Boys and Girls Club

Stateside currently has a Boys and Girls Club available for afterschool care.  To contact the Unit manager, Tameka Thompson, please call the school at 478-3460 or (910)934-7002.    



We take cash, check, or money orders made out to Brigade Boys & Girls Club for monthly dues. To make payments online click on the following link: once there click on Make A Payment, then select Stateside for the club site, and fill out the information.

Monthly dues are $60 per child and due between the 1st-5th of every month, anything after the 5th will result in a $10 late fee. Our hours of operation are from dismissal time until 6PM, anything after 6PM will be a charge of $1 per minute.  *Except for August: FREE, December and March: $45, June FREE.

Once B&G's Club starts we will be dismissing from the cafeteria after 4PM.  For the first few weeks I ask that when you come to pick up your child(ren) to please bring your Driver's License or some form of ID until we get to know everyone.  Also, please make sure that whoever is picking up your child is on the pick-up list and has a form of ID as well.

B&G's Club we be available on Early Release Days (Sept. 23rd, Oct. 21st, Feb. 24th, Mar. 16th, & April 20th) from noon-6PM with an additional cost of $10.  Regardless if your child attends the whole time or comes for 10 minutes and then someone comes to pick them up, you must still pay the $10 fee.  This is not my rule but a Boys & Girls Club Rule.

This year our 3rd-5th graders will get the opportunity to join a Program called Robotics at Boys & Girls Club.  Ms. Puzino will be in charge of this program and it will start in the later part of September, first of October.  We will be having 2 different groups that meet the days/times as follows: Group 1 Monday/Wednesday from 3:30 to 5:30 and Group 2 Tuesday/Thursday from 3:30 to 5:30.  I will have a form for you to fill out the first week of September to let us know what days your child will be attending which group.

We will be having snack, homework, & playtime.  We usually start with homework/playtime first. We divide the grades in half so that they are not doing homework at the same time. Once homework/playtime is over we have snack. Last year we did not do homework with our Kindergarteners.  Instead of homework time for them we will be working on their handwriting, letters, numbers, and much more. 

This year our Boys & Girls Club will be a PEANUT FREE SITE.  This means that NO outside snack is allowed at B&G's.  We will provide each and every child with a peanut free snack during snack time.

Please remember that when the school is closed that Boys & Girls Club is closed as well.  ALL teacher workdays, Holidays, Christmas & Spring Break we are CLOSED.

The Stateside Boys & Girls Club phone number is (910)934-7002 (you can reach someone between 3-6, Monday-Friday).  If you need to reach me during the school day you may call the school at (910)478-3460.  Leave a message and I will get up with you as soon as possible.  You may also contact me at or

Thank You,

Tameka Thompson

STES Boys & Girls Club Unit Director