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Last Announcements of the Year!   

LAST Update of the YEAR!!!  

We have made it to the FINAL week of the school year!  There are LOTS of activities taking place this week so please check the schedule carefully to know what is in store for your Patriot each day.  The third grade teachers are carefully watching the weather forecast to see if it will cooperate for our celebration on Tuesday.  Stay tuned for an email if something needs to change!  Thank you for all your support and cooperation to make this school year a fantastic one!

Reminders/Important Events this week:

Monday, June 5:

  • 4 Day/ normal day 

Tuesday, June 6:

  • 3 Day (LAST WAVE DAY!)
  • 3rd Grade Grow and Throw Celebration! (1pm-3pm pending weather cooperates!) 

Wednesday, June 7:

  • 2 Day
  • CiCi's Pizza Night
  • PBIS Prize Cart comes around! The PBIS (positive behavior reward) was changed from movie and popcorn to a prize cart due to scheduling conflicts. Patriots can select a prize from the cart with their patriot bucks when it comes around! 

Thursday, June 8:

  • 1 Day
  • ELA/Reading EOG Retest for select students (You will be made aware of this prior to test day, as of now we do not have EOG scores yet)
  • 3rd Grade Honor Roll and Principal's List Awards Ceremony at 2pm (a note will go home prior to this day if your child has made honor roll or principal's list for qurater 4) 

Friday, June 9:

  • K Day (MakerSpace)
  • Afternoon movie: The Secret World of Arrietty (to go along with our read aloud book The Borrowers). Feel free to send an extra snack or drink this day for the movie if you desire! 
  • LAST day of school!
  • Report cards will be sent home!

***Important Information***

  • EOG scores will be released to you once they are finalized and given to the school.
  • Summer School for MATH: Onslow County Schools will be offering a short summer school option for those students who score a Level 2 on their EOG's (Math for grades 3-5 and Reading for grades 4-5). Information will be sent home to those students on Tuesday, June 6th. The dates of the summer school are June 12th -June 21st. Remediation will take place on campus here at STES for the last few days of school if you opt to register for summer school. Our Patriots will have summer school and their retesting opportunity at Richlands Elementary School. Registration will open on the evening of the 6th. Please keep an eye out for the paperwork.
  • If you are moving this summer, here is some information from our data manager: Those students that will be moving over the summer will need to take a copy of their report card to their new school showing proof of grades. will sign a records request and they will send to back to Stateside for me (Mrs. S Whaley) to send them your Patriot's records. I am sure the other school will require shot records, proof of address, birth certificate, etc, but that will be your responsibility. The copies we have in the cumulative folders will not be the originals that are a requirement in most schools. If you have a student that has a confidential folder, there will be a signed records request that I (Mrs. S Whaley) will send to the County Office to send to your new school. I appreciate your help with this. We are sad to see you go, but we will help you make your transition as smooth as possible.

*Let me know if you need anything throughout the week!*

May 29th- June 2nd   

EOGs are upon us!  Please remember to get plenty of sleep, eat a good breakfast, and be on time to school on Wednesday and Thursday!  All electronic devices or devices that make noise should be left at home or turned in to me before the test begins.  Above all, remind your student to relax and try their best! :)

Reminders/Important Events this week:

Monday, May 29:

  • Happy Memorial Day! (No school!)

Tuesday, May 30:

  • K Day (MakerSpace)

Wednesday, May 31:


Thursday, June 1:

  • Snack money due if desired

Friday, June 2:

  • EOG make-ups
  • 5 Day (Stem Lab) 

*Upcoming Important Dates:

We will present our Odyssey projects to a second grade class at some point after EOGs. Projects look fantastic! Due to the hecticness of last Friday's field day/ Global Fair day, if your child did not bring in his or her Odyssey project, it's okay! Please have them bring it tomorrow! 

  • June 6: "Grow and Throw" Cookout and water balloon Celebration 1-3pm 
  • June 7: PBIS reward for $50 patriot bucks- movie and popcorn (time to be determined) 
  • June 8: Honor Roll/Principal's List Ceremony at 2:00pm

*Let me know if you need anything throughout the week!*

May 22nd-26th   

The end of the school year is in sight!  Let's power through this week to get ready for the EOGs next week! Please let me know if you have any questions about our schedule for this week!

Reminders/Important Events this week:

Monday, May 22:

  • Last Reading and Math homework goes home and are due Friday (shortened assignments) 
  • MMM
  • 4 Day

Tuesday, May 23:

  • 3 Day (WAVE)
  • Last Spelling test and homework due! No new lists! :) 
  • Kona Ice--don't forget your money! There was an email sent out last week with a picture of the card that had prices on it! 

Wednesday, May 24:

  • 2 Day

Thursday, May 25:

  • 1 Day
  • Snack Money due!

Friday, May 26:

  • Final homework for Reading and Math due 
  • Global Fair (dress for our country, Egypt!)
  • FIELD DAY! (bring a change of comfortable clothes, towel, sunscreen, water, etc.)

*Upcoming Important Dates:

  • May 29: No School (Memorial Day)
  • May 31: Math EOG
  • June 1: Reading EOG
  • June 6: "Grow and Throw" Celebration
  • June 8: Honor Roll/Principal's List Ceremony at 2:00pm

Weekly Focus:

Reading: Students will complete passages and questions to practice for the EOG.  We will continue to review all standards covered this year .

Spelling: Last Spelling test is Tuesday! No new lists! 

Cursive: Continue practicing in our cursive books! 

Science: Continue studying features of the Earth and plants! 

Math: Continuing review for EOGs with a focus on word problems. I recommend using the study guide packet sent home several weeks ago, to review concepts with your child! If you need a new packet, let me know and I can get one copied! 

IMPACT Project (Odyssey): Students have said they know what they are producing and will be ready to turn it in on Friday!  All planning sheets were approved by me last week or the week before and sent home. Remember that there are no strict guidelines on what needs to be assembled as long as it is a product that incorporates something that has been learned in third grade.  Students will need to be able to present their product and explain how it relates to third grade learning.  Projects are due this Friday, May 26th!!

*Let me know if you need anything throughout the week!*

May 15th-19th   

Hi, Patriots! I hope you had a beautiful weekend with family! We all had so much fun with our pizza party Friday afternoon! Again, I am so proud of the hard work, determination, and growth from each and every student this year! I am, and they should be as well, excited to rock the EOG in just a couple short weeks! 

Reminders/Important Events this week:

*Class pictures for K and 3 were accidentally not distributed by the office Friday, so if you ordered a class picture, it will go come home tomorrow!  

Monday, May 15:

  • Monday Morning Meeting 
  • 3 Day (WAVE Day)
  • Spelling homework due and Spelling test 
  • New Math, Reading, and Spelling homework go home 

Tuesday, May 16:

  • 2 Day

Wednesday, May 17:

  • 1 Day

Thursday, May 18:

  • K Day (MakerSpace)
  • Snack Money due! (lollipops)

Friday, May 19:

  • 5 Day (STEM Lab)
  • Math and Reading homework due 

*Upcoming Important Dates:

  • May 23: Kona Ice Day (slips went home last week with prices) 
  • May 26: Odyssey Project due (those that finished their planning pages already took them home, the rest will finish early this week and bring them home so they can begin constructing their project), Global Fair (be thinking about an Egyptian costume for your child!), and FIELD DAY (bring change of clothes)!
  • May 29: No School Memorial Day 
  • May 31: Math EOG
  • June 1: Reading EOG
  • June 6: "Grow and Throw" Celebration
  • June 8: Honor Roll/Principal's List Ceremony at 2:00pm

Weekly Focus:

Reading: Spiral review of reading standards and finishing up/ checking our practice reading EOG test 

Cursive: Students will practice cursive in books

Science: Begin studying features of the Earth.  

