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Weekly Updates

November 12  

Math: We are continuing to work on subtraction regrouping. Practicing subtraction facts at home will be beneficial for this unit!

Math Test: Students did not do as well on their addition regrouping math test last week as I had hoped. Looking through, it seems that a lot of the issue was addition facts, not necessarily the regrouping part of it. There was also a lot of careless mistakes being made. Because of this, I will be sending home the math tests this week and would like students to correct the ones they missed on separate paper. I have gone over this with the students but will go over it again with them right before they take them home.

Reading: We are continuing our lessons on text features using a national geographic book called Sharks! The vocab words will be: predator, prey, grinding, blend, rare, gliding. When reading at home, a great way to review text features is asking your child what text features they see in the book and how it helps them while they are reading the story.

Letterland: We will be having spelling again this week. Word lists are attached to the homework. The focus is ee and ea.

Grammar: We are working on dictionary skills this week. Students have some familiarity with them, but we will be focusing on ABC order and guide words.

Science: We are starting our unit on matter this week. This is a very fun unit! We will be starting by going over solids, liquids, and gases.

Writing: We are starting a new writing this week. We will be working on an expository writing on an animal. We will be beginning to write in 5 paragraphs for this one!

P.E.: P.E. is on Thursday this week. Library is tomorrow so make sure students have their books with them.

Fall Festival: Fall festival is this Friday from 5:30-7:30. The theme is “Under the Big Top” (circus). It is going to be so much fun! I sent home a form last week with report cards for pre-ticket sales. Please send them in as soon as possible. I really hope to see everyone there!


11/17: Fall Festival *5:30-7:30

11/22-11/24: Thanksgiving Break

12/7: Interims

12/21-1/2: Winter Break

November 5  

Grammar: We will be doing some noun, verb, adjective review and using these parts of speech to create detailed sentences.

Math: Tomorrow will be their Chapter 3 test on addition regrouping. We will then move into the next chapter of subtraction regrouping.

Reading: We will be working on nonfiction text features. Students had an introduction to nonfiction and text features last week. This week we will be digging deep into 3 of them and really focusing on how they help us when reading nonfiction texts.

Writing: We will be completing the students’ 1st Quarter Writing Assessment. This will be a narrative writing.

Extra Special Activity: Our students have been working very hard this quarter and deserve a little extra special treat! Right before we started nonfiction we were working hard on writing summaries and beginning, middle, and end. So, we will be doing a “summary sundae” activity on Wednesday. The students will read a short story and complete a summary sundae. We will then be making actual sundaes! Below is a sign-up genius if you’d like to donate anything to our activity. There will also be a few spots if parent’s would like to come in and help during that time. It will be from 2:00-3:00 Wednesday 11/8.

Thanks in advance for any support!

P.E. P.E. will be tomorrow.

Early Release/Veteran’s Day: Thursday is an early release day and also the day before we observe Veteran’s Day. We will be doing some fun Veteran’s Day activities this day. The school will be having a breakfast for Veteran’s. We will also be having a parade. Then back in our classroom we will be making poppies and then going to 3 centers to make American flag bead pins, making letters and cards for soldiers, as well as hearing from a current marine! This day is always a lot of fun for the students and they learn so much about what it means to be a Veteran.


11/7: Makeup Pictures

11/7: Report Cards go home

11/9: Early Release *12:20, Veteran’s Day Activities

11/10: No School

11/17: Fall Festival *5:30-7:30

11/22-11/24: Thanksgiving Break

12/7: Interims

October 10  

Math: We are continuing to work on our subtraction mental math strategies. We will be finishing up with these this week and testing on them next week.

Reading: We are learning about main idea this week using fiction and nonfiction texts. We will not be using a weekly book this week, so we will not be having vocabulary.

Letterland: Even though this week is a day shorter, we will still be having a letterland test on Friday. Students will be getting their words attached to their homework on Tuesday.

Grammar: We will be reviewing capitalization and punctuation this week.

Science: We are continuing our weather unit, focusing on the water cycle.

Writing: We are moving onto the next phase of the writing process and working on revising. Students will then have a chance to revise and edit each other’s work. So far their personal narratives are looking great!

Fire Safety Day: Thursday we will be having the volunteers from Half Moon Fire Department coming to our school to review fire safety with the students as well as letting them tour a fire truck!

P.E. P.E. will be on Tuesday!

Paper with a Blue Pencil Stamped on Them: Parents, throughout the year, students will be bringing home papers with a blue pencil stamped on it. They are supposed to put it in the sign and return side of their homework folders, however, some forget to do that. When you see this stamp, please sign it so I know you were able to see it and then return it to school. I keep these for records and data purposes in my classroom. Most of the time these papers include tests and quizzes or classwork that I want to make sure parents see. Thank you for helping me with this!

