome to week 2!


Homework will be sent home today(Tuesday, 9-6) and is due on FRIDAY.


Reading Assessments will begin on Wednesday. Please encourage your child to take do their best.


Thursday is MAKERSPACE!!

Please send in any forms and your child's $6 fee if you have not done so.

Learning Targets for this week:

  • Reading: RL.1. Students will read short passages and find answers within the text.
  • Writing: Narrative Writing.
  • Grammar: List 1 for spelling will be posted on the class page. Test will be every 3 Day(WAVE Day). Your student also wrote their spelling words in their agendas.
  • Math: Students will be exploring place value.
  • Science: Force and Motion.


List 1 Spelling Words

1. high

2. every

3. near

4. west

5. dress

6. best

7. next

8. else

9. checked

10. grand

11. stand

12. am

13. matter

14. forms

15. value

16. area


Open House  

I look forward to meeting all my new Patriots at Open House on August 25, from 3-7pm! Please feel free to bring your supplies. I will have lots of paperwork to fill out and return.  

TAs will be collecting money for fees in the hallway.

See you soon!