Math: We will continue reviewing all standards for the EOG, especially word problems! 

*Let me know if you need anything throughout the week!*

May 8th-12th  

Hi, Patriots!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

Reminders/Important Events this week:

Monday, May 8th

  • New math and reading homework will go home 
  • Spelling Test (postponed from last week due to 2-hour delay)

Wednesday, May 10:

  • K Day (MakerSpace)

Thursday, May 11:

  • 5 Day (STEM Lab)
  • Snack Money due!

Friday, May 12:

  • math and reading homework due 
  • A couple weeks ago during our county Study Island math benchmark on the computers, I promised the class we could have a pizza reward party if we had the highest class average in third grade.... and we did! With a class average of 90%, I was and am so so proud of their hard work! I will try to order pizza for Friday afternoon, pending nothing comes up between now and then. Students will still have regular lunch time (wether they pack or buy lunch) and we'll enjoy our pizza and relax with a movie or free time at the end of the day. 

*Upcoming Important Dates:

  • May 1-19: mCLASS assessment window! Everyone is making temendous progress from beginning to end of the year! I am so impressed with how many reading levels students have grown! Reports on their progress will go home after the window closes, but if you want to know more, you can email or just ask your child as I am sure they have a ton of excitement to tell you what level they're on!
  • May 8-12: Book Fair
  • May 26: Odyssey Project due, Global Fair (be thinking about an Egyptian costume for your child!), and FIELD DAY- bring change of clothes!
  • May 29: No School
  • May 31: Math EOG
  • June 1: Reading EOG

Weekly Focus:

Reading: Students will take a practice released EOG for reading and practice using the bubble sheets

Grammar: Continue cursive writing 

Science: Finishing up states of matter so we can begin studying Earth's surface features and plants

Math: We will review the practice released math EOG that we did in class last week and I will be sending it home with students so you can see their progress

IMPACT Project (Odyssey): Students should have chosen a role for their project at this point and have began thinking about the type of product they want to create.  Due to a switch in WAVE days last week, we were unable to go to the STEM Lab.  This week, students will go to the lab to research and plan for their project.  I have created information sheets for students to fill out their planning steps.  PLEASE be sure your child has chosen their occupation or they will choose their own in class so they can begin planning for it.  The notes generated during that time will be sent home in homework folders to aide in the production of the final product (whether it be a map, building, model, science experiment, etc.).  This final product will be due on Friday, May 26th!

*Let me know if you need anything throughout the week!*

May 1st-5th   

Hello Patriot Families,


I hope you all had a great weekend!

Our field trip to the Cape Fear Museum was AWESOME! What a blast! There were so many fun exhibits and hands on learning we took part in! 

Important things to note are the dates for our mCLASS end-of-year benchmark testing (May 1-19) and the due date for our Odyssey IMPACT project (May 26).  Also, interim reports will be going home in one week. 

Here are a few friendly reminders for the week: 

Monday, May 1:

  • Monday Morning Meeting
  • 1 Day

Tuesday, May 2:

  • K Day (MakerSpace)

Wednesday, May 3:

  • 5 Day (STEM Lab--completing DAZE assessment and beginning planning our Odyssey projects!)

Thursday, May 4:

  • 4 Day
  • Snack Money due!

Friday, May 5:

  • 3 Day (WAVE)
  • Spelling test and all homework due 

*Upcoming Important Dates:

  • May 1-19: mCLASS assessment window!
  • May 8-12: Book Fair
  • May 26: Odyssey Project due and Global Fair
  • May 29: No School (Memorial Day) 
  • May 31: Math EOG
  • June 1: Reading EOG

Weekly Focus:

Reading: Standards review, book club work, and benchmarking. 


Science: We will be finishing up States of Matter


Writing: opinion writing


Math: Spiral review and EOG practice 


PBL Project (Odyssey): Students should have chosen an occupation for their project at this point and know the type of product they want to create. There was a note that went home with a list of roles and project ideas, and a place at the bottom to sign and send back after your child discusses with you and decides which role he or she would like to take on. If you need another copy, please let me know and I can email or print another. I have also attached a picture of the anchor chart we made in class. We spend about an hour last week discussing and brainstorming the different roles and possible project ideas we could do to demonstrate our learning of a specific topic, so hopefully this helped them get an idea in their head! I will be carving out some class time for students to plan, draft, draw, their project as well as a list of materials. The project as the handout states will be constructed at home and will be due May 26th. After our class presents to our 2nd grade audience, they'll write a reflection in class as well. 


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  

April 24th-28th  

Hello Patriot Families,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  We have a really busy week ahead of us this week to wrap up the month of April. It is very important your child is present Monday and Tuesday mornings to take our math and reading county benchmarks! 

Weekly Reminders:

Monday: new homework goes home for math and reading 

                    Math Benchmark- this is our county benchmark


Tuesday: Reading Benchmark 

                   STEM Lab

Thursday:    WAVE Day

                    Spelling Test

                    New Spelling word going home

                    Snack Money Due

Friday: Field Trip to Cape Fear Museum.  If your child has a BLUE SHIRT please have them to wear it on this day.  I would like to have students in the same color (if possible) to make them easy to identify amongst other individuals. If you checked that you will be packing a lunch and are unable to please let me know so I can make other arrangements, otherwise don't forget sack lunch from home! 

Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading: Reviewing reading standards 

Math: geometry wrapping up 

Writing: opinion writing 

Grammar: cursive writing


A few things that went home Friday...

PBL: final PBL project focusing on the Odyssey of learning. There was a paper sent home with a brief explanation of the project and list of ideas and rubric on the back side. I will be discussing ideas with the class throughout the week to get an idea of what each student wants to do for their fun final 9 weeks project! This project, like the paper says, will be planned out at school, constructed at home- unless we have the time and materials at school (will keep you updated- just depends on the project chosen), and then the reflection will also be done at school. It is meant to just be a simple peice to represent a topic we learned in third grade. 

EOGs: Just a heads up (because we all know time goes too fast!) the EOG for math will be May 31st and Reading will be June 1st. I gave the kiddos a study guide for the math EOG that contains notes on all the topics we learned in math this year. They are welcome to keep the study guide, and I ensured them that as we continue our review up until the EOGs, if they use it for review as well, even on their homework or just looking over it, that it could really help refresh their memories on those many math concepts we've learned. 

Grow and Throw: Lastly, the other handout that went home Friday was a letter in regards to an end of the year celebration we'll be having. We all know that third grade is a challenging year with so many new assessments and concepts and practices, and we as third grade teachers could not be more proud of our students (especially me! ;) ). To celebrate, and as an incentive, we'll have water balloons to throw at the teachers for fun in the event that he or she makes a 3, 4, or 5 on one or both of their EOGs. Following this, will be a cookout/ picnic where all our welcome. Please see the handout for further details, and as always, if you ever need an extra copy of anything, let me know, but I will gladly send out reminders for all this as the weeks progress. I just wanted to fill you in on the things that went home in your child's take home folder on Friday. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Thank you! 