Conferences: Please do not forget that conferences will be this week. If you are unable to make your conference please let me know as soon as possible so we can schedule a different time. If you have not yet set up a conference, please use the link below to do so.

Picture Day: Picture day will be this Tuesday!! Everyone will be taking pictures even if you do not plan on purchasing a package. These pictures will be the ones for the yearbook. I am looking forward to seeing everyone Picture Day ready!


10/9: Teacher Workday, No School for students

10/9-10/12: Conferences

10/10: Picture Day

10/19: Early Release *12:20

10/31: End of Grading Period

11/7: Report Cards

11/9: Early Release *12:20

11/10: No School

11/17: Fall Festival *5:30-7:30

October 16  

Grammar: We will be reviewing verbs and working on verb tenses.

Reading: We will be continuing with main idea as well as moving into summarizing. Our book of the week will be Stellaluna. Their vocab words are anxious, scent, perched, babble, dodging, trembling. Vocab words are words they will hear in their book of the week and words we work with to help increase their vocabulary.

Math: We will be doing some review and then students will be taking their subtraction test on Wednesday. We will then begin our next chapter on adding 2 digit numbers.

Science: We are continuing our science unit shifting our focus into severe weather.

Writing: We will be finishing our small moments writings this week and publishing them. The stories are looking fantastic! I can’t wait to read through the published copies.

P.E. P.E will be on Wednesday this week.

Raz Kids: At your conference, I told each parent that we will be getting Raz Kids. I am happy to say Raz Kids is up and running! I will be sending home a paper today in homework folder’s that has the teacher name, student username, and password. I will probably have the students continue on Reading Eggs this week and then introduce Raz Kids next week, however, if you’d like for your child to start on it at home please feel free. Most of the students are familiar with it anyway!

Early Release: Thursday is an early release day for students. They will be dismissed at 12:15. If there will be any transportation changes due to this please let me know.


10/19: Early Release *12:20

10/23-10/31: Red Ribbon Week

10/26: Scholastic Book Orders Due

10/31: End of Grading Period

11/7: Report Cards

11/7: Makeup Picture Day

11/9: Early Release *12:20

11/10: No School

11/17: Fall Festival

October 2  

Grammar: This weeks focus is on adjectives and how they describe nouns (i.e. size, shape, color, texture, etc.)

Reading: We will be reading the book Each Kindness and discussing character’s feelings and how they impact the story. We will also be reviewing problem and solution and how the character’s feelings drive the story. Our vocab words are brilliant, tattered, thawed, belonged, rippled, and announced.

Math: We are beginning our discussion of subtraction mental math strategies. Again, we are stressing these strategies (most learned in 1st grade) to minimize the use of fingers when adding and subtracting and focusing more on mental math.

Letterland: Unit 4: focusing on “magic e” impacting the sound of a and i. Word lists are attached at the end of students’ homework packets.

Science: We are continuing our weather unit discussing weather tools meteorologists use, weather during seasons, and beginning to discuss the water cycle.

Writing: We are going to be finishing our rough drafts of our small moments writing and beginning to edit our work.

NO P.E. THIS WEEK: We do not have a B day this week so there will be no P.E. The next P.E. day will be Tuesday 10/10

Conferences: Please sign up for a conference if you have not already done so. They will be taking place next week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Please click on the below link to sign up for a time. It is very important I get a chance to meet with all parents to discuss were your child is at this point of the year and what we can do to make sure they end the year exactly where they need to be!


10/9: No School for students, Teacher Workday

10/9, 10/10, 10/12: Conferences

10/19: Early Release  *12:20

10/31: End of Grading Period

11/7: Report Cards

October 22  

Math: We are working on adding 2 digit numbers. We are focusing this week on adding without regrouping and then making our way into adding with regrouping just the ones place.

Reading: We are continuing working on summarizing and beginning, middle, and end this week. Our book we are reading is Edward the Emu. Our vocab words we will be focusing on are: bask, amusing, snarl, detest, gumption, and clamber

Grammar: Our focus this week will be on adverbs.

Science: We are finishing up the severe weather part of our weather unit and then ending the week with a few experiments!

Writing: We will be finishing our small moments writings this week. I will be sending home a copy of your child’s final copy so you are able to read their awesome work! I will be keeping their originals so I can put together a writing portfolio for each kid showing their major writings throughout the year and to see their awesome growth!

Power Hour: This week we will be starting something new called Power Hour. This is an hour set aside during all of our non-WAVE days for students to be pulled out for additional support. During this time students struggling in certain areas will be pulled to work with reading specialists. Also, students who are on or above grade level will be pulled out for extension activities. Students who are not pulled out will be working in groups of 2-3 with me for additional support. While students are not working with me or pulled out of the class, they will be working on independent reading activities in the classroom. This is something new our school is doing this year and I think it will definitely help make sure all of the kids grow to their potential!

