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Newsletter Week 5  

Dear Parents/Guardians,

        I am so excited to start week 5! A couple reminders, this Monday, tomorrow, September 25, will be Open House for parents and guardians. It will be from 5:30-7:00 and we will have some fun activities in the classroom along with the Book Fair and Rita’s Italian Ice. I hope you will be able to make it.

We are continuing our Writers Workshop this week and sorting complete sentences. Our goal by the end of the year is to have 5 very good sentences with lots of details and a clear beginning, middle and end. This takes time and planning but we are working together and reviewing our work.

Homework will continue this week. Most of the students did a great job. Don’t forget to have them write their 5 sentences along with studying their words. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. The students are aware that it will take them a couple weeks to get into the routine but consistency is key.

        Just a reminder that every Friday we will have a spelling test. We practiced the spelling test the first week of school and this past week. I test them on sounds (ex. a, e, s, t, ing, st, ad, at…), spelling words, review words and sentences. The sentences will be graded on capital at the beginning of the sentence, correct spelling of words and punctuation at the end of the sentence. The sentences are on the homework and should be practiced throughout the week in order to be ready for the test. The spelling test went very well this week and will be coming home with them on Monday.

        Reading assessments will continue over the next week. The students are doing a very good job at showing me their best work. The link to sign up for conferences is as follows

I will also be emailing a link to SignUpGenius for you to sign up for a conference time that is convenient for you to come in.

        Just a reminder, proper behavior in the classroom is very important. Your student has learned the colored behavior clip chart that we are using in the classroom along with the expectations. Each day they will come home on a color and this can be found on a calendar located inside their Daily Folder. Every student starts on Green every day. They can either move up for good behavior or down if they are making poor choices. Here are the colors and the expectations…

                 Purple: I am a Patriot Leader!

                Blue: I am a steadfast Patriot and a role model!

                Green: I am ready to be kind, safe, and responsible as an active leader!

                Yellow: I need to adjust my actions and make better choices.

                Red: I need to stop and reflect on my actions.

What we will learn this week: 

Reading: We will continue to review our reading strategies on our CAFÉ menu and introducing 5 Finger Retell as well as Beginning/Middle and End of the story. We will continue working on our Daily 5 centers as well as talking about character/setting/problem/events/solution.

Writing: We will continue our Writers Workshop and review how to write out letters including capitals and punctuations adding in question marks. We will also work on complete sentences and small moments.

Letterland: We will be doing “ut” “un” and “ug” sounds/words. Spelling test will be on Friday.

SS: We will discuss the community in our school and who makes up our school.

Math: We will be working on subtraction within 10 using subtraction strategies. 




  • Please sign into Class Dojo if you have not already. It is a good way to communicate with me and see how your student is doing throughout the day. 
  • Monday, September 25th will be Open House for students and parents/guardians from 5:30-7:00. I look forward to seeing you all there.
  • Please turn in any school fees that still need to be turned in.
  • If you have an order for Scholastics through our classroom please place that order online by the 30th.
  • Our class will be able to shop at the Book Fair this Thursday afternoon during their WAVE Day
  • Monday is D Day, PE WAVE in the morning
  • Thursday is A Day, WAVE in the afternoon

Thank you for the continuing support in your student’s education, 



Tamara Gonzalez

First Grade Teacher

Stateside Elementary School

Onslow County, NC