April 17th- 21st  

Hello Patriot Families,

I hope that you have all enjoyed your Spring Break! It was a beautiful week to spend time with family. 

Here are a few friendly reminders for the week:

Monday: new homework for math and reading goes home

Wednesday: WAVE Day Spelling homework due 

                    Spelling Test

Thursday: Honor Roll and Principals List Ceremony 

Friday: math and reading homework due

This Week Purple Up Week in Honor of the Military Child. This is a four day spirit week and the days are as follows:

Tuesday: wear red, white, and blue

Wednesday: wear any type of camouflage

Thursday: support any branch of service

Friday: everyone wears purple

Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading: reading standards review 

Math: geometry

Writing: opinion writing

Grammar: cursive writing

Science: states of matter

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

April 3rd-7th   

Hello Patriot Families,

It was wonderful to see so many of you at the Wax Museum.  There was a great turnout and the students did such a great job.  Thank you for all of your help! One more week until Spring Break! 

A few friendly reminders:

Monday: New homework for math, reading, and spelling homework goes home

              Spelling Test

              WAVE Day

              Monday Morning Meeting 

Wednesday: Report cards go home

Honor Roll and Principal's List information from Mrs. Helt- Certificates will go home with report cards Wednesday April 5th and the ceremony will be held after Spring Break (specific date and time is still to be determined) 

Thursday: Snack money due


Friday: homework will be turned in for math and reading 

- X movie reward will be Friday afternoon and due to the tremendous amount of growth from all students on their multiplication fact fluency, all students will attend- students can bring in their own pillow, blanket, or stuffed animal (just one) to relax on, treat and/ or drink if desired (preferably something with a cap or lid), teacher will provide popcorn and movie. We will be enjoying this reward with Mrs. Kight's class. This willl be a great reward to enjoy right before Spring Break and also to encourange continuing practice of multiplication facts. 


Learning Targets for Next Week:

Reading: we will continue to review reading standards 

Math: continuing spiral review of standards 

Writing: pen pal letter

Grammar: cursive writing

Social Studies: cultures 

New 9 weeks STEM/PBL: odyssey of student learning this year


As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! 

March 27th-31st   

Hi Patriot Families! This will be a big week with the wax museum projects coming in!!  I'm so excited to see the display boards and speeches that the students have prepared.  I hope you are all able to come out and enjoy the event on Thursday, March 30th from 6:30-7:30pm in the gym/ cafeteria. Let me know if you have any questions about our schedule for the week!

*if you can send in peanut butter for the CHEW program project this week!!  Each class is trying to receive 30 jars in donations!

Reminders/Important Events this week:

Monday, March 27:

  • Monday Morning Meeting
  • New homework for math and reading sent home

Tuesday, March 28:

  • 1 Day
  • Display boards due for Wax Museum Project! This will be a Social Studies grade for quarter 3.

Wednesday, March 29:

  • K Day (MakerSpace)
  • End of the 3rd Quarter grades are finalized 

Thursday, March 30:

  • 5 Day (STEM Lab)
  • Night at the Museum from 6:30pm until 7:30pm *Students should arrive at 6:15 to find where their board has been set up. Teachers will set up boards ahead of time. Please don't arrive before 6:15 due to Boys and Girls Club occupying the gym until then.
  • Snack money due!

Friday, March 31:

  • 4 Day
  • Final Day for Yankee Candle Fundraiser
  • Homework for math and reading due

*Upcoming Important Dates:

  • Wednesday, April 5: CiCi's Night
  • April 10-14: Spring Break!

Weekly Focus:

Reading: We will continue reviewing our standards that we have covered.

Grammar: continuing practice in our cursive books. 

Writing: We have finished up our research essays and will begin shifting to opinion writing for the final grading period.

Math: continuing review of topics we've covered. This week we will focus back on fractions again. 

Social Studies: continuing culture unit 

IMPACT Project: Display boards should be completed and brought to school by Tuesday, March 28th. 

*Let me know if you need anything throughout the week!*

March 20th-24th   

Hi Patriot Families! I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend and are looking forward to the official start of spring this Monday!  Let me know if you have any questions about our schedule for the week!

Reminders/Important Events this week:

Monday, March 20:

  • K Day MakerSpace
  • New homework sent home

Tuesday, March 21:

  • 5 Day Stem lab 
  • Chick-fil-A Night

Wednesday, March 22:

  • 4 Day

Thursday, March 23:

  • Early Release at 12:20pm- please let me know of any transportation changes! 
  • Snack money due!

Friday, March 24:

  • 3 Day (WAVE Day)
  • Homework due for math and reading
  • Spelling homework due and test 

*Upcoming Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, March 28: Display Boards due for Wax Museum
  • Thursday, March 30: Third Grade Wax Museum at 6:30pm!

Weekly Focus:

Reading: We will continue reviewing our standards with mini lessons and practice RtAs. 

Grammar: cursive writing 

Writing: Students will continue working on their research paper on their African country. 

Math: continuing review for what we have covered so far this school year. This week will be a focus on subtraction, fractions, elapsed time, mass and capacity, and graphs. 

Social Studies: we are learning about different cultures and as part of our discussions in class, I asked students to talk to parents or grandparents about family origins (a particular country) that they could research more about in class. If you haven't had that conversation yet, it will be much appreciated and make their research more fun! Thank you! 

*Let me know if you need anything throughout the week!*

March 13th- 17th  

Good evening Patriot Families! I hope you all had a restful weekend and enjoyed the snow this morning! 

A few friendly reminders for the week:

Monday: STEM Lab

                   New Homework for math and reading goes home

Wednesday: WAVE Day

                          Spelling Test and homework due 

                           New spelling words and menu go home

Thursday: Third Grade Music Performance 6:30-7:30

Spring pictures will be taken this Wednesday, March 15th (for K-2) and Thursday,March 16th (for 3-5 and siblings). The pictures are pre-pay only. Order forms will be coming home with every student on Monday. Money is due the day the pictures are taken. Only students with money will have their pictures taken. Payment can be made in cash or check only. Checks can be made out to Michele Parsley Photography. Credit cards cannot be taken at this time. 

Spring pictures are optional so there will NOT be a make up day.

Friday: Math and reading homework due

Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading: RtA make ups and beginning spiral review of reading standards 

Math: multiplication properties and number patters review 

Writing: research papers on our African country of choice 

Grammar: cursive writing

Social Studies: cultures

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  


March 6th-10th  

Hey there Patriot Families!

I hope you were all able to enjoy your weekend together.

Here are a few friendly reminders:

Field trip permission slip and money is due no later than April 5th. Please send it in as soon as possible. 

If you have not signed and returned your child's quarter 3 progress report slip, please do so! 

Hopefully you received my email on Friday about wax museum packets going home. If not, please let me know and I will email it again! 

Monday: new homework for math and reading will be going home. 

Tuesday: WAVE Day…please make sure your student wears the appropriate attire.

                Spelling test and new spelling words

Thursday: snack money due

Friday: math and reading homework due


Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading: RI.8: comparing informational text through sequencing

Writing: Research on African country.

Grammar: cursive/ grammar review 

Math: multiplication and division review 

Social Studies: cultures

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! 

February 27th-March 3rd   

Hello Patriot Families,

I hope you were able to enjoy this wonderful weekend we had.  There are quite a few reminders for the week so please pay special attention. 