P.E. P.E. will be Friday this week.

Red Ribbon Week: This week is Red Ribbon Spirit Week! I sent home a flyer last week with the spirit days listed. I have also included it as an attachment to this email and it will be up on my webpage!

Operation Christmas Child: The NEHS students at our school are collecting things for Operation Christmas Child this year. Please see the attachment for what 2nd grade is supposed to bring in. Thanks in advance!

Scholastic Book Orders: are due this Thursday October 26! This is a great way to get very reasonably priced books for your child that are on their reading level. You can order online with the classroom code NCV69 or send in a paper order!


10/23-10/31: Red Ribbon Week

10/26: Scholastic Orders Due

10/31: End of Grading period

11/7: Makeup Pictures

11/7: Report Cards

11/9: Early Release *12:20

11/10: No School

11/17: Fall Festival *5:30-7:30

October 29  

Math: We are continuing with addition regrouping. The students will be reviewing Friday and taking their test the following Monday. They will be bringing home their in-class review Friday if you’d like to go over it with them over the weekend.

Reading: We are transitioning into nonfiction with a book called Spiders. Their vocabulary words are: arachnid, insects, burrows, ballooning, molting, scurries, poisonous, and harmful. Students will have an introduction into nonfiction text features.

Grammar: We will be working on possessive nouns as well as doing some Halloween review!

Science: We are going over the scientific method for a few weeks and then moving into our unit on Matter.

Writing: Students have finished their small moments writing. Be on the lookout for a copy of their final copy coming home this week! This week we will be doing some fun Halloween writing.

Patriot Store: Students have been earning Patriot dollars throughout the year based on their color at the end of the day or if I or another teacher noticed exceptional behavior. We will be “spending” those patriot dollars on Tuesday, so if your child happens to have any at home make sure they have them with them on Tuesday!

P.E. No P.E. this week!

Friday: Just a heads up, I will not be in school on Friday.  Students will have a sub all day. If there will be any transportation changes the sub is instructed to check their homework folders, but if you know ahead of time please let me know by Thursday so I can make sure everyone gets home the correct way! Their spelling test will still be on Friday, but Ms. Scott our 2nd grade TA will be giving it to them since she has experience giving the tests accurately.

Red Ribbon Week: Red Ribbon week continues through Monday and Tuesday this week. Monday is red, white, and blue day. Tuesday is wear your Halloween costume day. Students are asked to donate $1 to wear their costumes to go to NEHS for future service projects.



10/30-10/31: Red Ribbon Week

10/31: End of Grading Period

11/7: MakeUp Picture day

11/7: Report Cards

11/9: Early Release *12:20

11/10: No School

11/17: Fall Festival *5:30-7:30

11/22-11/24: Thanksgiving Break

September 11  

I hope everyone has enjoyed this gorgeous weekend! Here is what we are up to this week.

Grammar: Reviewing and practicing identifying nouns.

Reading: We are identifying the setting and how it effects the story and the characters in it. We are also diving into full rotations of Daily 5!

Math: We are working on skills to aid in addition mental math including “flip flopping” addends, zero facts, counting on a number line, doubles, near doubles, and making ten then counting on. All of these strategies are to help students move off of counting with their fingers and doing more quick mental math.

Social Studies: Monday we will be discussing September 11 and doing a craft to go along with it. The remainder of the week we will be continuing our discussion of communities and the rules and laws within them.

Writing: We are preparing to start writer’s workshop, discussing the rules and procedures as well as coming up with ideas to write about when we get stuck.

Letterland: We are continuing on Unit 1 and will be having our first spelling test on Friday. Students received a copy of their spelling words and circled the ones they are responsible for knowing. They DO NOT have to complete the weekly homework at the bottom of the page unless they want to to practice their words. We do a lot of practice in class and I do not want to add more homework on top of what they are already required to do. However, I told them that if their parents want them to do it for practice then they have to listen to their parents 😊

Benchmarking: Our beginning of the year benchmarking begins Monday and will run through the end of the month. The students and I are excited to start the process and show off their awesome reading skills!

Box Tops: If you have box tops please send them in with your child. The first round of collection with be on September 29.



9/11-9/29: Beginning of the Year Benchmarking

9/21: Early Release *12:20

9/25: Open House *5:30-7

9/28: Interim

9/29: Box Tops due

10/9: Teacher Workday *No School for students

September 17  

Grammar: We are continuing our discussion of nouns, focusing on replacing nouns with pronouns.

Reading: This week we are working with the book Rosie Revere, Engineer and discussing character traits and how the characters impact the story.

Math: We are continuing with addition strategies, helping move away from counting on their fingers to do more mental math.

