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Week of November 20th  

Hello Patriot Families!

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

A few reminders for the upcoming week:

  • We have school Monday and Tuesday this week. There will be no school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • Tuesday we will have our afternoon E day Wave schedule. We will have our spelling test first thing in the morning. 
  • I will have a make up spelling test next week after the holiday in case any students miss our test on Tuesday. New spelling words will not be assigned until after Thanksgiving.
  • Please be sure to have your student charging their laptops overnight. We have been having some issues with not having laptops fully charged for the day. Make sure to check that no silver is showing when the charger is plugged in, even if it's just a little bit out, the laptop will not charge.
Learning targets for this week:
ELA - Non-fiction text features 
Writing- Organization and finishing our "Thankful Letters"
Math - Time
Science - Human body and the muscular system
Best wishes and happy Thanksgiving to all!
Ms. Snyder


Week of November 13th  

Hello Patriot Families!

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend and the beautiful weather today.

A few reminders for the upcoming week:

  • Our Week 7 spelling quiz will be tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is our afternoon Wave E day schedule.
  • On Tuesday I will be handing out our new spelling list. I will also e-mail this list to you all so you have the words in case hard copies go missing.
  • Thursday will be our morning Wave B day schedule. Students will have PE, so please dress accordingly.
  • There was some confusion about homework last week with the holiday. If your student did not hand in homework last week, they are welcome to hand it in tomorrow. 
  • Fall Festival is on Friday! So excited to see everyone for an evening of fun and games!
Learning targets this week:
ELA - Characters and starting non-fiction text features
Math - Multiplication review and starting time
Writing - Organization Trait and compiling our "Flashlight" class story
Science - The human body
Best wishes!



Week of November 6th  

Hello Patriot Families!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! We have a busy week coming up filled with lots of great activities!


Reminders for this week:

  • Monday is our morning Wave B schedule. We will be having PE, so please dress accordingly.
  • On Tuesday we will be sending home report cards.
  • Wednesday is our field trip to see Billy Goats Gruff!!! We will be heading out around 10:45 and getting back to Stateside around 1:00.
  • Thursday is an early dismissal day. We will be having our monthly, whole school meeting in the morning, followed by our 3rd grade clubs. We will be celebrating Veterans Day at the monthly meeting and in our clubs!
  • There is no school on Friday as we honor our veterans.


Learning targets this week:

A special target this week, especially on Wednesday and Thursday, will be learning about Veterans Day and the different branches of service.

ELA – Continuing with character traits

Math – Understanding multiplication through equal groups, repeated addition, arrays, and skip counting

Writing – Organization trait

Science – The human body and its systems


Best Wishes!

Ms. Snyder


Week of October 30th  

Hello Patriot Families! 

Hope everyone is staying dry on this rainy Sunday!  

Some reminders for the coming week: 

  • Red Ribbon Week continues Monday and Tuesday. On Monday we will be wearing our school colors – red, white, and blue. On Tuesday students may donate $1 to NEHS to wear a costume (no masks, no fake blood, please keep it appropriate and fun!).

  • Wednesday will be our afternoon wave E day schedule. We will have our spelling test first thing in the morning. 

  • A new spelling list will go out on Thursday. I will e-mail this list to everyone like I did this past week in case any physical copies get lost.  

  • Our first grading period ends on the 31st. I will let you know in our next Sunday Newsletter when report cards will be going home.  


Learning targets this week: 

ELA – Character traits 

Math – Multiplication strategies! 

Writing – Organization trait 

Social Studies – Wrapping up the 5 themes of geography 

Science – The human body 


Best Wishes! 

Ms. Snyder

Week of October 23rd  

Hello Patriot Families!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Reminders for the upcoming week:

  • This week is Red Ribbon Week. Fliers were sent home with students outlining the themes of the different days. Here is a brief outline of the days: Monday, wear read; Tuesday, crazy sock; Wednesday, bright clothes; Thursday, mismatched clothes; and Friday, wear green for our grade color.
  • Tuesday will be our afternoon Wave E schedule. We will have our spelling test in the morning.
  • Friday will be our morning Wave B schedule. We will have PE, so please dress accordingly.
  • We will be taking county benchmarks in Math this week. They will be done on Study Island which we have practicing with last week.
  • ALEKS is up and running! This is an awesome resource for Math that the students have been really enjoying. Everyone’s logins should be saved on their computers. Students can use ALEKS at home! If you are having trouble logging in, just let me know and I will try to help!

Learning targets for this week:

ELA – Character traits. We are moving on to the second standard for RtA.

Writing – Organization trait.

Math – Reviewing rounding and beginning with multiplication. We will be learning how to visualize multiplication using various strategies, including arrays.

Social Studies – 5 Themes of Geography.

Science – The human body.


Best Wishes!

Ms. Snyder

Week of October 16th  

Dear Patriot Families,

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Some reminders for this week:

I am holding conferences this week. All spots for Monday and Tuesday on the Sign Up Genius form have been filled, but if you would like to schedule a conference, please send me an email and we can figure something out!

Thursday, October 19th will be an early dismissal day at 12:20pm. Students will be going to their chosen clubs after our whole school meeting in the morning.

Wednesday is our morning wave B day schedule. Students will have PE, please dress accordingly.