With Dr. Seuss's birthday on Thursday, this coming week will be "Read Across America" Week.  I have included what each day will be in our weekly update.   

Reminders/Important Events this week:

 Monday, February 27:

  • 3 Day (WAVE)
  • Spelling test and Spelling homework due! 
  • DRESS LIKE YOUR FAVORITE BOOK CHARACTER (but wear tennis shoes for WAVE day!)
  • New Math, Reading, and Spelling homework will go home
  • Interim reports go home- please sign the slip on top acknowleging you received the interim report and send it back with your child as soon as possible! 

Tuesday, February 28:


Wednesday, March 1:


Thursday, March 2:

  • K Day (MakerSpace)
  • Snack money due!

Friday, March 3:

  • 5 Day (STEM Lab)
  • Math and Reading homework due

Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading: This week we will tackle our last RTA standard for the year!  This standard requires students to analyze 2 different paragraph or 2 different sentences and determine how they are connected (through comparing, contrasting, cause and effect, or sequencing). Everyone has done so great with RtA and made such tremendous growth throughout, we will ALMOST miss doing them! Almost! ;) 

Grammar: We will continue working our way through cursive writing.

Writing: astronaut research 

Math: We will continue area and perimeter of composite figures, and also review multiplication and division. 

Science: We will be wrapping up the solar system this week with a short quiz (students can use their notes) on Wednesday or Thursday. 

STEM: we will continue to work on our Wax Museum Projects. As students begin to completely fill out their graphic organizer, timeline, and speech, I will let them take their packet home so they can begin working on their trifold board. I encourage you to get a trifold board sooner than later and I've been informed that you can likely find them at Walmart, Staples, or even Dollar General. I will notify when all packets go home (likely the end of this week or sometime next week) so they can be used to help complete the trifold board and practice their speech for the wax museum. Reminder: wax museum is stuff is due March 28th and the Night at the Wax Museum will be March 30th at 6:30pm. 

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! 

February 20th-24th   

Hello Patriot Families.  Hope you are enjoyed this beautiful day.

Here are a few friendly reminders for the week:

Monday:  Monday Morning Meeting full school

              New math and reading homework will go home

Wednesday: Makerspace 

Thursday:  STEM lab- Working on our patriot research for our wax museum! If you have not bought a trifold board yet, please consider getting one sooner than later so that it is not difficult or inconvenient to find one. 

Friday:  Reading and math homework due


Learning targets:

Math-area and perimeter of composite figures 

Reading-finish up main idea and begin 3.RI.8 connections between texts or parts of a text 

Grammar-adverbs and cursive writing 

Science-solar system

Important Dates:

2/28/17 Progress reports go home and attached sheet will need brought back signed 

3/16/17 Music performance at Stateside at 6:00

3/24/17 Items will be sent home to complete the wax museum backboard- may be sent home sooner as all necessary research gets completed in class :) 

3/28/17 Display boards brought into school for the wax museum project

3/30/17 Wax museum from 6:30-7:30

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

February 13th-February 17th  

Hello Patriot Families,

Here are a few friendly reminders for the week.

Monday: Awards ceremony for Principal's List and Honor Roll at 2:15 

                   New homework for math (area and perimeter) and reading (main idea and supporting details) goes home

Tuesday: Makerspace 

                    Valentine's Day Celebration- students may bring a box or a sack of some kind. We will spend some time decorating them at school, but if you want to decorate it at home that is perfectly fine too! If you have an extra box or sack to send in in case some do not have one or forget, that would also be great! 

Wednesday: WAVE Day

Thursday: Early Release Day 12:20- if you have any transportation changes for this day, please let me know! 

                 Homework Due

Friday: No School for Students

Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading: Main Idea

Math: Area and perimeter 

Science: Solar System

Grammar: cursive writing

STEM: wax museum projects

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! 

February 6th-10th  

Hello Patriot Families,

I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend and were able to stay warm.  Conferences are starting this week so please make sure that you sign up for one if you have not already. Here is the link again.

Here are a few friendly reminders for the week:

Monday: new homework for math and reading will go home. This week's reading homework will look a little different- it is vocabulary based multiple choice questions that go along with 2 different passages. This ties in with the reading standard and the RtA we are doing. 

Tuesday: WAVE Day

                   Spelling Test homework due and new spelling list/ menu will go home- due next wave day 

Friday: all homework due


Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading: academic vocabulary

Writing: research papers on the Solar System

Grammar: cursive writing

Science: solar system

STEM:  Wax Museum Projects…please make sure you have signed and returned your child’s paper that indicates which patriot your child is choosing to represent. 

Math: area and perimeter 

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  

Announcements January 30th- February 3rd  

Hello Patriot Families,

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend. I was blown away with the recycling projects that were presented Friday! What innovative minds we have! I look forward to the rest of the presentations Tuesday. I'm happy to state that our middle of the year benchmarks are done and that every student has shown growth in multiple areas. As the year progresses, we also know what to go back and revisit to work on more as well. As a result of the hard work and patience put forth by the class, we will be having an ice cream celebration at the end of the day Wednesday that they most definitely deserve and won't want to miss out on! 

Friendly Reminders for the Week:

Monday: WAVE Day

                   3-5 Monday Morning Meeting- 3rd grade, myself and Mrs. Kight, will be presenting along with a chosen student about 3rd grade's recycle projects that demonstrate respecting our school, environment, community, and home. 

                   Spelling Test and new spelling list/ homework 

                   New Homework for math and reading

Wednesday: report cards go home/ middle of the year benchmark ice cream celebration (end of day)

Thursday: Makerspace

Friday: STEM Lab

                Math and Reading Homework Due

Learning Targets this week:

Reading: academic vocabulary

Math: elapsed time

Writing: research paper on planets

Grammar: cursive

Science: solar system

STEM: wax museum projects to go with our 3rd nine weeks theme- innovation! 

I will begin scheduling conferences in the upcoming weeks, and will send out more details on the particular weeks/ dates when I have them.

As always, if you have any questions please ask!

January 25th- 27th  

Hello Patriot Families,

We're officially halfway through the year! Wednesday will begin a new grading period as we continue completing our mid-year benchmarks.  Once these benchmarks are completed, I will send out a sign-up for parent conferences in the following weeks to come.  We will be discussing benchmark scores, RTA progress, and classroom grades.  It is important that you sign up for a time that you are available due to limited amount of slots.

We're kicking off the 3rd quarter of school with a 3-day week!!  We'll also be completing some county benchmarks on the computer so attendance will be very important so we can get all these assessments completed during the expected time frame.  Let me know if you have any questions about the schedule for the week ahead.

Friendly Reminders:

Wednesday: K Day (MakerSpace)

Thursday: 5 Day (STEM Lab)

       Snack money due

Weekly Focus:

Reading: **We will continue completing benchmark mCLASS assessments this week!!**

We will also be working with cause and effect and trying to wrap it up as well. No new RtA passages this week! 

Grammar: We will be working our way through cursive writing, contractions, and adjectives.

Writing: Students will complete daily writing responses in their response journals. 

Math: We will be reviewing capacity/ volume and mass and units used to estimate and measure both. 

Science: We are starting our solar system unit. 

Homework:  There will be no homework this week.  We will start back with homework next week. 

Recycling project is due Friday! Remember, if you would rather video your child giving a short presentation on it at home and then email it to me, that works great! Otherwise, your child can bring whatever, poster/ project they have anytime. 

