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Driving Forces @ Stateside

                                                                     Stateside Elementary


Driving Forces

Themed Elementary
Active learners engaged in meaningful and authentic learning through a focus on a big idea and its relevance to students

1st 9 weeks - Patriotism

2nd 9 weeks - Respect

3rd 9 weeks - Innovation

4th 9 weeks - Odyssey

      Monday Morning Meetings

  • 1) School-wide consensus and accountability
  • 2) Building relationships with and among students
  • 3) Opportunities for student and staff leadership
  • 4) Provide information and activities to all students
  • 5) Modeling expectations
  • 6) Rewarding positive behaviors and accomplishments


Advancement via Individual Determination

Where? 5th  and 4th grade classrooms

What:  Organizational Tools:  Agenda, Binder, Note-taking, Goal setting, Time management

WICOR:  Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading

Student Success Skills: Speaking, Listening, Study Habits, Self-Advocacy

Partnerships:  Establishing Community Connections, Transitions, Open Communication


Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning, students learn through a collaboration of classroom teachers and media specialist using technology to create products.

       Super 3            Grades K - 2

1) Plan

2) Do

3) Review 

         Big 6                         Grades 3 - 5

1) Task Definition

2) Information Seeking Strategies

3) Location and Access

4) Use of Information

5) Synthesis (Organization and Presentation)

6) Evaluation (Judge the product)

         Wave Scheduling

Time for teacher collaboration and extended instructional planning

Non-interrupted instructional learning time for students