Monday, E day, we will start our new spelling list – Week 5. The words will be: cried, dried, milk, let’s, while, known, knife, knock, wrong, knot, wrinkle, wrap, wrist, knee, product, quotient.


Learning targets for this week:

ELA – Determining importance, story elements

Math – Rounding

Writing – Organization trait

Social Studies – 5 themes of geography


Best Wishes!

Ms. Snyder


Week of October 9th  

Dear Patriot Families,

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend! Don’t forget, no school for students tomorrow!

Important reminders for this week:

  • We will have our morning Wave B schedule on Tuesday. We have PE on Wave B, please dress accordingly.
  • I am holding conferences this week and Monday and Tuesday of next week. Please let me know if you did not receive the link for the sign up.
  • We are having our Fire Safety event with the Half Moon Fire Department on Thursday morning.
  • Our RtA information session last week was filmed. Here is the link for the video if you would like to watch:


Learning targets for this week:

Math – Written form, expanded form, and ordering numbers

ELA – Determining importance, asking and answering questions using the text as evidence

Writing – Organization

Science – Force and Motion

Social Studies – 5 Themes of Geography - Location


Week of October 2nd  

Dear Patriot Families,

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the cooler weather!

Reminders for this week:

  • I will be sending out a link to sign up for conferences by tomorrow afternoon. Please keep an eye out. I will be holding conferences from the 10th through the 17th.
  • We will be having our RtA information session at 5:30 after school on Tuesday, the 3rd.
  • Interim grades will be going home with students on Friday.
  • It is National Custodian Appreciation Week this week. Big shout out to our awesome custodians!
  • We have our afternoon, Wave E day on Wednesday this week. We will have our Week 3 spelling test.
  • I have started putting our weekly spelling lists on Microsoft Teams. They are in the Morning Work and Classroom Information Team under the Spelling Lists tab.


Learning targets for this week:

Math – Adding within 1,000 and addition patterns

ELA – Making inferences and summarizing

Writing – Ideas and organization

Science – Friction and magnets

Social Studies – Themes of geography


Best wishes! 

Ms. Snyder


Week of September 25th  

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Reminders for this week:

  • Open house will be Monday, 9/25 from 5:30 to 7:00pm. Please come by and learn about some exciting new things happening in our classroom! Federal Impact Aid cards will be available to fill out. 
  • We will be getting familiar with using our Microsoft Classroom Notebook this week. It is an incredible tool that I am so excited for us to use!
  • We are also starting data folders so that students can have an interactive, hands on role in tracking their growth and grades.
  • We are collecting box tops! Please send then in if you have any!
  • Book fair this week! It opens tomorrow morning and will be open during open house.
  • This is the last week to order t-shirts.

Week at a glance:

Monday: We will be continuing with MClass beginning of year assessments and hopefully finishing up! Open house in the evening.

Tuesday: E Day afternoon WAVE schedule. We will have our spelling test in the morning.

Thursday: Pizza for Pops in the evening at 6:00pm.

Friday: B Day morning WAVE schedule. We will have PE so please dress accordingly.


Learning targets for this week:

Math: adding and subtracting within 1000.

ELA: making connections to enhance comprehension.

Writing: narrative writing and ways to find ideas to write about.

Science: force and motion.

Other: Microsoft Classroom Notebook and data folders.

Week of September 18th  

Hello Patriot Families!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


A few important things to note this week:

MClass assessments will begin this week.

Monday – New spelling words will be given to students and sent home with them.

Wednesday – Morning Wave Day – We have PE today, so please remember to dress accordingly.

Thursday – Early release! Students will dismiss at 12:20.

Friday – Homework due.


What we are learning this week:

Reading – Visualization and making connections

Math – Rounding and place value

Spelling – List 2

Writing – Narratives

Science – Force and motion


I’m looking forward to an awesome week of learning!

Week of September 11th  

Hi Patriots!

Some updates for the week:

Students received their 1:1 laptops on Friday. I’m sure you heard about it! Please make sure that you have sent in your laptop fees as well as the internet agreement and device usage form. We need everything before laptops can go home with students. We will be keeping laptops at school until mid-week this week as we have our BOG’s on Wednesday.

We started spelling last week. Please note that spelling practice at home is not part of homework. We will be practicing spelling in class as part of our Daily 5 Word Work section. I have decided that instead of doing our spelling tests on Fridays, we will do them every E day in the morning before they have their Wave day in the afternoon. New lists will be sent home the following day.

Reminder – Homework is 20 minutes of reading and a choice of one math question from the “menu.” Students then do their work and record their answer in the corresponding square for the day of the week in the weekly grid.


Our week:

Monday – National Day in Remembrance of 9/11. If you would like, wear your red white and blue. MClass assessments start Monday.

Tuesday – Wave B – This is our morning Wave day. Students will have PE, so dress accordingly.

Wednesday – In the morning students will be taking their BOG. Please try to make sure students are on time and have a good night’s rest. We want them to do their best!

Thursday – Lots of learning! We will be visualizing while reading or listening to reading and coming up with meaningful ideas for writing!

Friday – Wave E – This is our afternoon Wave day. Our spelling test will be in the morning. Homework is also due.


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Ms. Snyder