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

January 17th-20th  

Hello Patriot Families,

I hope you are able to enjoy the extra long weekend with your loved ones. 

Friendly reminders for the week:

Monday: no school….MLK Jr. Day

Tuesday: new reading (shortened MLK Jr. themed) and math homework go home- due Friday

Wednesday: WAVE Day

Thursday: snack money due (goldfish) 

Friday: homework due- grading period ends for quarter 2 (report cards will go home tentatively, February 1st) 



PBL Respect Project will be due the 27th… I'll be checking in with the class about their choices/ ideas and we'll be sharing our thoughts and ideas together as well. Also, I will be letting students know that they can record their presentation at home and have their parent email it in if they want to do that. I will play the video in class to substitute them doing a presentation in front of the class. I am also going to attach a copy of the project/ rubric in this week’s email as well, just in case anyone needs it again. 


Learning Targets this Week:

Reading: RI.3.3: reading informational text to look at relationships between historical events, scientific ideas or concepts, etc.

Writing: informative writing assessment will be Thursday and Friday/ Tuesday is the last day to finish our informational writing books we've worked on since before winter break.

Math: continuing elapsed time and diving into measurement 

Grammar: contractions

Science: starting solar system unit 

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

January 9th-13th   

Hello Patriot Families.  I hope you all were able to stay warm over the weekend.  There is a two hour delay tomorrow- no morning care. The email and phone call should have already reached you by now, but wanted to mention it just in case! 

Monday: WAVE Day

          Spelling Test- if we have time! If not, we will take it Tuesday morning! 

          New math, reading, and spelling homework goes home

          MOY reading assessments begin….please stress the importance of trying their best to your child! There has been a lot of exciting growth so far, I know they will do great on their Middle of Year assessments!  

Thursday: Snack Money Due


Friday: STEM Lab 

       Homework Due

Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading: RI.3.3: reading informational text to look at relationships between historical events, scientific ideas or concepts, etc.

Math: diving more into time- reading the time, elapsed time, etc. The fraction packet that was sent home with your child's test is due this Friday the 13th. The note attached to it stated that if your child got a 69% or below, the packet was a requirement. If your child got a 70% or above, the packet is extra credit and a choice. If it is done well and turned in by Friday your child will receive points added back to their test score. If you have any questions about this, please ask! 

Writing: finishing up our informative writing piece. 

Grammar: contractions and cursive writing.

Social Studies: famous people and events in history. 

IMPACT: Respect themed recycling project! This project was discussed in great detail last week and a paper went home with the details about it. The students know that most of it is to be done at home but I will be checking in on each of them about it throughout the weeks up until it is due Friday, January 27th. If you have any questions about it or need another copy of the paper for it, please ask! 

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! 

January 2nd-6th  

Hello Patriot Families.  I hope you all enjoyed your time with your love ones over the holidays and I hope you have a Happy New Year!  Here are a few friendly reminders for the upcoming week. 

Monday: New homework will go home for math and reading as well as new spelling words/ menu. Spelling test will be next Wave day, Monday the 9th. 


Thursday: STEM Lab

Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading: RI.3.3: reading informational text to look at relationships between historical events, scientific ideas or concepts, etc.

Math: continuing fractions

Writing:  we will continue our informative writing pieces

Grammar: contractions and cursive writing

Social Studies: famous people and events in history

STEM: Respect themed PBL project- Respect our school, our homes, and our community by recycling! We will be going over this in class and more information about it will come out as we progress through the week/ into next week.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! 

December 12th-16th  

Hope everyone has had a wonderful and fun weekend.


***Classroom Wish List: we are almost out of plain white printer paper. If you are able to donate any, it would be greatly, greatly appreciated! Thank you! 


Reminders/Important Events this week:


Monday, December 12th:

  • No Chess club practice this Monday morning 
  • New shortened holiday themed reading and math homework will go out Monday and be due Friday :) 
  • Monday Morning Meeting (full school…teacher Christmas fashion show)
  • MakerSpace
  • Science Olympiad team members practice after school 

Tuesday, December 13th:

  • Christmas Around the World lesson and activities 
  • Stem lab 

Wednesday, December 14th:



Students MUST be on time or they will miss the bus!!  We will leave the classroom to load the buses promptly at 8:30am.

Don't forget your lunch if you marked down bringing lunch from home on the permission slip!!

We will return around 2:45-3:00.

If you are a chaperone, there is a seat on the bus with us reserved for you.

If you are a parent who paid and is meeting us there, then we will see you when we arrive, and if you wish to sign your child out and drive them home at the end of the trip, there will be a sign out sheet, if you wish to do that! 


Thursday, December 15th:

  • 3 Day (WAVE day)
  • Spelling test for list 10 and homework for list 10 due
  • No spelling homework over break :) 

Friday, December 16th:

  • Shortened math and reading holiday themed homework due 
  • Holiday crafts in the morning 
  • Holiday party with treats from around 12:45-1:20 Feel free to bring any treats or send them in with your child :) thank you! 
  • Holiday Sing Along in the gym 1:30-2:30ish 
At some point throughout the week when there is time, we will go to the Patriot Store and students will be able to use their Patriot bucks they've earned to shop in the school Patriot store. Or they can save their Patriot bucks if they wish. 

Upcoming events!

  • December 19th - January 1st: Winter Break

Weekly Focus:


This week will be a little hectic and different, but we are still trying to keep things somewhat normal and routinely stable. 


Reading: fairytales and folktales


Math: fractions


Social Studies: important people and events in history


Writing: informative writing


This week will be full of fun and then a wonderful break! :)


If you have any questions, please ask! 

Announcements December 5th- 9th   

Hello Patriot Families.  I hope you all have had a great weekend. 

A few friendly reminders for the week:

  • Remember to send the envelope and money back this week if you would like your child to visit the Santa Shop to do their Christmas shopping.
  • Our school is conducting a canned food drive until Wednesday.  Please send any extra cans of food in with your child to help those in need. The last day for it will be Wednesday the 7th. 

Monday, December 5th:

  • Chess practice 
  • Monday Morning Meeting 3-5
  • New homework for math and reading will go home
  • Stem lab 
  • Science Olympiad practice after school 
  • Santa Shop (9-2)
  • Canned food drive!

Tuesday, December 6th:

  • PROGRESS REPORTS GO HOME- please sign and return the slip of the paper that will be stapled to the front, stating that you saw your child's progress report. This way you may keep the copy of it and just send the slip of paper back with your child :) 
  • Santa Shop (9-2)
  • Canned food drive!

Wednesday, December 7th:

  • WAVE Day…please make sure your child wears the appropriate shoes. 
  • Spelling Test/ new spelling homework will go home 
  • Last day to send in canned food for the food drive!
  • Santa Shop (9-2)
  • CiCi's Pizza Night

Thursday, December 8th:

  • Snack money due
  • Santa Shop (9-2)

Friday, December 9th:

  • Last day of Santa Shop (9-2)

Upcoming events!

  • December 12th: Full school MMM
  • December 14th: Field Trip to Tryon Palace
  • December 15th Wave Day 
  • December 16th: Stateside Sing Along/ last day before break 
  • December 19th - January 1st: Christmas Break

Weekly Focus:

Reading: We will be making up RtA (Read to Achieve) passages these last two weeks before break. This means, if a student did not pass a standard, we will go back to that booklet and review the skill, and do another passage in it until they pass the standard. RtA has been going very well! I am so proud of all the hard work each student puts into every passage we do! 