Letterland: We will be starting unit 2 on Monday. Their word list will be attached to their homework packet for the week. They will have their test on Friday. Unit 1 test went very well! They will be coming home in their homework folders on Monday.

Social Studies: We are continuing our discussion of communities, focusing on citizens and what good citizens look like and do.

Writing: We are beginning our first writing. We will be writing about a small moment in our lives. We will be working through the entire writing process.

Box Tops: If you have any box tops please send them in. We will be collecting our first round of box tops on Sept. 29.

Fundraiser: The fundraiser packets are due this Tuesday, September 19! Please make sure you send them in by then to ensure you get your order.


9/19: Fundraiser ends

9/21: Early Release *12:20

9/25: Back to School Night *5:30-7

9/25-9/29: Book Fair

9/28: Interims

9/29: Box Tops due

9/29: Benchmark window ends

10/9: Teacher Workday. No School for students

September 25  

Grammar: We will be reviewing what verbs are and identifying them in sentences.

Reading: We will be reading the book Salamander Room and focusing on how the character impacts the setting of the story.

Math: We will be finishing up learning our addition strategies and beginning to learn our subtraction strategies. These strategies are tools for the students to use to really work on doing addition and subtraction mental math instead of counting on their fingers. This is something great to reinforce at home for homework so they get in the habit.

Letterland: Again, students did FANTASTIC on their unit 2 test. I am very impressed with these kids! Unit 3 words will be coming home with their homework packet tomorrow. Their test will be Friday.

Science: We are starting our weather unit. I know I have some kids who are very excited to finally start some science!

Writing: We are continuing to work through the writing process on our Small Moments writing. By the end of the week students will have a great start on their rough drafts. So far, the brainstorming ideas are looking great and I can’t wait to read all about their small moments!

P.E.: I know the schedule has been a tad confusing for some kids so I wanted to let everyone know that this week P.E. will be on Friday. I will do my best to let parents know weekly when P.E. is so the students will have proper foot attire. (I am very forgetful so I may forget from time to time!).

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT!: Back to School night is TOMORROW, SEPTEMBER 25 FROM 5:30-7. Come with your students and let them show you around our classroom. They will get to show you some of the awesome work they have been doing as well as a fun reading craft. You will also get a chance to learn a little more about our curriculum in 2nd grade and get to ask any questions about how I run the classroom. We will also have some VERY important information for parents so we urge everyone to try and make it out!

Book Fair: Our book fair is this upcoming week. Students will have a chance to shop the book fair on TUESDAY! Students can bring money during this time to shop. If they forget their money on Tuesday, they will have another opportunity to shop on Friday. The book fair will also be open on Monday during Open House so you will be able to shop with your child during this time too.

Scholastic Orders: 2 weeks ago I sent home Scholastic Book order forms. They are due back on Tuesday. You can order online or on the paper in the back of the catalogue. I will have extra copies at Open House if you would like to look through it then.


9/25: Back to School night

9/25-9/29: Book Fair

9/26: Scholastic Orders due

9/28: Interims

9/28: Pizza for Pops *6:00pm

9/29: Box tops due

10/9: Teacher Workday *No School for Students

10/19: Early Release *12:20

September 6  

Writing: This week we will be discussing the writing process as well as practicing written comprehension in preparation for the beginning of the year benchmarking.

Reading: We will be using the book Grace for President this week to review comprehension strategies. We will also be learning about expectations for Daily 5 and then putting these expectations into action by the end of the week.

Math: We will be reviewing basic addition and subtraction as well as learning the expectations for Math Daily 4.

Letterland: We will starting letterland this week. This is our phonics program and will also be the students spelling words. On Monday (or in this case Tuesday), students will get a list of their words and will highlight the ones we will be working with. They will have a test on these words every Friday.

Social Studies: We are starting off our content with Social Studies. We will be learning about communities, rules, and laws.

Homework: Homework will start this week. Students will receive all their homework for the entire week on Monday. They do not have to turn it in until Friday. This allows students to get their homework done when it is convenient for them and not have to worry about it if they have late after school activities. Even if they finish their homework early, it will stay in their homework folders until Friday. Students are also expected to read for 15 minutes nightly. They have a reading log to be filled out nightly in their homework folder. They will turn this in at the end of each month.

Beginning of the School Year fees: Most students have paid this fee,  but if you have not, please send it in as soon as possible. It is $6.

Classroom Supplies: All students have enough notebooks, pencils, folders, etc., but our classroom is in need of tissues, hand sanitizer, and Lysol wipes. Any donation would be greatly appreciated especially as we head into flu season.

Class Dojo: If you have not yet signed up for class dojo please do so. It is a great way to see your students’ successes and struggles throughout the day. It is also a convenient way for me to get into contact with you directly.



9/4: No School

9/18: Interims

9/21: Early Release *12:20

9/25: Back to School night