Writing: informative writing

Math: fractions.  Please continue to study multiplication facts at home.

Social Studies: We will begin a new unit of study on historical events and figures and how they had an impact on our world today. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  

Announcements November 28th- December 2nd  

Hello Patriot Families,

I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving Break and were able to stay safe during Black Friday!

Here are a few reminders for the week:

Monday: Dogs for Dads 6:30pm

                    New homework for math and reading go out. 

Tuesday: WAVE Day. Spelling homework due and Spelling test. 

Wednesday: Field Trip to Tryon Palace MONEY DUE!

Friday: homework due & MAKERSPACE

Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading: fables and folktakes

Grammar: actions verbs and linking verbs

Writing: informative writing

Math: starting fractions 

Science: finishing up the human body systems

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

Announcements November 21st- 25th   

Week of November 21  Updated at 11/20/2016 12:37:00 PM

Hello Patriot Families,

I hope you are all having a GREAT weekend! Only a few more days until Thanksgiving Break!

This week will be short but fun filled. There will be no homework this week! 

Here are a few reminders for the week:

The Charleston Wraps fundraiser items are here.  The boxes can be picked up in the front office Monday from 7:45 until 5:30 or Tuesday until 4:30.  We thank you for your help with this very successful fundraiser. 

Monday: Makerspace and a fun Thanksgiving writing activity! 

Tuesday: Stem lab

Any treats that your child would like to bring in are welcome on this day. We will enjoy them in the afternoon but they can be brought to school or dropped off at any time. 

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday there will be NO school for students. 

If you have any questions about the week please let me know.

November 14th- November 18th   
Week of November 14  Updated at 11/13/2016 9:55:00 AM

Hello Patriot Families,

I hope you all have enjoyed the extended weekend.  Our Veterans Day celebration was absolutely amazing and I could not have been more proud to be a Patriot!

Here are a few friendly reminders for the Week:

Please continue to send in field trip permission slips and money. They are due November 30th! 

Monday: new homework for math and reading will go out and be due Friday.

                STEM lab…we will begin working on our “Respect the School”’ projects to fit our new 9 week (2nd quarter) theme 

Wednesday: Chick Fil A night

Thursday: ***IMPORTANT! We were asked to switch our WAVE Day with 2nd grade so although the calendar says our Wave day is Wednesday the 16th, it will actualy be THURSDAY the 17th. This effects only this week. 

Friday: Homework Due

3rd grade Honor Roll / Principal's List ceremony - 2:15pm

I sent home a slip with children who made honor roll or principals list Friday…if you have a question regarding your student please let me know. 

Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading:  we will be finishing up non-fiction text features as well as working with figurative language in our Read to Achieve Passages.

Writing: developing thoughts and ideas for informative writing.

Grammar: subjects and predicates as well as combining sentences and compound sentences 

Math: Finishing up division and diving into graphs 

Spelling: List #7 homework is due and test is on Thursday (Wave day) and new list #8 will go home this day. 

Science: body systems

Also, I am attaching a copy of the information sheet for Parent Portal (in the email) so you can view your child's grades at any point. You can print out the sheet (or I can print it out and send it home at your request) and you can turn it into the office with a copy of your ID. Mrs. Shannon Whaley will then set up your account as soon as she can and we will send the information home with your child. 

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! 

November 7th- November 11th   

Week of November 7  Updated at 11/6/2016 1:41:00 PM

Hello Patriot Families and I hope you have enjoyed your weekend.  This is going to be a very busy week at Stateside. 

A few friendly reminders:

Monday, November 7th:

  • Monday Morning Meeting (Full School)
  • Report cards go home!! Please sign and return the envelope!
  • New homework for math and reading will go home! I am giving a shorter and more fun reading assignment that is Veterans Day/ Military themed! 

Wednesday, November 9th:

·         (MakerSpace)

Thursday, November 10th:

  • Early Release at 12:20pm!
  • Veterans' Day festivities!  Wear your red, white, and blue!!! We will have a lot of special visitors to our school this day! Also, we have planned some fun rotations among third grade classes that include crafts and guest speakers! 

Friday, November 11th:


Upcoming events!

  • November 23-25: Thanksgiving Break!
  • As of now, the 23rd is still a Teacher Workday 

Weekly Focus:

Reading:  We will continue looking at nonliteral text and how to use context clues to determine the meaning of idioms in fiction and nonfiction passages.  Students will begin RTA passages on this skill. 

Writing: We will complete daily writing responses in our response journals using our writing rubrics to ensure we are giving complete answers with multiple details each time we write. We will also finish our narrative stories. 

We will start informative writing this week next week with a focus on the structure of it. 

Grammar: We will finish talking about sentence types and how to combine sentences. 

Math: Students will continue working on multiplication facts and the meaning of division, as well as multiplication and division fact families, to help ensure the understanding of multiplication and division facts and their relationship to one another. 

Science: Continuing our body systems books! They are looking great and so much fun! I will post pictures once they are finished and on display! 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

October 31st= November 4th   

Week of October 31   Updated at 10/30/2016 10:48:00 AM

Hello Patriot Families!

Here are a few friendly reminders for the week:

Monday: New homework for math and reading go home.

           All grades will be final after tomorrow! Report cards (pending all goes smoothly) will go home Thursday, but I will email out to confirm this later on. 

           Students can wear a costume to school with no blood, gore, or mask.  We are asking for $1 donation to HEHS for each studnet to wear their costume.

          Monday morning meeting in  the gym 3rd-5th grade. 

          Halloween Rotations: we will be rotating in the morning before lunch between different Halloween stations with other 3rd grade classes.  If you would like to send in a treat with your Patriot you may but we will not be having an official party. 

Tuesday: MAKERSPACE Day.

Wednesday: Field Trip to NHS…please make sure your student packs a heavy snack for the morning to hold them over until we get back to school. If you marked down lunch from home for that day, please make sure your child comes with his or her lunch. 

Thursday: Chess tryouts at 8:45am. Your child must already know how to play chess to tryout. I have sent a list of names to Ms. Holder,  who is in charge, but if you want to talk to your child and make sure I sent his or her name to Ms. Holder, you are welcome to email me. 

Friday: WAVE Day

          Spelling Test

Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading: RI.7…using the illustrations/photographs to find details to answer questions.

Writing: we will be finishing our narrartive writing stories this week and getting ready to start start informative writing.

Grammar: finishing up parts of sentences as well as types of sentences.

Math: continuous practice of our multiplication facts. Please make sure your child is practicing at home as well! We are also diving into division more this week! 

Science: body systems

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 

October 24th- October 28th   
Week of October 24  Updated at 10/23/2016 11:08:00 AM

Hello Patriot Families,

This week is going to be action packed with learning and Red Ribbon Week.

*** Monday the 31st will be the last day to finalize grades. Report cards for the first quarter will tentatively go out on Nov. 7th. 

Please ensure your child is continuously studying their multiplication facts. They should be aware that they will have a quiz over 2's, 3's, and 4's on Tuesday. 

Monday: New homework for math and reading will go home

              MAKERSPACE from 10:30-12:00

Tuesday: STEM Lab from 2:00-2:45

Thursday: WAVE DAY

                List 5 Spelling Test/ and spelling homework are due 

                 Snack money due

Friday: math and reading homework are due


Here is the Red Ribbon Week Schedule:




Dress Up Day:



Red Ribbon Day

Wear Red *CONTEST*



“We’re TOO Bright for Drugs” (Accessory Day)

Accessories – sunglasses, fun hats, neon color shirts, fun necklaces, and/or fun hair accessories



Drug Free is the Way To Be (STES Spirit Day)

Wear Red, Blue, and White



Team Up Against Drugs Day (Sports Day)

Wear a college team or professional team shirt/jersey



Put A Sock on Drugs

Wear your silliest socks (make sure they are visible)




Don’t Be Tricked. Drugs are NO Treat

Wear a costume (no masks, no unpleasant/scary costumes, and/or fake bloody visuals…keep it clean and keep it fun)


*Pay $1.00 to wear a costume

*Supports NEHS

*NEHS officers will collect money from classroom    

Important Dates:

10/31 donate $1 to NEHS to wear a costume 

11/2 Field trip to Northside High School (no chaperones allowed due to capacity) 

11/10 early release

11/11 Veteran's Day

11/24, 11/25 Thanksgiving Holiday

Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading: RI.7: Using illustrations/pictures to answer questions. RtA (Read to Achieve) is off to a great start! Students have been excited to use their skills we've learned to read and answer the passage questions. They are working hard to get a good score on each passage, and I have seen so much growth already in the short time we have been doing them! 

Writing: we will be doing our narrative writing assessment. This will be a prompt that students will have 30 minutes Tuesday and 30 minutes Wednesday to write about during our regular writing time. It is not for a grade, just to gauge where 3rd grade is at with their narrative writing skills. 

Grammar:  Types and mechanics of sentences

Math: continuing multiplication practice 

Science: beginning body systems

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Lastly, for no reason in particular, I just want to thank you all for your continuous support. I have really enjoyed being each of your child's teacher this year and all the memories we've made so far! 


List 5 Spelling Words  

Here is the new list for the next WAVE:

1. upon
2. thought
3. gum
4. strong
5. story
6. burst
7. strip
8. stream
9. street
10. distance
11. least
12. hundred
13. east
14. object
15. sum
16. difference

October 17th- October 21st   

Hello Patriot Families!

Thank you to those who were able to come out to Fall Festival! Loved seeing all the students in their costumes! So much fun! 

Monday:  Book Fair Opens…you can also purchase online at .

Literacy Night will also be Monday from 5:00-7:00. 

Students can dress like a pirate but they need to leave ALL (fake and real weapons at home)

New homework for math and reading will go home and will be due Friday.

Tuesday: WAVE Day

Spelling Test for list 4 and new spelling words for list 5 will go home.

Thursday: Early Release. Students will be released at 12:20.

Snack money due.

Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading: Wrapping up Character traits with a quiz.  Starting RI.7: Explain how specific aspects of a text’s illustrations contribute to what is conveyed by the words in a story (e.g., create mood, emphasize aspects of a character or setting)

We will be working with RL 3.3 for RTA this week as well.

Grammar: types of sentences

Writing: finishing our narrative stories, proofreading, editing, and final copy.

Math: we are continuing multiplication practice. We took our first quiz on 0's, 1's, 5's, and 10's last week. This week will continue to practice/ review those as well as learning 2's, 3's, and 4's. We will likely take the quiz for 2's, 3's, and 4's at the end of next week. Please encourage your child to continue memorizing and working on those facts during opportunities throughout the week. 

Social Studies: we will be wrapping up the 3 branches of government and getting ready to start body systems. 

As always if you have questions please do not hesitate to ask! 

October 10th- October 14th   

Dear Patriots Families,

I hope everyone stayed safe during the storm. Below you will find a schedule for the week. ** This schedule is tentative due to the changing weather conditions**

*If you did not make contact with me about conferences last week, your conference form and other information should have came home with your child. Please sign the form and return the white and pink copies to school for me. Thank you. 

Important Dates for the Week:

Tuesday: Spelling test and new homework for Spelling, Reading, and Math will be going home. Students will need to do both Monday and Tuesday for homework to make the week make sense. 

Wednesday: Fire Safety Day…presentations from 9-11. 

Thursday: Makerspace and snack money due…unless you paid last week. 

Friday: STEM Lab- continuing our work on our Patriotic IMPACT projects! Fall festival is also that evening from 5:30-8.

B&G club will be closed Friday for the Fall Festival. Please make pick up arrangements for your students on this day. Please be sure to update me with these changes as well. 

Learning Targets:

Reading: RL.3: character traits.  We will also start a new standard this week for RTA. 

Writing: continue the narrative writing process and writing our first complete story. We are in the process of conferencing/ editing our stories.

Math:  multiplication practice! Our first quiz on facts 0's, 1's, 5's, and 10's will be Tuesday! If your child passes he/she earns the in class 'movie ticket'. If not, we will continue practicing and try again later! 

Social Studies: patriotic project, 5 themes of geography review, maps review, and the 3 branches of government

Spelling: a new spelling list will go home tomorrow.  It will be list five. 

Important Dates Coming Up:

10/12: Fire Safety Day

10/14 Fall Festival

10/17 Literacy Night

10/24-10/28 Red Ribbon Week

11/2 Field Trip to Northside High School for the Rabbit and the Hare play

11/10 Early Release

11/11 Veteran's Day 


Please let me know if you have any questions! 

October 3rd- October 7th   

Hello Patriot Families,

Here are a few friendly reminders for the week:

***Beginning of year conferences start.  Please make sure you have scheduled one and double check your day and time. Afternoon conferences will be held in the Library. I will do my best to stay on time with the schedule and having them in the library will allow me to be closer to the front entrance to let you in so you hopefully aren't waiting too long, and so we don't have to cut our conference short for the time it takes to walk all the way back to our classroom and back up front. This should work out well and I am very excited to discuss great things about your child! 

***Please make sure you have completed the IMPACT AID card and sent it back with your child, it is imparitive I receive all of them back as soon as possible! 

***Also be sure to send back your child's field trip permission slip and $7 as soon as possible 

Monday: New Reading homework will go home and is due Friday. Charleston Wrap packets are due.

Tuesday: Normal day 

Wednesday: Makerspace Day

Thursday: IMPACT projects in the computer lab. Snack money due. 

Friday: Star Wars Read Day.  Students are allowed to wear their favorite Star Wars gear. 

Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading: we will be looking at character traits and story elements.  We have started Read to Achieve and will be focusing on it quite a bit this week. RtA will be discussed more at conferences. 

Math: adding within 1,000.

Writing: we will continue developing our narrative writing skills and organizing our stories.

Grammar: plural nouns and parts of speech review. 

Social Studies: five themes of geography

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  

September 26th- September 30th   

Hello Patriot Families,

We have got a busy and fun packed week ahead of us this week.

Here are a few friendly reminders:

* I have emailed out a sign up via sign up genius for conferences. If you did not get the email link please let me know! If you have not signed up for a time yet, please do so as soon as possible! There is an option to change your time if you need to! 

At conferences we will discuss:  behaviors positive and negative, grades, BOG/ EOG, mCLASS assessment data, and RtA (Read to Achieve), and of course any other questions or concerns you may have! 

Monday: New homework packets go home as well as Field Trip permission slips to our first field trip: an Opera at Northside High School for Nov. 2nd.

Tuesday: Makerspace Day & Last Day of Reading mCLASS Assessments

Wednesday: IMPACT Please do NOT forget:

We are kicking off our Patriotic themed project starting Wednesday September 28th! This is a research project in class where your child is able to choose their Patriotic topic that includes: Patriot women, Patriot men, Patriotic landmarks, Patriotic songs, and Patriotic holidays.

To kick off this exciting project based learning we are going to have a RED, WHITE, AND BLUE dress up day on Wednesday September 28th! Your 3rd grader should come in articles of red, white, and or blue clothing. We will count the articles of red, white, and or blue clothing in each class and have a competition! The 3rd grade class that has the most articles of red, white, and or blue clothing will win treats to celebrate, and bragging rights, of course! Thank you for your participation and help! 

Thursday: snack money due $.50 and interims go home.

Friday: WAVE Day…please make sure your student is wearing appropriate attire for PE.

Learning Targets for the Week:

Reading: RL.3: describing characters and character traits

Writing: building our narratives

Grammar: plural nouns, common and proper nouns, parts of speech: noun, adjective, verb

Spelling: list #3 went home on Thursday and 2 activities are due and test is next Friday the 30th. 

Math: fluently add and subtract within 1,000.

Social Studies: Kicking on geography unit on Tuesday. Also, working on our IMPACT project during this time. 

If you have any questions, as always please do not hesitate to ask! 

September 19th- September 23rd   

Week of September 19  

Hello Patriot Families,

You may have heard from your child that they had a substitute Thursday and Friday of last week, as I was out ill. I am feeling much better and will be back tomorrow!

I just wanted to give you a few friendly reminders and updates for our coming week.


-Charleston wrap is still going on. Please make sure to turn in your orders when complete.

-We are still collecting items for the schools of Livingston Parish in Louisiana.  Thank you to all of you who have donated.

-BOG scores should be in this week and I will let you know when I know.

-For our IMPACT project based learning we will begin researching Patriots in class this week. 

-Wednesday will be WAVE day.  Please make sure your child wears the appropriate shoes for PE.

-Thursday is an Early Release day.  Please make sure if your child has a transportation change to let me know.

-Thursday snack money is due as well.  Snacks are $.50 per bag. Your child can purchase more than one bag or can purchase bags ahead of time. 

Learning Targets for the week:

-Reading: continuing RL.1.  Students are doing well at using their text to answer questions. We are also continuing our mCLASS assessments this week. 

Writing: we are continuing to build the foundations of our narratives.

Grammar: we will start working with parts of speech this week: review parts of speech such as nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc. and going deeper into singular vs. plural nouns as well as verb tenses. 

Spelling: we are working on list two.  The words are

1. between

2. own

3. base

4. country

5. plant

6. slip

7. lunch

8. pond

9. front

10. thump

11. inches

12. yard

13. stored

14. motion

15. expand

16. calculate

Spelling homework is due and the Spelling test is on WAVE day (Wednesday the 21st).

Math: we will be finishing up rounding and place value this week.

Science: we will be finishing up force and motion this week.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

September 12th- September 16th  
September 12th- September 16th 
Hello Patriot Families,
I hope everyone had a nice weekend with their families.  Just a few reminders for the week:
First off, please continue signing or initialling your child's assignment planner each night. This is very helpful for all of us (teacher, student, parent). It is instilling great responsibility in your child and is also a helpful communcation tool. Each night your child should be bringing home their planner and their take home folder. If there are things on the 'Keep at Home' side of their take home folder, please look through them carefully. If there is any homework (or papers that require a signature) it will be on the return to school side and should have a due date either written on the paper or in their planner, or both. We are off to a great start with planners and homework being completed and taken care of! Thank you for your support! 
Monday: First Monday Morning Meeting of the school year.
             New Reading homework will be sent home. 
Tuesday: BOG Practice Activity & Spelling Test.
              WAVE Day…please make sure your student wears the appropriate attire for PE
Wednesday: Third Grade students will be taking their BOG.  Please make sure your child eats breakfast at home or in the cafeteria.  This will help them to focus better and not be as hungry throughout. 
Thursday: If your child wants popcorn on Friday afternoons, money is due Thursday. Cost is $0.50. You can pay each week, or you can pay for multiple weeks ahead of time. You can also buy more than one bag if you wish. 70% of the money goes back toward the classroom. 
We are still taking up donations for the schools of Livingston Parrish in Louisiana.  All donations are greatly appreciated and can be brought to myself, Miss Bostic, as well as Mrs. Craig.  We are excited over the outpouring of support we have received so far. 
Learning Targets for the Week:
Reading: RL.1 Students will be working with using text to answer questions.  We will also continue to work on our reading mCLASS assessments.  Please stress to your students the importance of focusing and trying their best.
Math: NBT.1: We will be working with rounding and place value within 1,000.
Science: Force and Motion: pushes vs. pulls, speed, friction, gravity. 
Writing: Narrative writing
Spelling: First test is Tuesday and new Spelling list will go home Tuesday. Homework remains the same, chose two activities from the Spelling menu on the back of the Spelling list and turn in by the next WAVE Day Wednesday Sept. 21st 
IMPACT: We will soon begin our Impact project based learning. We will be researching Patriots as well as famous American landmarks in class. 
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! 

September 6th- September 9th  

Week 2! 

*There is no school Monday 9/5 due to Labor Day.
*Homework will go home on Tuesday with directions and will be due on Friday.
*Reading assessments will begin on Wednesday…please stress the importance to your student.  
*Thursday we will have MAKERSPACE from 10:30-12:00
*Please send in your $6 fees if you have not done so.
*Please send in any supplies or forms you have not yet.  
Learning Targets this Week:
Reading: RL.1- We will be focusing on reading comprehension to be able to stories and answer questions. Students will use their text to find their answers (our homework really reinforces this). 
Writing: Narrative writing
Grammar: List one of spelling words will come home this week.  Spelling test will be every 3 day to start off our WAVE Day. 
Math: Students will start working with place value.
Science: Force and motion
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! 

August 29th- September 2nd First Week of School!   

The first day is finally here!

REMINDERS: ***Please make sure your child knows how he/ she is getting home each day this week! I will make a note of it when they arrive, but if he/ she seems unsure I or the office will be making phone calls to ensure your child gets home correctly and safely!

***Please make sure that you have completed all the forms that need your signature and send them back to school with your child as soon as possible! 

*** No School NEXT Monday September 5th (Labor Day)


For the first week of school we will be focusing a lot on rules and procedures in the classroom and around the school. We will be getting ourselves and our supplies organized as well as learning our schedule/ routine. We will be modeling how each subject/ part of our schedule will look throughout the day. Also, we will be learning a lot about each other to build our classroom community through various fun activities. There will be no homework this week. A homework calendar will go home starting the beginning of next week. 

Our first WAVE Day is on Friday. A schedule was included in the folder you received at Open House. If you have any questions about our normal schedule or WAVE Day schedule, please feel free to contact me! I have sent a test email to ensure I have all of your emails correct, so if you did not get one, please send me an email letting me know! 

I will try to keep the website updated each Sunday with weekly announcements. THANK YOU all so much for attending Open House! It was a great turnout and I am so excited to see all the students tomorrow! 


Open House  

Open House will be Thursday, August 25th form 3-7! Please come knowing the mode(s) of transportation your child will use for the first week of school! There will be information/ handouts about our class for you! If you cannot attend, these will go home with your child after the first day of school. Looking forward to meeting everyone!